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Favorite Movies On Comic Vine Wiki

Comic Vine refuses to let me add a few of my favorite movies, so instead, I'll be making a list of my favorite movies that the site actually has. I'll try an add a few more movies so my list will be more accurate, but for now, this is all I got.

List items

  • Not only my all-time favorite movie, but one of the most critically underrated movie of all time. Oscar worthy performances from Del Toro and Hopkins and a damn great job from Blunt, smart themes about family, societies prejudices and, of course, the beast within. The cinematography is dark, beautiful and creepy, as is the fitting score. Beautiful story, memorable and sympathetic characters and emotionally powerful scenes.

  • NOTE: Spike Lee is a racist idiot. I know that's just my opinion but, I'm right. Back to the movie. Critically underrated performance from Samuel L Jackson (Who FYI was WAY better than DiCaprio) and one of the best performances of all time from Christopher Waltz. Throw in some great dialogue, some bloody fun action in every sense of the sentence and some very memorable characters all around. It is a FANTASTIC movie, and the best of 2012.

  • Quite simply the greatest Sci-Fi movie ever made. Shakesperean like characters and story, beautifully written and emotionally investing, thrilling and phenomenally choreographed action, fantastic, three-dimensional performances from Hayden Christensen, Samuel L Jackson, Ian McDiarmid and the rest of them. Jam packed with intelligent themes about fear, attachment and jealousy, it really is Shakespeare in space. Truly one of the greatest films ever.

  • My second all-time favorite animated movie next to Felidae (Another film not in the Comic Vine wiki...What are the odds!) The dubbing is some of the best I've listened to, even from Claire Danes who I'm not usually a fan of. Really smart themes on nature, war and even racism. The best score I've ever heard in my life, stunning animation, and unique and developed characters make this an absolute masterpiece of animation.

  • Yes, that's right. Attack of the Clones is one of my favorite films of all time. To be fair, it should be further down on the list, as many of the films above it are not on the CV wiki. Really smart themes on fear, like Episode III, but also on destiny, detachment, love and humility as well as political corruption and how nobody is truly innocent. Fantastic performances from Natalie Portman and Ian McDiarmid, and while Hayden might not have been Oscar worthy, he still did an A- job portraying Anakin's conflicting emotions, fear and head strong attitude. And yes, I loved the love story.

  • Who knew Disney's best CG animated film wouldn't be Pixar? But lo and behold, Wreck-It-Ralph. John C. Reilly does great as always (Step Brothers should be here, but it aint...Guess why?) as does Jack McBryer. Hell even Sarah Silverman who I can't stand is pretty decent. The story and characters are creative and charming, and it's a lot of fun to see this world come to life.

  • WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?! Funny, creative and stylish with Bruce Campbell's defining performance. And who can forget that charming as hell dialogue?

  • My favorite Pixar movie. John Goodman is one of my fave actors (Guess why The Big Lebowski isn't here?) and he proves why here. In fact, the whole cast fits pretty well. Billy Crystal's "None of it matters..." scene as Mike is done so well. The animation is a huge jump forward from Toy Story 1 and 2, which were still pretty impressive. Great themes on hope and parenthood as well as sacrifice and loaded with characters people have cherished for years.