Top Ten Marvel Supervillains

These are the top ten most evil Marvel super villains in my opinion.

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  • I know that many would disagree with my choice of Norman over Magneto and Doctor Doom however, no villain will ever leave the mark that the psychopath criminal known as the Green Goblin did on someone's personal life and achieve what other villains dream of. Norman Osborn is so despicably insane and evil that he killed Spider-Man's girlfriend Gwen Stacy after raping her and then trained her own children to kill Peter. He also corrupted and and tortured his own son Harry; Peter's best friend. Norman was the mastermind behind Spider-Man's Clone Saga. However in order to be at the top of this list there must be some truly striking achievement he must have executed. After all every villain has a feat that they are most proud of, his is coming closer than any other Marvel villain to taking over the world; something many villains have tried, but none came as close as Norman did in his Dark Reign. Norman effectively manipulated and betrayed many prominent Marvel heroes and villains including even the great Doctor Doom to use as stepping stones in taking over as the Iron Patriot and making heroes enemies of the public, creating his own Dark Avengers. His lust for power even brought down Asgard. It is said that he had an elimination list including nearly every Marvel hero and team. Through his psychotic personal torture and conflict with one of Marvel's finest as well as nearly succeeding in total world domination and the actual destruction of Asgard, Norman Osborn is truly the most evil villain in all of Marvel.

  • Max Eisenhardt did not have an especially pleasant life. Growing up as a Jew in the Holocaust, Max constantly experienced and knew the cold evilness and discrimination humans could cause firsthand. Max had his parents slaughtered as he discovered his magnetic abilities and unknowingly fathered the future mutants that would become Quicksliver and Scarlet Witch. As he grew and eventually adopted the name Erik Lehnsherr, he met another mutant; Charles Xavier. They soon became the closest of friends, however they argued much. Eric did not think mutants and humans could coexist and figured that since "man always fears what he does not understand" they could never truly accept mutantkind who Eric saw as superior. He eventually became the supervillain Magneto and accepted his beliefs that humans are nothing but a rusty link in the evolutionary chain and are no longer needed. Magneto terrorized humanity as the immensely powerful Magneto for many years. With his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at his side, he set to destroy the "disease" of humanity for many years. Magneto eventually found himself at odds with his old friend Xavier and his X-men. It was a war. Magneto is extremely powerful and can even manipulate Adamantium. He can even fire electromagnetic energy and lift tens of thousands of tons with his powers of magnetism. He is the bane of the X-men and having caused the death of Jean Grey, I simply must give him a high place on this list.

  • He is simply an amazingly evil supervillain whose vision inspired so many others. He has proven himself to be the most intelligent and one of the most evil villains in all of Marvel. His hatred of Reed Richards is one of the deepest, most intense enmities imaginable. His intense loathing hatred for Reed is so malicious that Doctor Doom even went so far as to send Reed's child to the darkest depths of Hell. Doctor Doom is a master of the dark arts and many form of magic. He was even once considered for Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Doom's intelligence allowed him to create a suit that rivals even that of Tony Stark's. He is probably the most cunning villain ever and fooled even the Beyonder. Doctor Doom may very well be the most iconic comic book villain.

  • Thanos is a perfect example of someone who does something I'm sure this world understands; the abuse of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Infinity gauntlet was one object of such absolute power. Thanos wiped out half of the life in the whole universe with it to impress Death. Earlier in his life Thanos created a massive nulear disaster on his homeworld Titan and killed his own mother. He later returned and killed millions again. Thanos here would have been higher than the other three on this list if it wasn't for one actually very heroic deed. Thanos, while being responsible for more death than anyone on this list, also saved the universe from the Hunger.

  • Loki's jealousy and hatred for his brother- Thor, drove him mad. Adopted by Odin as an abnormally small baby frost giant, he is the father of deception and can never be trusted. He delights in sending terrible opponents and challenges to all of Marvel's heroes. His deadly use of magic compensates for his lack of H2H combat skills and he is the greatest sorcerer in all of Asgard. He has masterfully assaulted Asgard and often teams up with other villains and uses them to reach his own horrific goals, brutally betraying them in the end. He is pure madness. However, rarely, some good can shine through Loki Laufeyson(e.g., Seige).

  • Cap's biggest hater is a Red-Faced supersoldier Nazi who has fought against

    Steve Rogers in perhaps too many battles in WW2. As the leader of Hydra, his main goal and short lived accomplishment in his career was finding the cosmic cube: one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel universe. Him and his daughter; Sin, have given the Marvel Universe ridiculous amounts of trouble.

  • One villain that Spider-Man was always left helpless to, one way or another, is Venom. Peter had been corrupted from the inside out by the powerful symbiotic creature which had enhanced his abilities. His new strength had become his own personal poison: Venom. Venom was created when the symbiotic alien suit that made up Spider-Man's black suit was torn of by its own host in the climatic scene on the bell tower. Venom hated Spider-Man after that and soon it found someone else who did: Eddie Brock. Their union gave birth to one of Marvel's most frightening villains. No matter what the host, Venom is a very intimidating and evil adversary who has gone toe to toe with some of Marvel's greatest heroes. Its toxic hatred and quest for revenge has (some times literally) eaten away at even the the most mighty forces and made them crumble.

  • One of the oldest mutant alive with the power to manipulate matter. He has perfect his abilities for thousands of years and can take on all the X-Men at once. A very powerful foe.

  • Galactus is one of the most powerful villains in all of Marvel, having destroyed entire worlds. The World Eater is an extreme addition to our list that gave a new meaning to power. Galactus has come inches away from consuming our very Earth. However despite his malicious devouring of billions of life forms, many life forms regard him as a force of nature, he simply needs matter to survive. So in a way he is forced to destroy to survive and prevent much worse destruction that would incur if he happened to starve. This makes me question; "Is he really that evil?". So despite being a little selfish there is nothing that really makes him evil. The only reason he is at the bottom of my top ten is that he is not so much "evil" as he is destructive. Therefore due to his lack of personal conflict and relative "evilness" I am forced to leave him at number 10.