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Comic Book Characters I Would Like To Personally Meet If I Was A Character

I think pretty much everybody on this site has, at some time or another, wished they were a superhero or villain. I always imagined that if I ever got superpowers and lived in the Marvel Universe or DC Universe I would probably be one of those Chaotic Good Anti-Heroes: Saving people, helping out the poor and generally doing good but probably stealing things and killing really evil messed up villains or criminals. So, without further ado, here is how I would interact with comic book characters in this universe.

List items

  • Would probably team up with him, but sort of loosely in case I did something that pissed him off like murder Norman Osbourne or something. But I'd try and be as good friends with him as an anti-hero could.

  • Kill him. If Batman's too selfish to kill him and save thousands, I'll do it myself.

  • I'd probably be closer friends with him than Spidey, he might understand my moral code a bit more. In fact, I'd probably get to know him for a while and eventually try to form a team with him, depending how he reacts to my company.

  • As far as criminals go, she would probably be as lucky as they go. As I really do view her as a slightly more corrupted anti-hero than me, I'd really try to befriend and reform her without necessarily MANIPULATING her. I'd probably try and get her a spot on my team. That said...Out of every comic book character, IF SHE WERE REAL, she would be the one I would definitely romance and try and date. (IF SHE WERE REAL, I don't have sexual fantasies for lines on a page)

  • See Spider-Man

  • I would probably try and get him to be my personal mentor and trainer. I'd even fight some of his battles against the GL Corps and other enemies...That said, the moment he starts to attack innocent people, the learner turns on the master

  • See Joker. He is an evil brute who eats people. KILL HIM.

  • See Sinestro, I would also try and get him to join my own personal team. I think we could be really great friends, as we have many of the same morals.

  • Another mass murderer on my comic book villain death list

  • Tried to wipe out humanity? He's a dead man

  • See Ivy, though not sure how she'd react to me after I kill Joker. Private assassination for Mistah J perhaps? Either way with Joker out of the way, I would definitely get her a spot on the team and try and reform her as a hero. And if Ivy doesn't like me, I'd try and romance her.

  • True, he is insane, so I would give him a painless death...But death nonetheless

  • This guy is probably responsible for the most deaths of all next to Joker...Most painful death of all.

  • Remember how Sinestro's my mentor? I team up with him to try and kill this tricky guy.

  • If Harley and Ivy don't work out to good, always had a crush on Felicia. Would probably try and get her on my team too. We're both thieves, we're both hero(ic) and generally good.

  • I'd work as a double agent for a few months as one of his henchman. Once I have learned all of his secrets, I take to the streets with all my knowledge of fear and terror.