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Comic Book Character World Leaders I Would Support...

If these guys became president/dictator/king/queen of the entire planet, I would support them.

List items

  • Incredibly intelligent, only cares about others, has a background as a lawyer who specializes at getting innocent people the justice they deserve.

  • Just think about this for a little bit...If we gave up our fear of communism, submitted to Doom without a fight, and showed our undying loyalty to him and his country of Latveria, I could see him being a very strong willed and even generous leader. He is probably the smartest character in comics too, that helps.

  • All humans will be devolved into gorillas? SIGN ME UP!!!!

  • Like Doom, I think if people submitted without a fight she could show a great deal of compassion. I love plants and natural life and a world under her rule would really be something beautiful.

  • The quintessential leader and inspirer of hope, he knows how to make his beloved country strong. Imagine that will-power and leadership commanding the entire PLANET?

  • See Doctor Doom, and add into the fact that I'm pretty sure any terrorists or anarchists would be too damn afraid to rebel against him. ;)

  • He really understands what true discrimination and racism is, and I think he would be an extremely compassionate leader who could inspire real hope from his people. At the same time, he is intimidating enough to scare the crap out of anyone who wants to secede.

  • Cure his vampric hunger, or at least hinder it, and like Hellboy I think that he is compassionate enough and empathetic to be a great ruler...He is also one of the scariest enemies you could ever face. ;)