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Into the City


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    "Spine." A woman's voice echoed in her head. Spine closed her red lids. She saw the shadowy figure standing there, beckoning her. "Yes, Mirena?"
    "Let us go to the city, child. You know so little about life. I have tried to protect you, but perhaps it is time for you to see more. Would you like that?" The shining yet hazy figure reached out and touched Spine's face.
    "Yes… though I am afraid." Spine looked down.
    "Do not worry, I will be here. But you are too magnificent to be sequestered away, even as much as I love and want to protect you." Mirena smiled warmly.
    "People are scared of me." One of the things she remembered from her past, the pain of ridicule and rejection.
    A fog seemed to wrap around them. "Nonsense. They are fools. But you need no one, but me, dearest. I will protect you from them. But you must go out. You grow too melancholy here, alone."
    Spine nodded and opened her eyes. She knew the city she would go to was at one time her home, but that was long ago. It was all so foreign now, and even in the crowds, she knew she would be somehow still alone.
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