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Top 16 Favorite Women of Marvel

What would comics be without the women.This is my top 16 favorite women of marvel.

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  • Black Widow is my all time favorite Marvel female. She is a complex female character with a dark past. she's sexy,dangerous, and mysterious what more could you ask from a female superhero

  • Marvel's Wonder Woman. Really happy that Marvel has been promoting her into their female posterboy

  • My favorite female Xmen. I have watched her grow up in the comics and I really like the person she has become. She made a simple power like phasing through walls, into something completely awsome.

  • She is the most powerful of the Fantastic Four and the founder of the Future Foundation.She brings the smarts, and the sexy to the Fantastic Four. Invisible Woman is Marvel's first iconic lady.

  • A veteran member of the Xmen. Storm is a powerful mutant and an ex ruler of Wakanda.Hail the Mistress of Elements

  • The female version of Wolverine. I always find myself rooting for this character. X-23 has been through so much pain, but fights through it all. I really love this character.

  • The daughter of Magneto and the mutant behind M-day.Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful women in comics.She's sexy and a bit of crazy.Loved her bit in The Winter Soldier

  • Wasp is a character that really,really,REALLY grew on me. i thought she was useless for awhile until I actually started readiing more about her character.She is the first female of the Avengers, and I cant wait to see her possibly portrayed by Evangeline Lilly in Ant-man

  • The exotic daughter of Thanos, and the most dangerous woman in the galaxy. Gamora is a BADASS

  • Mystique is one of the most intelligent and dangerous mutants. she is highly knowledgeable and can infiltrate any institution.Not to mention she's being played by Jennifer Lawrence so that's a plus

  • <<<tell me she doesn't look badass,crazy, and sexy at the same time. The scarlet assasin may just be the best assassin in Marvel

  • Sexiest female comic book character of all time imo

  • One of the best female villains in comics

  • A not so mad Hulk who's a sexy lawyer

  • She had to be in this list one way or another

  • Bring her Back PLEASE Marvel