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My Top 50 Favorite Marvel Heroes

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  • The first superhero movie and character i ever saw and heard of was this guy. He is truly amazing, spectacular, and superior.

  • He shows that no matter what your going through, you can overcome it. Daredevil is just everything you want in a comic book character and he may take my number one soon.

  • He is the King of Wakanda, owns a vibranium suit and weaponary, leader of the Illuminate, Avenger, King of the Dead, this guy does it all.

  • Cap is the definition of a true hero.

  • Because he's Thor!

  • This has to be the coolest comic character of all time. Gambit was my favorite Xmen as a child, and he still is.

  • Definition of a BADASS!I fell in love with the character thanks to the Xmen 90s cartoon and Ultimate Alliance

  • Iron fist has one of the greatest stories in The Immortal Iron Fist, not to mention one of the coolest powers

  • A hero who actually disposes of crime.

  • Sorcerer Supreme..nuff said

  • Iron Man has really made a jump thanks to his films.

  • Luke Cage is a hardcore BADASS and one of the only characters to actually have a relationship that sticked

  • Really like Hawkeye in the comics, hopefully they can get him right in AOU

  • Deadpool is the funniest Marvel character hands down

  • My favorite member of the Fantastic Four. His story is so touching, and he can rival the Hulk in strength. He also has one of the best fighting words, "Its Clobberin Time"

  • Moon Knight is one of the most unique characters in Marvel, mostly because of his multiple personas

  • My favorite female character in Marvel

  • He smashes

  • The Han Solo of Marvel

  • BAMF!

  • Marvel's female posterboy

  • I dont care what anyone says Quicksilver is awesome!

  • One of my favorite cosmic heroes and was even in my top 3 before, but they have completely killed the character with Sam Alexander

  • Ghost Rider needs his redemption, i love this guy! A fricking demon riding a motorbike screams BADASS

  • Most underrated in my opinion

  • Kitty is a character who has really begun to grow on me, and is my favorite female Xmen

  • Namor is the guy you love to hate

  • Second favorite member of the Fantastic Four, and the most powerful of the bunch

  • Herald of Galactus..nuff said

  • Best asassin in the Marvel universe

  • He's the first X-Man, and has one of the coolest and simplest powers in the Marvel universe

  • Really like this guy

  • Wasp has really grown on me, and she's such a lovable character

  • He's so badass he doesn't even speak. One of my favorite kings in the Marvel universe

  • Blink is extremely overrated. From her powers, to her looks Blink is everything you want in an X-man

  • I care a lot for this character

  • Some could argue that Storm is the female face of Marvel, and she very well may be.

  • Really started to like Vision after Avengers EMH. Vision is an awesome character and has a lot of story to him

  • Most dangerous woman in the galaxy. She's the daughter of Thanos and my second favorite Guardian of the Galaxy. Gamora is one of the top fighters in the Marvel U.

  • House of M..nuff said

  • Really started liking him after Captain America TWS. He's one of the best sidekicks in comics, even if he doesn't embrace it

  • One of the craziest characters brought to comics, but also one of the best.

  • He killed the mad titan Thanos....

  • It took Groot 3 words to become a fan favorite

  • What's not to like about Rogue.... besides her movie portrayals

  • An underrated and underused complete badass. Hopefully Rosario Dawson plays her in Daredevil

  • Because he's Cable

  • I really like his story, and hopefully we will get a solo comic going for him soon