My Most Anticipated Upcoming Comicbook films for 2016

Im not ranking these based on what i think will be better then the other, but on what films im most interested in and excited to see.

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  • This is a friggin Deadpool movie. We never thought this film would happen and we dont know what to expect. Deadpool is the most out there comic book character, and i just cant wait to see how they handle this character with all of his fourth wall breaking and hilarious dialogue. Its guaranteed Hard R and after seeing how faithful they made Colossus and seeing Negasonic Teenage Warhead in that xmen suit, i cant help but be excited. This movie is gonna have guts, swearing, sex, and everything else you dont want your kids to see. Deadpool is my most anticipated because its the one movie where anything could happen.

  • This movie is the Russos follow up from maybe Marvel's best film The Winter Soldier. Not only is this bringing back one of Marvel's most well known stories, but it has to introduce two new characters, Black Panther and Spider-man. Thats a huge job, and not to mention they're also including the newbie Ant-man. I really want to see how the Russos will do this, and im excited to see Marvel's take on Spiderman. The addition of Black Panther is the icing on top. I just HAVE to see this movie. Team Cap by the way!

  • Its Batman and Superman finally onscreen together but not in 2D this time. Im not that much into DC but hell everyone was a fan of these two growing up, and i cant see how anyone isnt losing their minds waiting for this film to hit theatres. Not to mention the introductions of Aquaman and Flash, this is a must.

  • Doctor Strange is being directed by Scott Derrickson the director of the horror film Sinister which i really enjoyed. It was creepy and scary and thats what i want to see in Dr.Strange. The cast looks incredible so far , maybe the best cast in a superhero movie period. Its been said recently that this movie will be alot different, and i want to see just how far Marvel is willing to go considering this is gonna be a superhero horror flick.

  • Im a huge Harley and Killer Croc fan! A movie about villains doing good things just so they can stay alive sounds awesome. Killer croc appearence, Batman cameo, Deathstroke rumored,Harley Quinn first live action appearance, and we cant forget the best villain ever created will be in here, no not Joker, Slipknot! This movie is definetly on my watch list and im already making predictions on who will die in the film.

  • I never thought my favorite Xmen would get a solo movie. HOLY SH**!! Its been said plenty of times that this movie is unneccesary, but with the director they have and Channing Tatum as lead actor I have faith in this film. I really want to see how they do this since Gambit doesnt have that many stories, or good ones at that. Deadpool looks good so far, and i pray to god Fox can give Gambit the push he deserves after years of being written horribly. Not to mention them filming in my city of New Orleans, count me in.

  • I was waaaay more excited for this film a couple weeks ago. The movie sounded awesome and hell it probably still will be awesome. Everything sounds good so far but after seeing Apocalypse my anticipation fell greatly. I thought "hey maybe they just have to wait for post production", but now more photos and magazine covers have dropped and he still looks awful. His skin isnt gray and he looks small. Now i know he can increase his size but he still looks like a ripoff Ronan the Accuser. Hopefully he changes throughout the film, but this is really dissapointing as of right now. Im not saying the film will be bad because of this, hell Oscar Issac is a great actor, but his appearence will definetly be a negative. Im sure the movie will still be kickass, but my anticipation has fell over this.