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Grave Robbing 0

The StoryThe Lizard has returned! Things don't look good for Spidey and he has to deal with the loss of The Silver Sable.Meanwhile Billy Connors corpse gets stolen by a certain vampireThe GoodLet me start of by saying I am really enjoying Dan Slotts run on Spider-man. Here we are dealing with Peter thinking about Sable. I enjoyed this part as we see Peter deal with it and MJ reminds him that it is impossible for him to save everybody and let "no one die" when he is around. The art in this was ve...

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Meet the Avengers!!! 0

Nick Fury is searching for the 1959 Avengers. While the New Avengers battle and Mockingbird suffers from her fatal wound. The Cover This cover is very impressive, one of my favourite cover's in a while. The Good Bendis' writing here is very good, this is one of the best issue's in this series. Mike Deodato's art here is brilliant, it is very nice the way he lays the pages out and the dynamic of the shadows is so impressive. He really is one of Marvel's top artists. This issue is better than the ...

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Roll of Thunder 0

Thor is here, which leads up to next year's Avengers. The Good This is probly one of Marvels best movies. Asgard was amazing, the special effects and everything else was spectacular. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston deliever excellant performances along with the rest of the cast. The action with Frost Giants, Destroyer and Loki are very good. Thor in Midguard is fun with some funny scene's are very good. S.H.I.LE.D plays a large role in the film aswell.The easter eggs are very good, we have Ha...

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Excuse me sir, Have you seen my Head?? 0

Big Time part 2. Hobgoblin is back and it is someone new wearing the costume and trying to beat our hero!!   The Good This was a crazy issue. The writing and art are prefect for this issue. Lots of crazy action, Spider-Man and Black Cat team-up, Peter finally getting the job he always wanted and the one of the craziest things that happened to Roderk Kingsley. Peter and his magazine's  The Bad The art work a bit cartooney.  Overall Great issue was not expecting what happened on the opening pages...

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Spider-man V.s Cyborg Cowboy 0

The Conculsion to Spider-man 2099 origin, Spider-man fights Venture, will he live to see the next issue??The Good So we are on #3 now and it's pretty good. We see the end of Spidey's origin and see his battle with his new villian Venture.  The writing and art are great.. The cover is great, You think they would have used this for the cover of #1.  The last few pages of the fight scene's were done very well, seeing the inexperienced hero win the battle over the big, mature cyborg cow boy. The Bad...

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Hi I'm Spider-man 2099 and I will kick your ass!! 0

We continue with Spidey 2099 origin continues and we see some more Spider-man 2099 action, but Spider-man is challenged by a new villian: Venture. What will this mean for the new Spider-man?? The Good This issue was good, We saw action, drama and humour= Great issue:) The fight scene's were intense which added more tension to this great 2099 book. Now I was delighted to find out that Spider-man 2099 is Half-Irish!! Well I am from Ireland so when I grow up I'm going to be Spider-man!! The writing...

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A new dawn of the Spider 1

The Year is 2099 and there is a new hero: the Spider-man.  The year is 2099 things are much different but will are new hero save the day or die of the drug Rapture which evil CEO of Alchemax: Tyler Stone, the man who caused these events of making our new hero. The Good So we have a new futuristic hero after Spider-man, whats so great about him you ask?? Well I shall give you the answer you are caraving for. This new Spider-man is well written and drawn very well. We see his origin in this story ...

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To Hong Kong with a secret 0

The Story Max and John are planning a way to attack the Secret Avengers in day time to kidnap Sharon Carter The Good  This series continues to deliever every time.  1. The art and writing are fantastic. 2. The action and drama help to move the story along. 3. John Steele is one bad ass. 4. The battle scenes are so cool. 5. This is better than any other Avenger book around!! The Bad Where was Moon Knight?? He could have helped in the battle. Beast got taken out to easily and this is a black-ops t...

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Who is killing the spies?? 1

Marvel's spies are being targeted by a mysterious group. Will they die?? The Good  Since Hawkeye and Mockingbird sudden cancelation I have been very sad. So we have a four issue mini by the creative teams from Hawkeye and Mockingbird and Black Widow. Hawkeye and Mockingbird try to figure out who has commiting all these murders around the world with the help from Black Widow and Dominic Fortune. And the mysterious killer is a familar face: Ronin. Jim McCann and David Lopez make this issue so good...

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Are You For Hire??? 0

Heroes for Hire is back!!! Will this book and the new direction for the heroes work??? The Good This book is so cool. The team being assembled when needed is very good idea. It's a fast book which is good. The art and writing are excellant.  The Bad There was no real bad in this issue. My only probelm was is the Puppet Master really capiable of what he is doing but I have faith in DnA. Overall This was an excellant issue. I really enjoyed it but with this title's luck it could get cancelled in a...

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Whats his plan? 0

Norman Osborn is back. Since being in back in the Raft for the Siege of Asgard, Norman has alot of time on his hands. Waiting for his trail Norman is surrounded by his biggest fans. The Good  There is no real reason to read this but it kept me reading. We got to see some new vilians which was cool. Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote Norah Winters really well. The Bad With this being named Osborn he isn't doing anything really in this issue. Overall I enjoyed this issue. It sets things up but I can't see ...

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Time Travel has a new friend 0

Stan Lee is back with some new heroes. His second hero is The Traveler!!!  With Mark Waid on writing duties and Chad Hardin providing us with his great pencils.  The Story  The Traveler or as Kronus, who has to stop the split second men. He has to be careful not to effect the time-stream so that his future will happen. The Good  I really enjoyed this issue more than Solider Zero and Starborn. The writing and the pencils were very nice. This issue was very fast. The villians in it also seemed lik...

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Ficton no-more 1

Stan Lee's third hero has arrived. As we welcome our newest cosmic hero.The Story Benjamin Warner is man with a dream to get his novel published which is about an alien race. When Benjamin see's his girl from his dream's which he has known from his childhood he wonders why she is here. When his novel is rejected Benjamin can't see anything else only his boring job. But when the alien race from his book attack him and the girl from his dream's is a shape-shifter Benjamin realise's that his novel ...

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I want some Fireworks!!! 0

Things get crazy as Deadpool is made leader of the Secret Avengers for an important mission. The Good This issue has ton's of jokes which makes it brilliant. With Deadpool wanting Black Widow to sit on his lap but then Steve crushing his hopes was great. The art is just brilliant for Deadpool and Dr.Bong. Deadpool actully could work on the Sercet Avengers. And the fireworks were very nice.The Bad  The art on Steve, Black Widow and Moon Knight looked kinda funny. Overall I really enjoyed this iss...

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Would you like some Jelly beans? 0

The Story After winning a hot tub of jelly beans Homer finds out he can't have it in is garden. Furious at this Homer takes matters into his own hands run's for president of the community. With help from a new neighbour,Homer wins the election but is his new friend using him in order to make new property? The Good This was just nearly like the good old issue's. We had classic Simpson humour, everyone out to get Homer and of course the art by Phil Ortiz which made it feel like the eariler issue's...

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Hey kids meet your new Prinipal 0

Springfield elementry school has a new principal The Story With Superintedent Chalmers fired. Skinner gets promoted and the school welcomes a new principal. The Good This issue was good. The art was like the cartoon and the writing was also good. The jokes were good and we had a back-up tale written by Gail Simone which was a nice treat. The Bad Again it just isn't the cartoon. Some of the art looked off and there was room for improvement. Best line Homer: Flanders? What are you doing here? Flan...

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Big Time has begun  The Story Spider-man and the Avengers are out stopping Octo-bots. While the Sinister Six and Hobgoblin make their triumphant return. The Good Where do I start? This was a massive issue, we had great action and drama. The art and writing were brilliant. We get to see Peter get a new job and lose his apartment. We got to see some of the supporting characters return and not to mention the Sinister Six and Hobgoblin return which was great. The best part out of all of it was Spide...

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Daredevil No More? 0

Shadowland has come and gone now we see how the cast of Daredevil are coping and the start of Matt's road to redemption for his behaviour during Shadowland. The Story Hell's Kitchen comes to term's following the events of Shadowland.  The Good  If the main series was like these last few issue's of Daredevil then Shadowland would have been good. Marco Checchetto art suit's the mood of the story as he capture's the dark and gloomy tone of the book and his art would have suited Shadowland more than...

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End of a not so great series 2

Shadowland reaches its climax and the fate of Daredevil's life hangs in balance.The StoryThe final battle for DareDevils soul and only the street level heroes are left to save him. The Good   The art was good. It was nice seeing into DD's mind . The fight scene's between DD and Ghost Rider were good but they felt very short.  The Bad This could have turned the whole series around. Something spectacular should've happened at the end e.g. kill Dardevil or make him take kill some people. Alot of s...

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Hey dude you want to be a pop star??? 0

The Story Pop star known as Biff Westwood comes to Springfield for a concert ,only probelm is he is sick of being a popstar luckily for him Bart looks like him and as you can predict they switch place's. The Good The art was brillant it had the cartooonish feel and the writing was top notch. The cover was very nice. The story was really good and the jokes were funnier in these issue's in the 90's than the current one's. The Bad There was not really anything bad in this issue. It was such a good ...

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Back to the Furture Simpsons style 0

In this issue we learn how Homer stopped diease,Bart and Marge prevented a nuclear war and Lisa and Homer stopped global warming The Good This issue was alright. It was nice seeing how the Simpsons saved the world. Some of the gags were good and the cover was nice.  The Bad The story could have been alot better and the art. There was alot of improvements that should have happened like the art. It was actually a waste of paper (Sorry who ever wrote and drew this book) Overall What a bad issue thi...

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My God this town is UGLY!!! 0

This  time I am taking a break from reviewing the super-hero stuff and give the Simpsons a review The Story Springfield has been voted ugliest town in America thanks to Marge's sisters Patty and Selma. Feeling sorry for her sisters Marge gets a make-over that makes her look like her sisters. The Good  I love the Simpsons I watch them everyday at 6 o'clock so of course I was going to read the comics. It was a good story with some gags from Bart and Homer. The art gives the story the cartoonish fe...

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Reptil and Teen Romances 0

Story This issue follows Reptil who has just been voted class leader. Reptil now feels responisble for the claas as he thinks Quicksiler and Finesse are having an affair. We also get to see Humberto's (aka Reptil) emotional state following the torture he recived from Norman Osborn. At the end of the book we get to see Reptil talking to Jessica Jones helping him deal with what had happened to him. Good This book has been getting better month after month. We have learned about all the students now...

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Vegas is getting crazy!!! 0

The comic is set in Las vegas with Madrox and the gang looking for Pip the troll while trying to get Hela's attenion and end up fighting zombie vikings  The Good With Peter David's writing month after month it's a real joy coming back to this book. Each month he really makes this one of the best books on the shelfs. X-factor fighting on the cover against the zombies is not misleading we have some great fight scene's in this.The art is just great I cannot get enough of Lupacchino's art and he jus...

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New Avenger : Death of an Avenger 0

So here is the last chapter in this arc. The arc so far was ok the first three issues were good but then it went down hill. The New Avngers have sent Wolverine to the light dimsion to fight for the Eye in a final battle and at the end of it an Avenger dies   The Good The art was very good. The fight at the end where (SPOILER) Dr. Voodooo dies. The changing of Amagotto into differant characters was cool The Bad The very bright colours in the light dimsion it nearly hurt my eyes looking at it. Th...

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The Good  loved the art by Billy Tan, anyway the story starts with the Hand they talk about DD the story then moves to Bullseye who is in a cell on a plane. Minutes later he tells the guards about how the Sentry is coming back!(Don't worry he is not comicng back) He then goes into carbiac arrest so the guards let him but silly them he isn't in cardiac arrest and then kills them with a defibrillator (what away to kill someone. Now don't go kill someone that way kids.) He then kills the pilot and ...

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Avengers:The Childrens Crusade 1

The Good Well let me just say what a great issue this was. We had action at the start with the Young Avengers fighting the sons of the serpent. They fight and then Iron man, Ms.Marvel and Captain America which is Steve (There is a note at the start of the book how they got off to a late start on it).  Wiccan then does this magic stuff which puts the Sons of the Serpents in a coma.  Iron man then tells Wiccan about the Scarlet Witch. Cap,Iron manand Ms.Marvel then want to keep Wiccan for a few te...

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Hawkeye&Mockingbird 1

The Good   The issue had a great starting with a face-off between Hawkeye&Mocking and Phantom Rider against Crossfire and Phantom Rider who has taken over Jamie slade. The action was good when hawkeye was fighting Crossfire and using some trick arrows. The Bad The bad part for me was that some of it was a bit predictable in some ways when certain characters had bad things happen to them  The Best-moment The best moment for me was when Hawkeye takes Crossfire's cybernetic eye out. Overall It ...

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