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Hahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh wait...This isn't a satire is it? 31

In the title, you'll see my reaction to this comic book. When I finished reading it, I thought I had found The Room of comic books. A "so bad, it's good" piece of art with such bad character incarnations, such an awful story, and such a horrible new character that would live on in the laughter of those fortunate to read it...Then I found people giving it positive reviews. And I realized I had to step in and say something. There's no beating around the bush; Superior Spider-Man was a horrible, ho...

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Perhaps The Worst Comic Ever Made 19

Let's talk about Paul Dini...Oh God. Yes indeed, for those who don't know I have a particular hatred for the untalented fatass known as Paul Dini. Not because he's a perverted, moronic hack...Though...That doesn't help. No, I hate Dini partly because of how much friggin love this guy gets. His best work is Gotham City Sirens and Batman TAS, and his worst work is...Pretty much everything else. His unfunny run of Harley and Ivy, Jingle Belle, Countdown To Final Crisis and his runs on Zattana/Wonde...

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