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6 Characters That Inspired Me as a Kid

This is a list of characters that inspired me to be a better person while I was growing up. While I had those years when I was unpleasant, I still held onto a code of conduct that I had adapted from watching my favorite heroes. I would never throw the first punch, which kept me out of a lot of fights. I always held myself to a high standard, even though I often failed to meet my own goals. They taught me kindness in my most bitter moments. But most importantly, immersing myself in their stories gave me a way to escape the problems I had in school.

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  • 1. I didn't have a comic shop near my house growing up, and the other stores we had in my small town didn't carry comics regularly. I know superman and batman primarily from their animated series, though I'm slowly getting into the comic book world. But their stories speak volumes no matter the medium. Superman is a character who holds himself to incredibly high standards, even for a superhero. He wants nothing more than to do the right thing, and for him, that means holding back for the good of others. He taught me that the things I do can hurt people, so I have to restrain myself, even when it hurts.

  • 2. Batman has no powers and his past is extremely tragic. Even so, he took the hard path of doing the right thing no matter the cost. The popular kids at my school did drugs and got drunk every weekend, but even when I tried to be a popular kid, those were lines I would not cross. That's probably why I was never popular lol.

  • 3. Goku is a happy-go-lucky optimist, but he isn't blind to danger and evil. He'll throw down when he needs to, he'll hold back when he needs to, and he'll take pity on his fiercest enemy in the heat of battle. As I left high school and things improved, I looked back at his character and saw traits that I wish I had more of.

  • 4. Tenchi is surrounded by beautiful women who are in love with him, but he remains a gentleman because he values all of them as people. He keeps his hormones in check until he knows who he loves, and he doesn't take advantage of the situation he's in. That's a guy I can respect.

  • 5. Naruto has lived a hard life, but he doesn't go down a dark path as a result. Instead, he tries his hardest and makes something of himself when he could have easily stopped trying long ago. He beats his head against that proverbial wall until he finally breaks it, and achieves the respect he's always dreamed of. His story is a lesson in determination and perseverance.

  • 6. Luffy cares about his friends more than anything, and he has a heart that yearns for adventure. He charges head first into danger, especially if it means helping/standing-up for someone. Because of his character, I think he's the kind of guy that a lot of guys wish they could be.