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transformers MD review 0

After their defeat against Shockwave, the Dinobots were not only stranded on Earth but buried under tons of volcanic lava rocks. Locked in Stasis Mode for centuries, they were discovered by Skywatch, a human division of the US Army and reactivated as weapons ment to be used agains the Decepticons threat. Grimlock managed to escape but only to find out how desperate his current status was as he was caught right on the middle of a power struggle between Machination and Skywatch.In the meantime, Ab...

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terminator R review 0

it is the distant future the resistance is planning a massive assault on Skynet but Skynet has targeted John Connor's wife Tara Connor for termination. Skynet sends a newly made T-infinity the new terminator slowly makes it's way through the resistance base killing several humans that stand between it and the target Tara Connor John,his wife and several surviving Resistance fighters begin to fight the T-infinity John manages to damage the T-infinity with an electrical weapon but both John and th...

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my review of 30 Days of night annual 2005 0

John Ikos survivor of two invasions of Barrow journeys through Los angeles to find and kill FBI agent turned vampire Paul Norris who survived being partially decapitated by stella. John feels responsible because he accidently helped Paul by bringing paul to his cabin though John only did that to send DNA from the vampire to scientists but Paul survived and escaped  Now John Ikos must go through Los angeles vampire community including the vampire supremacy    group the night crew on the way he ru...

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