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my favourite transformers

a list of my favourite transformers ever

List items

  • ever since i first saw Bludgeon in the comics I loved the character the whole undead Samurai theme and the fact he's a freaking tank puts him as one of my all time favourites

  • starscream has to be my all time favourite Decepticon of all time

  • definately my favourite european Decepticon

  • my favourite japanese Decepticon

  • who doesn't love Grimlock

  • Jazz has always been one of my favourite Autobots

  • I just had to add Prime to this list

  • another favourite of mine. I was playing with my transformers and realised I really liked thundercracker but keep forgeting about him.

  • I was never really keen on Devastator he's cool and everything but nothing clicked then I saw Bruticus and I thought to myself that is one F***ING cool transformer. his guns have guns on them

  • I remember being about the age of 6 or 7 watching Transformers with my uncle Kris when the aerial-bots formed Superion and my exact words were Holy sh!t when Did Autobots get jets. as I watched the VHS with more and more of the aerial-bots the more I loved the characters and the fact they combined into superion made them even more awesome I'm actually looking for a toy of superion for my collection as I write this down

  • as a kid in the 90s I had four megatrons one was a T-rex, then another t-rex transmetalised and two that were dragons. but now that I'm older I realised I want the original megatron that turned into a gun I have 3 megatrons in my collection animated, generations and classics(which turns into a plasma pistol) but yet older ones still

  • not only does Deathsaurus have one of the most Metal names in transformers history he's mortally wounded Ginrai and destroyed more places on earth than any other Decepticon leader also he has a really bitchin Beast mode