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Reznov coat?

okay this has been bugging me since completing Black Ops where the hell can I find the coat both Kravchenko and Reznov wore 
I've looked for it and nothing I really want a real life version of it to me it looks like a leather jacket with Communist shoulder straps here's animage if anyone knows a site that sells this coat PM or post the link in a comment response on this Blog here's a picture as to what it looks like

Hobgoblin vs Venom

standard equipment for Hobgoblin 
venom gets two M4 carbines ,six grenades and two m9 double action pistols 
this is Phil Urich version of Hobgoblin and Flash version of Venom 
battle takes place in vancouver 
to the death 3 days prep 
no assistance from outside sources 
civillians are between the two but only Phil can kill them

just bloggin


should I see Transformers Dark of the moon it looks interesting but like all Transformers fans IU am still pissed at Michael bay for that piece of crap ROTF and Pearl Harbour my god I don't know which was worse also check out Seibertron.com they have new images of Dark of the Moon toys and SPOILERS Megatron is a Beat up old demonic tanker Truck which Michael's calling a Demented version of Optimus prime's vehicle mode picture above someone call Mel Gibson 
once again my computer downstairs has no internet stupid wireless piece of Scrap and I still haven't received my reactivation e-mail for TNI Forums F@#K oh well I can still post and blog here unfortunately I forgot my password for Seibertron.com I should deal with that but first I'm going to zellers need more toys for my collection and there isd a hot girl working there that I would love to go out with I may not buy anything I'm planning on going up to Nanaimo on boxing day so I'll get a few books I wanted from chapters specifficaly Dark Reign and Transformers last stand of the wreckers trade paperback  
I'll be bloggin again tommorow or Boxing day after shopping until then I will see you guys later this is Spystreak signing off

this is weird

I logged in and this has happened twice I can not add images any longer and When I try to start topics it instantly puts me through to the recently added topics and it won't let me add it at all can anyone tell me how I can fix this do I need that multi-pass to make new topics and add images?

got a XBOX 360 Elite today

got the bundle with Halo ODST and some racing game I'm planning on setting it up later tonight if everything goes as planned I also  got a nice digital watch which already had the correct time on it. hopefully the XBOX doesn't have the red ring of death on it otherwise Wal -mart is going to be supplying me  another one free of charge

getting really annoyed by Google

They now own Youtube after buying it years ago at first nothing really changed then  in 06 or 07 not really sure but it was around that point of time they started taking down videos because of copy rights it still happens but has slowed down exponentially now Google is putting adds in videos most I have encountered have been for that dumb Warehouse 13 show but there have also been some for cooking untensals I honestly just want to watch videos in piece but know Google has to just screw my day up with 45 second adds no one gives a crap about

Had a German dinner tonight

I love schnitzel cordan bleu with baked patato complete with gravy butter and bacon the most delicous thing I've eaten in months. 
everybody there were big like me too so I didn't feel like an outsider like at subway or Denny's very good meal. well I have nothing really else to tell besides I'm still full of gravy and schnitzel god the  Germans know how to eat I tell ya

working on a Transformers reboot script

I thought about it after awhile when I was bitching to my friends how much Revenge of the fallen sucked one of them said I would like to see you write a better screenplay 
I said alright I will so I started. up to page 21 already. I'm hoping to have it up to atleast 250 pages who knows I may even mail it to Hasbro or Paramount. I have several transformer themes anr transformers related songs going for inspiration and such.It'[s funny in middle school I always got picked on for having almost all the energon figures now after 2007 being a transformers fan is cool crazy how times change huh
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