Second Generation Mutants: A Descriptive List

When a mutant has a child within the Marvel universe, it seems to have been pretty much a sure thing that their child would probably also be a mutant (before M-day, at least). This has, of course, been proven to be not universally true ( Quicksilver's daughter is human, as is Greydon Creed), but when it occurs the resulting offspring tends to be one of two things: essentially a copy of one of their parents' powers, and/or they turn out to be very powerful. In some cases, such as Rachel Grey, they can end up being both. With that out of the way, this is intended to be a descriptive list of sorts of second generation mutants within the X-men universe. If I've forgotten to include a character, I would very much appreciate someone pointing it out. I'm splitting the list up into two parts; the first part will be composed of the mutant offspring of two mutants, while the second will be made up of children of couples featuring only one mutant parent. Note that I am making an attempt not to list many alternate reality/time-line characters, largely because it tends to become somewhat more confusing otherwise and also due to the fact that I never read enough of the Exiles to do so properly. Basically, if they haven't entered Earth-616 at some point, I haven't included them (except for Hyperstorm).
The first group starts off with the three second-generation mutants from the Summers/Grey family- Rachel Grey, Nate Grey, and Cable (please pardon me for not including Stryfe, I'm not sure if he counts). Of note is the fact that there are actually three generations of mutants from the Summers/Grey bloodline- Rachel Grey and Franklin Richards had two children in an alternate reality, Dream Summers (who doesn't seem to have a page on this website) and Hyperstorm (the former is an empath, the latter is a dynamokinetic, among other things).
Rachel Grey has the exact same powers as her mother, as well as bearing an essentially perfect physical likeness to her, and is also an Omega-level mutant. She originates from the Days of Future Past timeline that cropped up in X-men stories during the mid-to-late 80s, and went on to feature fairly prominently in Earth-616 events. She has about as much of a personality as her mother did, except she also has an uncomfortable complex about the fact that she doesn't exist in Earth-616, as well as an obsession of sorts with her mother. It's not stated exactly how old she would be currently in the mainstream timeline if she did have a counterpart, but since Franklin (her husband) and her seem to have been about the same age we can only assume she would be around thirteen.
X-man (Nate Grey) is from the Age of Apocalypse, and was engineered by Sinister as the ideal result of the Summers/Grey bloodline. He was a supremely powerful telekinetic and telepath (his telekinesis was stated to be on par with the power of the Dark Phoenix), also wielding psychometry and precognition; recently, however, Nate has crossed over once again into Earth-616 (during Dark Reign) and as of New Mutants #28 he is stated as having been reduced to basic telekinesis. His Earth-616 counterpart appears to be Cable, the next mutant on the list.
Cable is the child of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, and therefore is for all intents and purposes the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey. His powers are, admittedly, somewhat of a mystery to me- however, I do know that he possessed telekinesis (and, like his brother, an occasional case of glowing eye). He bears the same name as his brother Nate, and is also a result of Sinister's manipulations, but his powers are dwarfed by both his siblings. Both Cable and Nate resemble their father, but Cable to a greater degree; he also seems to have inherited Cyclops' talent for strategy. Cable bears the unique distinction of being the only Summers/Grey child from Earth-616.
Nightcrawler needs no briefing, and is the child of Mystique and the demon lord Azazel (who is also a mutant, thank you Jeddd). He appears to be the ideal physical blend of both parents; he bears Mystique's exact pigmentation (even down to the eyes) and a few of his father's demonic attributes (while he doesn't have the traditional horns and goat legs, he has two fingers (and toes), pointed ears and a tail, as well as above human agility). Interestingly, his level of power is roughly consistent to what would be expected from the result of his parents- Mystique may be dangerous, but her abilities rank her as being Beta-level. As some of you may know (I apologize for the spoiler, if you didn't) that Nightcrawler died recently, during Second Coming. While I think this was a very odd decision on the part of the writers I'd like to remind readers that his father is a demon lord (they aren't close, but family is family). Nightcrawler is, without a doubt, the single most popular second-generation mutant on the list, possibly in the Marvel universe.
The only other X-men specific character in the first part of the list is Nocturne, child of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch from an alternate reality. She possesses her father's physical traits of blue skin, two fingers, yellow eyes and a tail, and the only thing she seems to have gotten from her mother is her hair. Her powers allow her to switch bodies with an individual, an ability which is notably different than both of her parents'. Nocturne spent a good chunk of time in Earth-616, even becoming a member of Excalibur, and developed a close relationship with Nightcrawler, who came to think of her like his daughter. Being the granddaughter of both Magneto AND Mystique, she is also a third generation mutant, and the product of two series of mutant couples.
Existing somewhat within the X-men universe is Molly Hayes, of the Runaways. The child of Alice and Gene Hayes, both mutants with unspecified abilities, she has superhuman strength (and invulnerability) that can be accessed at the cost of energy- the more she uses her powers, the more tired she becomes. How this correlates to her parents' powers (which are, as previously stated, almost completely unknown) is unknown, except for the fact that both her and her parents' eyes glow pink when using their abilities. Both Alice and Gene have displayed some manner of telepathic abilities, as well as being phenotypically identical. There is some speculation as to whether Molly's parents are clones or siblings.
The second group is far larger than the first, and includes some fairly noteworthy individuals (along with some rather obscure characters). Polaris, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver make one of two groups of siblings; the Mastermind sisters ( Mastermind and Lady Mastermind, with the addition of Pixie) are the other. Legion and Nightcrawler have all played a fairly substantial part in the history of the X-men, Daken and Siryn are rather noteworthy, Wallflower was only seen within one X-men title, and Carter Ghazikhanian is barely worth mentioning. Sebastian Shaw is also listed as being a second-generation mutant, and his son Shinobi Shaw is a third-generation mutant.
Polaris conforms to the inherited power set stereotype (she's Magneto, but not quite as powerful (I think)), and wasn't actually revealed to be Magneto's daughter until some time after 2000, despite having existed within the X-men series from way back in the first run. However, her abilities over magnetism are pretty much the only thing she seems to have inherited from Magneto; she has a secondary mutation that gives her green hair, and her personality is far gentler than her father's (although she has displayed a remarkable capacity for both cruelty and abrasiveness). 
Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, fraternal twins, have powers that differ drastically from their fathers', but Quicksilver does bear a striking resemblance to his father (white hair, hard brow, slightly pointed eyebrows...). Their mother, while pregnant, ran away from her husband after seeing both his powers and his capacity for brutality, and thus it wasn't until the twins had become adults that the truth was discovered. In fact, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were members of Magneto's Brotherhood for years without even the slightest suspicion that Magneto was their father. Since then, the latter has proven himself to be a horrible father.
The Mastermind sisters are children of the original Mastermind, Jason Wyngarde (who has a fantastic last name, if I may say so) by different mothers, and bear the same abilities as he did- in Lady Mastermind's case, to a lesser degree. The two fought one another for the right to use their father's name, and the elder sister, Martinique, won, and is therefore known as Mastermind (the younger, Regan, goes by Lady Mastermind) (and they haven't really stopped fighting ever since). They've both worked with the Marauders, and have a fair level of proficiency with guns. Pixie, the more recent addition to the clan, is the child of Mastermind and what seems to be a fairy, and possesses the typical fairy phenotype of wings and pointed ears as well as a hallucinogenic 'pixie dust'. Note that all three sisters have illusion powers- the first two in the manner of their father, while Pixie's illusion abilities are of a hallucinogenic nature.
Legion (David Haller) is the third Omega-level mutant on this list, and is the child of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller- he was raised by the former, his father didn't know he existed until he'd reached teenagehood. David has Dissociative Identity Disorder, which works in tandem with his mutant ability of absorbing entire entities and take on their abilities to give him what can be summed up as super-powered split personalities. He has been enemy and, occasionally, ally to the X-men, and currently resides on Utopia, having gained the ability to function despite his mental state.
Daken is a very strange sort of character. While he conforms to the child-parent identical powers stereotype, he doesn't seem to have gotten his father's integrity, let alone much else in terms of personality. To put it bluntly (and kindly), he's a narcissistic little jerk. He's the child of Wolverine and his wife, Itsu, who was killed by Winter Soldier during the last stages of pregnancy. While Wolverine thought his wife and child were both dead, the child survived and was saved by a mysterious stranger (dun dun duuuun) and was raised by another family. Personally, I don't find his personal history to be covincing, but that may just be me. He has bone claws, like Wolverine's originals, as well as his other powers. 
Banshee (the second), Theresa Cassidy, is the child of Banshee (the first), and for simplicity's sake Banshee the second will herein be referee to as Siryn. She was raised by her uncle, Black Tom, and was his occasional partner in crime. When she was fifteen, Black Tom was arrested by Interpol and Siryn was sent off to live with Banshee, whom she had never met (he was off on a mission when she was born, and her mother died shortly after Siryn's birth). Yet again, Siryn has all of Banshee's powers; however, she also possesses the additional ability of being able to charm people with her voice. Whether this is, in fact, a nod to her old code name has yet to be confirmed. 
The second most unknown character on the list is Wallflower, who like so many others inhereted her abilities from her father- the ability to control the emotions of others. Laurie Collins is the child of mutant Sean Collins (I think his name is Sean Collins...) and Gail, a woman who he used his powers to obtain; that is, until she discovered she was carrying his child. Logically, Laurie also seems to have the innate ability to be unaffected by the emotional tamperings of others, and so when Gail discovered, sometime within her first trimester, that she was pregnant, she became immune to Sean's manipulation. In a supreme show of insight, Gail reached the logical conclusion that her daughter must be superhuman, and therefore raised her daughter to be kind to others. When Laurie's powers emerged, her mother explained to her about her father, thus preventing the girl from walking the same path that he did. Her range seems to have been fairly substantial (she once caused the mass evacuation of a school), but sadly we'll probably never know exactly how powerful she could have been, as she was killed by Stryker.
Both the youngest character on the list as well as the least known, Carter Ghazikhanian is a mutant of unspecified powers and the child of Annie Ghazikhanian, who was a nurse at Xavier's and one-time love interest of Havok. He has displayed the ability to levitate (and most likely create) complex light structures, as well as various other feats that hint towards reality manipulation powers. This has been unconfirmed, as him and his mother existed pretty much solely as plot devices and were written out of the comics they appeared in within fairly short order. Whether he was depowered on M-day remains unknown.
 Sebastian Shaw is, unexpectedly, a second generation mutant. He has the power to absorb any and all forms of kinetic energy (which probably makes him resistant to Gambit's powers), which he uses to enhance his speed, strength and stamina. While not invulnerable, he is adept at using his abilities to largely compensate for his weaknesses. Shaw has appeared in the X-men universe for years as the Black King of the Hellfire Club, and made appearances even when he didn't hold the title. Ruthless, ambitious and genuinely hard-working, he thirsts for power and control above all else, and is willing to go to nearly any means to get it. However, he's not completely inhuman- he fell in love with a woman named Lourdes Chantel (a teleporter, seemingly small-range), and was left heartbroken after her death, and was hurt at some level by Emma Frost's betrayal. 
Shinobi Shaw is the illegitimate child of Sebastian Shaw and an unknown woman (she doesn't even seem to have a name...). Insecure and cruel, his power is (fittingly) molecular density manipulation, which he usually uses to make himself intangible. Trevor Fitzroy is stated to be a descendant of his.
An honorable mention goes out to Bishop Chamber and Blink, who have mutant ancestors.