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My Favorite Heroes

A list of my favorite heroes in comic books.

List items

  • My favorite and always will be. His relatable personality, personal life, and unique abilities have always intrigued me. He is a favorite to me and to countless others that relate to his high school life and situations. And to think Stan Lee had to sneak him into comics!

  • Where are the yellow boxes? :D

  • He has saved every corner of every universe in every time, alternate, and parallel. And he doesn't even need a weapon to do it.

  • My favorite Robin. I liked him best as Nightwing

  • He better get more comic books. He's a great character and is a most favorite hero of mine.

  • My favorite Jedi. "Use the force Luke"


  • The coolest archer in comics (sorry Hawkeye)


  • He made a home for mutants to be safe in a world that hated and feared them. Home is where the Hero is.

  • There is a reason why he makes the sound "bamf" when he teleports

  • Intelligence is the greatest weapon there is

  • The best cop and probably the best man in Gotham. He needs his own ongoing series.

  • His emerald light shines through the darkness in the galaxy

  • A dark, tortured, gruff, loner. But also a righteous and almost fatherly leader of the X-Men

  • FOR ASGARD!!!!

  • The first and still one of the best. He's the man of Steel

  • A total Patriot who always stands for what is right no matter what the costs

  • He's invincible

  • The Man without fear...

  • One of the saddest and most incredible characters in comics

  • The greatest agent out there. He can bring terrorist organizations to their knees and decrypt government conspiracies in a whole day, without sleep, while going through drug withdrawal, and as people he knows die around him. Not scared yet? Wait until he interrogates you.

  • One bad@$$ bounty hunter. Underneath that armor is some serious hotness and skill.

  • A Great example of heroes that overcome obstacles

  • He's just so cool

  • One of my favorite Avengers

  • Damn Felica Hardy is just way too attractive for comics. Spider-Man is one lucky dude

  • An incredible fighter with cool powers and a hero despite his brother's poor sense of morality