I feel your pain, and I like it.

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Planned Parenthood? Somebody needs a daddy!

 Yes, I'd like to buy a vowe... er, father. I thought it might behoove my character to have a demon father who is already established in the CV universe.
Anyone want to claim a child?

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    Spine was born Tabitha Jensen. It was unknown to her parents that Tabitha was really the offspring of an incubus who slept with Tabitha's mother. Her parents gave her up for adoption because of her red, impenetrable skin and sharp claws. She was raised in a orphanage until high school. It was around that time when she took an interest in crime-fighting. On one mission she was stabbed in the eye, her vulnerable place, and died. She was taken to the morgue when a rescue team discovered her body after a 911 call. Then her body was stolen.
    Because of her rare complexion, her body was sold to a man named Josef living in Russia. He was able to magically revive her with the help of a spirit named Mirena who would inhabit her body at night. She was his slave by day and was Mirena at night. Eventually, Mirena tired of the man and took Spine away with her. Spine forgot much of her life before her death as her memory decayed, but she retains fragments. Now the two live a split existence, one by day, the other by night. Occasionally, Mirena will speak to her during the day, but usually lets Spine have control over her body at that time.