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To add flaws to a flawed idea 1

The Issue:Okay, the issue starts with a random giant celestial attacking earth and more or less every hero on earth fighting it with the magic users teleporting it away or something... Its not really important. There was a huge threat to the entire planet all heroes united and on their victory celebration some selected few find out it was thanks to the future seeing inhuman Ulysses.Thats were the important stuff for the event starts and thats were the problems start. Tony Stark(Iron Man) is imme...

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We're awesome because those are shit and have you seen my personality? 6

So, I read another issue of this series, because it focuses on some of my favorite characters and hey, I said the book should focus on less characters, right?You already saw the rating above? Okay, then...The book starts with Scarlet Witch seductively sitting in front of her son and his boyfriend wearing that old bathing suit outfit most artists avoid using by now and talking to them teasingly. It comes down to her being so omnicient and all and how Wiccan should become Wiccan.Lets tie that one ...

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This book deserves an award! 6

Should have written this ages ago, but hey its difficult putting this into words that anyone can understand its just so very irritating I always want to stop and vomit.The issue starts with Kate Bishop, the female Hawkeye, awakening on a spaceship after having a one nightstand with Noh-Varr(Marvelboy). And the problems already start since Kate is apparently not only so stupid she only realizes now that she had traveled into outer space, but also only now realizes that the person she slept with i...

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Anticlimactic and boring 3

Issue: The Avengers 20XX arrive and their Captain America Danielle Cage says she does the talking because she was already alive. Why is that the explanation and not that she is the simply the leader?King Hulk, future Hulkling, brings up how she was just a baby and he already the king of space, because Teddy totally isn't just the ruler over seven World of Warcraft Elve rejects, but all of space. But Danielle brushes it away with explaining how he was only King in name only.And one wonders why i...

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New Avengers giving you the same old stuff 0

The issue starts in the year 20XX which is barely 20-30 in the future judging by the characters appearing in it. Does Marvel know 2099 already dated their universe and being obscure with age numbers doesn't do anything?Anyways, evil future Wiccan aka Demiurge holds Thor Odinsons burning skull in his hands while fighting the Avengers 20XX and it does absolutely nothing, because by now some villain stomping Thor or Hulk is so common it leaves no impact on anyone anymore and doing this in an possib...

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The once and future plot-point 0

The issue starts with the New Avengers going for space and with the exception of finally telling us how Sunspot is ill and might not have his powers, because of the Terrigen Mist, which Ewing has spoiled in like three interviews in advance, you could really leave it out, because the New Avengers arrival in the end has little to no impact and the information they were going for space was already given in the last issue.We finally get an explanation for the Nightelves from World of Warcraft, pardo...

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Dissappointing 4

Another dissappointing comic in this series. The big question who the knights of the infinite are answered on the first few pages along the information they are not a threat to the team. Kree/Skrull Hybrids that use magic. There is no story told why there would be multiple Kree Skrull Hybrids despite the fact that both races hate each other and why would hybrids of the most advanced species in the universe be using magic? To somehow link them to Wiccan and not only Hulkling, because after the aw...

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