Comics that shaped me to the reader I am today!

Every comic book reader has a handful of comics that changed the way they think about comics or increased their interest in them. These are mine:

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  • This is one of these stories that completely changed the way I was seeing comics. The beautiful art and incredible script in comparison to anything else I had read up to that point rekindled my love for the medium.

  • Even though I knew Superman through the countless Tv series,movies and animated films, this is the story that made me a fan and a loyal reader of the Man of Steel.

  • I really didn't appreciate this comic when I first read it, due to my age and preferences. BUT the second time I read it I was disgusted with my own stupitidy.

  • The first non-superhero comic I read and one of the best. Sad ending though :-P

  • The Tornado's path is the reason that I wanted to learn more about this fantastic universe and not only about Superman and Batman. Also the best roster of heroes I have ever seen.

  • Gave me a wider view of the X-men franchise.

  • Whedon's run raised my standards when it comes to team books.

  • Made the web-head a favorite of mine again!

  • I have a love/hate relationship with this book.

    On one hand I love the first half with all my heart on the other I hate the way Superman is portrayed and Batman's stuborn and short-sighted personality. Also he quit being batman because a Robin died.....why the hell he repeats that mistake!?

  • The first comic series I read. I love every one of these stories and characters and they have bonded deeply well to my memories.

  • Same as Asterix,Lucky Luke is one of the best series that I read.

  • The story that made my love for superman official and an occasional read of mine.