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Favorite Comic Strips

Lately I have found myself checking out old and new comic strips and I am currently kinda addicted.

List items

  • More accurately Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse. This is what started my current interest. The art is so good here. I prefer it over Carl Bark's, that baffles people.

    I feel obligated to mention the creator's name because he is so underrated despite his brilliance.

  • Popeye was always popular from where I am from, always having his own comics. So it was logical to move to the original comics strips who are considered still the best.

  • It was only logical that I would follow with the strips of my favorite Superhero. Thank IDW for that. Have to say very enjoyable strips, I want to continue to the Sundays next.

  • Anything done by him.

    But "Life Hereafter" gets a special place.

  • I know adding the Spirit is cheating but it was first published as a newspaper supplement no? Anyway, my list my rules :P

  • His Donald Duck strips were very funny one page gags. IDW is currently reprinting them.