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A 180 turn on what Superman was up to now! 0

EDIT: For those wondering why this issue got 2 stars instead of 3 even though I rated it 2.5. It was because of the cover price and the vine doesn't allow halves.Now let me say this. I love Geoff Johns, when I learned he will tackle Superman for a second time, it was like I became five years old again and just got a new Game Boy.I really hadn't any major gripes against Johns story except the slow pace and maybe the predictable direction it took in issue 36. But this issue,oh god, this issue w...

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How is he everywhere? 0

Adventures of Superman is an under-appreciated digital title dedicated to the Man of Steel, since it's continuity free you can expect the stories to be awesome. This issue however managed to transent past the limits of a "good" digital title to something more...complicated!The main objective of the story is to answer what happens when Superman is late to save someone. Lex Luthor is the main villian and he is portrayed as he should be, cunning, manipulative and with long-term plans, this is one i...

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A not so heroic junk seller! 0

For some Starman is James Robinson's masterpiece.....I think they are right!The first issue determines if the reader will be captivated enough to read the rest of the story,well Robinson nailed it.From the first page you see that the stakes are high,everything goes south and Opal City needs a hero.The main protagonist of the book is Jack Knight,son of Ted Knight(the first Starman).This is not a spoiler since you learn about it in the first two pages but Jack's Brother David(the sixth Starman!) d...

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An All-Star Justice League..once more! 0

Almost 40 years after it's creation the Justice League returns to it's original roster and well.........it's kinda epic! Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Howard Porter this is probably the best Justice League run of all time.I will try to not spoiler any details of the story but some basic plots will be addressed.This format contains four stories from the original run.In JLA # 1-4 the JLA fights the Hyperclan.In JLA # 5 a new character takes the spotlight "Tomorrow Woman"In JLA # 6-7...

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What Ancient Idols,Mannequins and Tv Stars have in common? 0

They are all featured in DC Comics Presents Metal Men.Written by Keith Giffen, J.M. Dematteis, & illustrated by Kevin Maguire this is one of the best modern metal men stories.Collected from the Back-ups of Doom Patrol this is a different story from the stories metal men fans are accustomed.Full of humor and witty dialog this all-star creative team made some pretty big changes in the personalities of the main characters,most noticeable Gold. Gold was always the perfect leader,courageous,cleve...

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Back To The Basics! 2

Geoff John's take on the origin of the Man of Steel is an action-packed, back to the basics story that unravels why Superman is a timeless,everlasting hero!The GoodThe storyGeoff Johns has already proven that he understands the world of superman in his excellent Action Comics run.His take on the origin of the clasic hero mends perfectly with the character's latest adventures. Through the pages of this book we see how Clark was raised,his first contact with the legion of the super heroes (a very ...

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