Overrated Batman Stories

Batman is often said to have the best comics, or at least some of the best for such a popular character but often some of the praise given tho those books can be a tad exaggerated. Here are some stories like that from my perspective. Also being overrated isnt the same as being bad, a story could be good or even great but still be overrated if its considered one of the best.

List items

  • Perhaps the biggest offender in this list hush is regarded as one of the essential batman stories, while i can't see it as anything more than a decent introduction with a terrible mystery. This story is the equivalent of reading a who's who book with some plot, even as that its incomplete by the abscense of Cassandra. Hush himself is a rather boring antagonist who will only become later with successive wrtiers. The only thing i would deem truly great is the catwoman/batman parts and even those moments aren't enough to earn this book its reputation. As well as the art.

  • Another rather overrated Leob storyline. And one that far outshadows a much better two face origin, eye of the beholder told in Batman Annunal 14. The mystery is rather bad and the mob being overtaken by the supers is an intresting plot but it ends up being more than this book can chew, especially thanks to the revolving door of supervillains.

  • Well this is one of the Morrisonests Morrison books that ever Morrisoned. And I can't say i'm a fan at all. I can deal with silly bat-stories but this is just overly complicated and the premise is really unintresting to me. The "meta" writing also doesnt help.

  • Another overly meta Morrison story as well as the conclusion to the first part of his run. While i like the main concept and some ideas sound good, its not well excecuted. Nor is the messy attempt to make every bat story cannon. Nor the overly trippy nature

    Not to mention the boring villains

  • Scott Snyder's first big bat book, and possibly the one i like the least. While he writes and excellent Dick and Barbara, the main villain and most things about him really drag this story down here for me. A solid mystery story but not quite earning the praise it recives.

  • Another Snyder arc. It is rather well written and there are some excellent moments but really it strikes me as too middle of the road to be effective. Its too large for batman and too batman centric for the Justice League. And only one of the dark batmen was even a good antagonist.

    Bringing barbatos was cool, altough it relied too much on the return of bruce wayne which i really do not like.

    Soundtrack was pretty good.

  • The only sigle issue Morrison story here. The art alone should place it here, but there's worse things than it. It follows the joker reinventing himself as per Morrison's assinine and sudden, super sanity concept into an edgelord so big that the Leto version looks tame in comparison. Most importantly it makes the Joker loose his humor. Yes, i understand that joker has changed trought the years but so has every other character, acting as if its some meta power of him is stupid, especially when it only leads to the worst joker.

  • Another Morrison yarn that get's a great amount of praise. While fine as an out of continuity homage to the Dennis O'neil era of the caped crusader, it just changes too many dynamics. Especially in the making Talia evil (and a rapist essentially), not to mention the titular son of batman being incredibly annoying here. He'll get better when paired with Grayson but this story certainly pushed me away from the so called son of the bat.

  • I do seem to be ragging on Morrison dont I? Well perhaps its due to the amount of praise his stories recieve. The art here is beutifully abstract, and i admit i find the history of the asylum proposed here fascinating. But that's it, each of the takes on the villains are either repugnant (not in a good way), idiotic or simply too "meta" for my liking.

  • Despite my misgivings against Morrison, i tought that killing Damian was a pretty good move at the end of his run. The batman and robin title then compounded on it by having beatiful issues based on the five stages of grief, but this ruined all of that for me. Bringing him back is unnesessary and really nothing quite that good has been done with him with perhaps the exception of super sons. It just stands as a n okay story that massacred far more intresting prospects.

  • This series had an admitebly intresting premise and it did restore stephanie Brown to continuity but overal it just stands as an okay story that drags for far too long, its most intresting concepts being meerly set up for later storylines.

  • Morrison's run continues with the emergence of the black glove, a rather boring secret soviety of super villains that unlike their successors (the court of owls) lack intresting dynamics with batman and his world. And a new romance that is so fast and poorly handled it reminds me of a drunken flash. Not to mention the horrid scene of batman basically killing Joe Chill nor bringing back obscure characters back into cannon just to kill them after turning them into stereotypes (har har the italian is fat)