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Name - Erich Stachel

Alias - The Hornet, Officer Stachel

Alignment - Neutral

Species - Mutant

Gender - Male

Height - 6'2

Weight - 210 lbs.

Age - 105

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Blonde (Dyed Black)

Affiliation - Formerly Nazi, Currently Paramilitary Mercenary

Occupation - See above.

Birthplace - Berlin, Germany

Summarized History

Erich Stachel was born in Germany in 1905, and spent his formative years in fear of the war. When World War I ended, he was just old enough to work for the family during the economic crisis that followed, and provided for her widowed mother in her time of need. As he grew older, his mother did as well, and he could not afford all that was needed to keep her well. Then came Adolf Hitler, who pulled Germany out of poverty. Erich idolized Hitler for this, as his mother was alive, and life was becoming steadily easier. He decided that he wanted to work for this man. In the years following this, despite being a mutant, Erich blindly followed Hitler's orders, not because he agreed with them, but because he respected the man. He pawed through the ranks until becoming one of Hitler's top military commanders, and gained the Nazis many victories in the early years of World War II. Though his mother had died of old age, Erich looked to Hitler as a father figure, and stood by him until the end of the war. Rather than die with the Nazi party, he fled with the rest. He never quite forgave himself for letting Hitler die, until some time int he mid-1980's, when he realized he was serving an intelligent man, but a mentally unstable man. At peace with himself, he continued living in Peru until 1991, when he moved to America. Feeling something was missing from his life, he began a mercenary, putting the skills he had acquired during his time with the military to use. He is now a fearsome soldier of fortune, willing to work any job for the right price.

Basic Mutant Information and Gear

Stachel's mutations are reminiscent of that of a wasp. He has hard, yellowed skin which provides him with enhanced durability, which he has decoratively painted with black markings to further accentuate his connection with wasps. He has also died his hair block for this reason. He rarely wears his SS Officer Uniform anymore, and typically dons black and yellow colored paramilitary gear, which can be anywhere from armor pads, bulletproof vests, and balaclavas to a simple vest and hood. When on missions, he often wears a black and yellow facemask which covers his mouth, nose, and ears, leaving only his eyes exposed. He does still have a Nazi armband tattooed on to his right bicep, as a sign of respect for his old master and his comrades from Germany. His mutation also gives him a healing factor, allowing him to heal from most wounds better and faster than a normal human. Missing fingers can be regenerated in days, organs in weeks, and full limbs in months. Minor injuries can be healed in minutes. His blood is greenish-teal. Another mutation he has are his 'stingers', which are spikes, about a foot long, that can be extended or retracted from his forearms. These stingers contain a venom which can kill, paralyze, or cause great pain, depending on the amount of potency decided by Stachel. This is controlled consciously. He also has thick, pointed, black fingernails which serve as claws for both offensive purposes as well as effectively scaling vertical surfaces. His teeth are also very sharp, and his jaw is considerably stronger than that of an average man. Whether or not this is a mutation is unknown, but Stachel is a very talented tactician. He is said to think 6 times faster than the average man, and his reflexes match. He can make effective split-second military decisions in large-scale battle, small-scale skirmishes, and one-on-one fights. He is effective in many types of warfare, and can fight and command well in a variety of environments. He is completely immune to most poisons, toxins, and venoms, and most foreign chemicals have little to no effect on his body. He has a working knowledge of multiple martial arts, but prefers to use a custom martial art incorporating his stingers. As well as his close-quarters capabilities, he also carries multiple firearms. He is rarely seen without his Luger P08, and often carries his MP40 into missions. He makes frequent use of German "Potato Masher" grenades. Stachel feels a special connection with wasps and hornets, and keeps a nest in his personal office. He meets with others elsewhere, but sits with his winged pets when he wants to be alone. He is never attacked by wasps or hornets, and some speculate he has some kind of weak telepathic connection with them, as if there are any nearby when he enters battle, they will aid him by attacking the enemy, as if he were a 'Brood Father.'