Top Ten Captains

List items

  • Captain of the Millennium Falcon

  • Captain of Serenity

  • Captain of the USS Stargazer, USS Enterprise D, and the USS Enterprise E

  • Captains the TARDIS through time and space

  • Captain in the Time Agency, Torchwood, and served as a Captain during World War I and/or II

  • Captain of the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise A

  • Became a captain at the end of Star Trek Nemesis, and continues as captain of the USS Titan in novels set after that movie.

  • Captained the Millenium Falcon when Han Solo wasn't captaining it

  • He was a captain in the GCPD by the end of Batman Year One

  • Not crazy about the character himself, but I like the idea of him. He is the standard by which all the other characters in the Marvel universe that consider themselves heroes measure themselves to. The actual character is a little too bland for my tastes, but I like the effect he has on other heroes.