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@stellatedcolt said:

Here's an update on all the iconic characters

Thor - now depressed and broken (Replaced by Jane Foster)

Hulk - killed off ( Replaced by Cho)

Captain America - Now part of Hydra

Wolverine - now Old Man Logan (X-23 is now Wolverine)

Iron Man - Killed off (Replaced by Riri/Doom)

*Sigh* what a time to be alive...

Been a DC and Marvel reader all my life, but quit earlier this year because I can't stand what both companies are doing (DC rebooting AGAIN when I was enjoying the New 52 Universe, Marvel replacing their most popular characters with new ones and replacing the Avengers roster with X-Men characters). I try to keep up with the goings on thru comic book message boards like Vine to see if things have changed enough to get me back into collecting, but I see I haven't missed much since I quit. SMH