Mass Effect Movie Cast

Finally, I will be casting a movie based on my favorite franchise of all time: Mass Effect. I would prefer for it to be directed by M Night Shyamalan or George Lucas by the way, and written by Andrew Kevin Walker. Anyway, here is my cast:

List items

  • Michael C. Hall (Synthesis Ending in ME3, let the Council die in ME1, destroy the Collector base in ME2, and an Earthborn backstory. He grew up abandoned on the streets, a small time gang member who eventually joined Alliance military when he turned 18. Also has a sole survivor background, as his team was wiped out during a mission gone wrong.)

  • Emily Browning (The love interest of ME2 and ME3. IN ME3 they have a secret marriage on Rannoch, and it is hinted near the end she is pregnant with Shepard's child.)

  • Terry Crews (Shepard's best friend, obviously spared/saved in ME1...Oh yeah, and Shepard helps him cure the Genophage in ME3)

  • Joaquin Phoenix (Shepard's 2nd best friend...Would try and give him an emotional goodbye to his father who is killed in ME3)

  • Jason Momoa (The friend who Shepard contacts in ME3, the tank speech would be a little longer in the movie than the game)

  • Anthony Daniels (Sacrifices himself to cure genophage in ME3 and spares his former pupil in ME2, which is what begins his path to redemption)

  • Hayden Christensen (Spared in ME1)

  • (Wrong Anderson in picture obviously, haha)

    Denzel Washington

  • Kevin Spacey

  • Jason Issacs (Made more of a tragic villain here, with a backstory similar to Shepard's in that he was an orphan on the streets until the military picked him up. Shepard eventually convinces him to fight the Reapers and redeem Saren)

  • (See Hacket, Jack and Anderson)

    Paul Bettany (Shepard would be Legion's most trusted friend, and eventually his trust for Shepard is what convinces him to accept peace between Geth and Quarians. Obviously sacrifices himself to save the Geth)

  • Jayma Mays (Shepard and Liara have a big brother/little sister relationship here, in which Shepard is very protective of Liara)

  • (Again, different picture than the character)

    Kiefer Sutherland

  • (See Hackett and Anderson)

    Charlize Theoron (She would sort of be the darker side of the Normandy, exploiting Shepard's hidden Renegade nature which he tries to suppress)

  • (See Jack, Legion, Hackett and Anderson)

    Kit Harington

  • Mila Jovovich (In ME1, Ashley and Shepard start out resenting and disliking each other. However, near the end they start to understand each other a LITTLE bit better, before Shepard gives the command to sacrifice her in favor of Kaiden. However, as a plot twist, we later find out Ashley was Shepard's sister who spent her life at Grisshom Academy; though her family was penniless, Ashley showed such exceptional skill that Grisshom Academy offered to take her in. However, as time grew by, young Shepard ended up abandoned on the streets)

  • Paul Rudd (So hard to replace Seth Green, but if I had too, Ruud has the humor and charm to pull Joker off)

  • Olivia Wilde