Moon Knight: the TV series EP #14: Underworld War

The series start from where the last ended. Frenchie speeds into the rainy night to Marc’s mansion. Moon Knight rushes inside and finds a wounded Jack Russell still in pain from silver pointed bullets that is being pulled out of his body by Marlene. Moon Knight then asked Jack on what had happened to him and why his niece is involved. Panting from his excruciation, Jack told the group that he was on the run from the soldiers of the Committee, but he wasn’t the only one they were chasing but also his niece, Nina Price, who apparently also shares his gift. When he found out, he quickly searched for his niece and just in time as she was being taken by the Committee. He then saves her by transforming into a werewolf and taking out all her assailants. As they were escaping, they got separated and the Committee forced them to split up, with Jack being force to fight through the Committee while Nina is taken away to a van. As the Committee soldiers try subduing Jack, they got a message via radio to fall back and also said that they have what need. The soldiers retreat and flee as they leave an exhausted Jack; he lets out a deafening howl into the full moon sky as it starts to rain. He limps into the gate of Marc’s mansion and Jack tells him that this was how he got into his present predicament. As Jack was about to fall to unconsciousness from the lost of blood and fatigue, Moon Knight promises that he will bring back his niece to him. Moon Knight then had Marlene take care of Jack and told her to fetch a couple of blood bags in the freezer inside the Mooncopter hangar. Moon Knight then calls Frenchie to quickly fill up the Mooncopter with fuel because they’re going back in the air to look for Nina.

As the Mooncopter leaves a jet stream from its flight, Marlene looks on from the window and can’t seem to feel at ease and worry for the safety of Moon Knight. Meanwhile in the Mooncopter, Moon Knight had Frenchie look on to every visual spectrum to look for anything suspicious below the city. Frenchie picks up some heat signatures of people lying motionless. Moon Knight asked for a location and Frenchie replies that it is in a clinic just below them. Moon Knight descends down and bust the door open to see several incapacitated men that seems to have puncture wounds in the neck. He then finds a cowering man from the shadowed corner of the room with piss all over his pants and he started to question him on what had happened to Nina Price. The man spoke in as if seeing his own death in front of him, he tells Moon Knight that after he and his team did the Committee’s bidding, a doctor steps in and examines Nina in the strapped chair, where he also takes a liking on her and also commented on such a beautiful woman being wasted as a tool. Nina tries to struggle from her bindings but it is useless. The doctor the proceeded to extract blood from Nina, but as was this was going on, the lights went out and the soldiers’ locks up and prepare for an attack from what they think is either Moon Knight or the Werewolf. But every single one of them is being taken from the dark and all of the soldiers ended up turning pale as if their life force is taken from them. The attacker then goes in front of the surviving soldier and he aim at him but find himself that he cannot pull the trigger. He stares at his red molten eyes and then drops his weapon in fear. When Nina saw her apparent savior, she screams and faints. The attacker then grabs the doctor, who was hiding under the strapped chair, by the neck and slowly crushes his neck and he throws the carcass away. The attacker then pulled out the leather straps that binds Nina in the chair and carries her away. Moon Knight then leaves the Committee soldier and wonders on who could be Nina’s savior could be. As Moon Knight goes inside the Mooncopter, he asked Frenchie if anything has moved within the city that can be considered superhuman and Frenchie said that there haven’t been anything unusual going on in the streets. Moon Knight then commented that they maybe facing a new threat in their hands; he then hypothesize that Nina has been saved by a vampire.

In their new secret base, the Committee leaders are assessing the recent news that Nina Price has been taken away from them and they can’t identify the person that took her away. David Benson then appears and calls the attention of his superiors and told them that his spies have seen what they have been looking for and also added that it is a vampire. Some of the leaders shows concern about the situation and asked that Nina Price must be retrieved back immediately. They charge this mission to a subordinate and he takes his leave. David then asked the Committee leaders on the significance of the woman in question and even commented that she doesn’t even look like a mutant. They answered that Nina Price is gifted in terms that her whole physiology is unique. One of the leaders elaborated that the family of Jack Russell comes from a line of pure breed of humans whose DNA are recessive and has been known to adapt into any environment or stimuli, that is why they have been a known as the “catalyst”. When the Committer first encountered this, they thought that Jack Russell had potential but after being bitten by a wolf, they were unsure on his abilities but they tried it anyway but they found out that he was uncontrollable and they had to look for another candidate, which ended up being Nina Price. David then cut them off and said that because they fear the vampire will infect her and lose her purity that they needed her to be retrieved as soon as possible, to which all the Committee leaders agreed. David only smiled at the notion and takes his leave and told the leaders that he will join in the search for the catalyst.

As this was going on, Nina Price wakes up inside a non-functioning clock tower and she was greeted by a red-eyed man in the shadows. He offered him fruits for food, which Nina hesitantly accepted. Nina became curious to see the one who saved her but the man stayed in the shadows to keep her from seeing him in what he describes as a cruel fate. Nevertheless, Nina wanted to see him but what she saw startled her and made her scream as she saw her savior as a vampire and he responded with a wail of his own, agonizing for his image. In that moment Nina approached the vampire and asked him his name and he said that his name is Morbius. She then thanked him for saving her life, but he shrugged it off. He tells Nina that he didn’t save her because she was in danger, but because he sensed that she has a blood that he have never sense before. Nina then questioned Morbius for reason of saving her life and he tells her that he has been alone in the world for a long time, always being driven away from what he is. And those who are lucky enough to feel empathy to him are the ones who die and he always end up feeling regret within his heart. Some of those people even wanted to be bitten by him just be with him, but he resists to this because he explains that it will feel more of a curse than relief of being an immortal with a bloodlust. When he sensed Nina’s blood from afar, he thought to himself that he was tired of being alone and he will turn her into a fellow vampire and bride. Nina can help but feel both surprise and sympathize the brooding vampire, but there is also the fear for life because she knows that those evil men that took her away from her uncle are out there. Nina then slowly reaches out her hand into Morbius’ and tells him that she let herself be his companion and bride and reasons out that she could feel his inner anguish and that her whole family is also hunted down like animals for their gift and even the people that shelters them end up being hurt. She had always depended on the protection of her uncle but she fears that he maybe dead too, leaving her the only one left. She then bares herself in front of Morbius lets him bite her in the neck as she lies in the makeshift bed and screams in both agony and ecstasy.

Meanwhile, the Committee has spread its forces throughout the city in search for Nina Price. David Benson is also with them and had his own party look inside the buildings. When one member of the Committee quietly stumbles on the location of Nina and Morbius, who is still draining her of her blood. When he leans forward to get a better look, his radio rang up and this alerted Morbius on the intruder. The Committee member escapes quickly and radios to David that he found their target before being cut off and being followed with a scream. David then responded to all of the soldiers of the Committee converge on the last location from where the radio call was made. The Committee rushes into the clock tower as Morbius tries to fend off the Committee soldiers to keep them away from a weakened Nina Price. Knowing that he can defeat them all, Morbius block the entrance as he carries Nina and he jumps off the clock tower to escape, just in time as the Committee manage to get inside. David gives the order to give chase to Morbius. In the Mooncopter, Frenchie picks up a large number of vehicles that seems to be chase something, Moon Knight had the visual spectrum change from infrared to night vision, and they see what the is being chased; it seems to be a man carrying a woman that is traveling in superhuman speed. Moon Knight tells Frenchie that has to be Nina and the man who is carrying her is the vampire, they also chase them down. In Marc’s mansion, as Marlene is tending to Jack, he suddenly wakes up begins to transform into a Werewolf and bust through the window rushing towards the city. Marlene was perplexed on what happened and she quickly called Moon Knight on the situation. Moon Knight receives this and thinks that Jack will be going to Nina as well. Frenchie tells Moon Knight that they should stop this before it escalates into something that even he can’t handle.

As Morbius escapes, Nina is still in pain because of her transformation into a vampire. While David gives coordinated orders to the Committee soldiers to rout Morbius and trap them. Morbius was finally surrounded by the Committee and David Benson asked for the surrender of Nina Price into their custody. Morbius shouted out that he will not give her up and that he will fight for if he has to. David again politely asked to give Nina up because if he doesn’t, his men are well prepared against a creature of his nature. He elaborated that they are armed with hollowed bullets with liquefied garlic essence and that if he wishes to fight, they will kill him. Morbius begins to contemplate on his predicament when suddenly Moon Knight enters the fray and begins disarming the Committee soldiers. David then orders the other soldiers to kill Morbius and as they raise their weapon, Jack Russell as the Werewolf by Night pounces in and takes out the other Committee soldiers. Morbius then flees again and David calls the Committee to chase him, but he and his cohorts are pinned down by both Moon Knight and Jack. Moon Knight then calls Frenchie to follow Morbius as they deal with the Committee. David knew he was at a disadvantage now that he was facing Moon Knight and Jack as the Werewolf and tells the Committee to fall back and that he can have Nina Price. As the Committee retreats, Jack runs to the direction of Morbius with Moon Knight following him. Frenchie calls Moon Knight that the vampire has gone underground and Jack tracks Morbius and his niece under the sewers and looks for them. Morbius also sensed that they are being tracked by the Werewolf and Nina still in pain, tells Morbius not to hurt the Werewolf because he is her uncle. At last, Morbius the vampire and Jack Russell the Werewolf by Night meet in an open area in the sewers where they have stare down, snarling and hissing at each other to intimidate. The fight between the supernatural being commence and Moon Knight witness it all as he followed Jack and saves Nina, but he finds that she has turned into a vampire. As Jack is overpowering Morbius, he throws him into the corner and is about to lunges for the final blow, but Nina rushes in and pushed Morbius away to protect him and she in turn get in the receiving end of her uncle’s attack. All of them were horrified on what had happened, but not felt more regret than Jack would revert back into being a human. Morbius berated to Jack that for what he had done he lost someone that is precious to him but Jack tells him that he was only protecting her and that she was the only family he has left. As they grieve over their loss, Moon Knight felt that she is still alive and Nina’s vampiric body begins to transform under the full moon’s light. Her body begins to regress and takes the form of a white wolf. She then approaches her uncle and begins to lick his face as if recognizing him to be family but Jack was perplexed on what had happened, since he knew that if a werewolf bit a vampire or vice-versa, their supernatural physiology doesn’t mix and it will kill the one who was bitten. Moon Knight thinks that since Nina is more unique than Jack thought and her blood acted as a buffer to each of them, but since Morbius turned her into a vampire first, his bite could be the “other weight” on the balance in her physiology. Nina then spoke to Jack telepathically in her wolf form and said that she will join Morbius and that he doesn’t need to protect t her anymore and she has found sanctuary with him. Nina then goes to Morbius side transform back into vampire form and he takes off his cape and covered his bride and both flew into the moonlit sky. Moon Knight asks Jack if he was ok and also apologizes to him as he didn’t fulfill his promise. Jack tells Moon Knight that it was alright, he thought that Nina has become a grown woman and she can very well choose her own destiny.

At the city limits, an African-American man rides in his motorcycle heading towards the city and comments that Morbius will die and all of his kinds will follow him in grave. He fixes his sunglasses and goes off and proclaims that Blade the vampire hunter has come to town..


Moon Knight: the TV series EP #13: Fight, Knight, Fight!!

The series starts in a large basement parking lot below Chinatown. It is filled with people of different parts of life; from rich to poor, they all gather to the festivities of an unknown event. The people seems to be in a circle surrounding two-blood covered men breathing heavily as they lift themselves and prepare to clench their fist and ready to hit each other until one of them can no longer stand. It was an underground fight club that has been organized by the Chinese Triads where much gambling can be observed throughout the whole event. In the circle, a Chinese man has entered and prepares himself for the upcoming battle that awaits him. the people around cheers heavily for the man as it the announcer shout out his perfect record of fights since the first incarnation of the fight club. The announcer introduce him as the Master of Kung Fu,  Shang-Chi. As the crowd cheers on to their champion, Shang-Chi looks sharply outside the crowd and into an old, long-bearded chinese man who seems to be the facilitator of the fight club. But before he could glance more, Shang-Chi's opponent comes before him, a large muscular man of Italian decent. As the Italian roars to excite the crowd, Shang-Chi goes into a battle stance and readies himself as the Italian charges to attack. Shang-Chi then executes a gentle punch to the Italian's heart and he suddenly gets blown away across the circle and is knocked out instantly. As the crowd goes wild for Shang-Chi's victory, he simply ignores the people's comments to him and simply walks out. The old chinese man with a long beard looks on to Shang-Chi both proud and with disdain for he is revealed in a flashback that he is Shang-Chi's father and that Shang-Chi is the rightful heir to the triad leadership but he denies hisa own rite and has chosen a life outside the triads. Although he is obligated to stop his son event to the point of permanent elimination, he is still his father and loves him so. As he is reminiscing these memories, he was interrupted by his subordinate, who addresses him as Guan Yu. The subordinate reports to Guan Yu that the money they have collected from the fight that night was highly lucrative. Guan Yu lets him leave as the fight club was over and all the people begin to exit from the parking lot, little did they knew that they are watched over by a man with a burning fist in the shadows
Meanwhile, Moon Knight goes on to his night patrol alone when he was alerted by an explosion to a warehouse near chinatown. He goes there immediately via parkour and stumbles upon a lot pf chinese men armed with high caliber guns that aim at him. Moon Knight draws out his crescent dart but he was interrupted by another hero clad in green and wearing a yellow mask over his face and has a dragon tattoo in his chest. Being used to the superhero business, he recognized him as the Iron Fist, battling another triad member inside the warehouse and does a flying kick to him, throwing him outside. Moon Knight charges in as the triads begin to shoot at him . Moon Knight jumps overhead from behind and begins to brawl triads and beat them to a bloody pulp. As one triad was about to shot Moon Knight from the back, Iron Fist sees this and stops him. Moon Knight also stops a sniper from the warehouse rooftop from taking out Iron Fist by throwing a crescent dart to the sniper. As Moon Knight and Iron Fist stick their back at each other surveying the surrounding area for anymore triads who are trying to kill them. Suddenly a delivery truck comes careening down and was going to run over the two heroes. Iron Fist meditates himself and his fist begin to glow  brighter as time passes. As the truck was about to hit them, Iron Fist throws a punch using his glowing fist to the truck. The truck stops and flips over Iron Fist who is unhurt but visibly tired. Moon Knight helps him to his feet and they quickly escape just as soon the police arrives and starts arresting the triads. As the two heroes catch their breathe, they introduce themselves to each other. Moon Knight then ask Iron Fist on what was he doing with getting involved with the triads. Iron Fist told him that since the Kingpin's incarceration thanks to him and Daredevil (refer to EP#9), he has not been able to hold on to his power over organized crime all over the east coast and many ethnic gang are now vying to be the next top gang; The Japanese Yakuza, the Italian and Russian Mafia, the Columbian Cartel and the Chinese Triad, who are recently becoming more and more powerful because of so many money coming to them. He discovered that the Triads are conducting underground fight clubs that works like cockfight to further finance their power over the other gangs. Iron Fist also explains that he has entered the fight club to stop the triads from the inside, but he needs help from someone who knows the triads better, and so he is looking on to one of the triad leader's son, Shang-Chi, but he does not want anyone helping him take down the triad. Moon Knight understands this and tells Iron Fist that he will also enter the fight club to help him further his plan with or without Shang-Chi's help. Iron Fist agreed to this plan  and both take their leave.
Shang-Chi was training for his next fight when he was paid a visit by Iron Fist and again offered him to help bring down the triads. Shang-Chi angrily refuse and said that he will do it on his own. Iron Fist argued that he will be facing the triad gang and they won't  hold back just because he is the son of their leader. Shang-Chi answered that he is open for the challenge and he is glad that they wont hold back. Iron Fist said that he will still stop the triads whether he helps him or not. Iron Fist leaves and Shang-Chi continues to train, without him knowing that he was being observed by a triad spy.
A couple of night later, Iron Fist officially enters the fight club tournament as himself to intimidate the triads and to go on to his plan of breaking down the triads. As he surveys the other fighters, he meets up with Moon Knight as Marc Spector. Iron Fist then tells Marc that he plans both of them will win through the tournament and then destroy the triads. Marc ask about Shang-Chi and Iron Fist said that he is still working on it. As the organizer tells Marc that he will be on the next fight, Marc tells Iron Fist watch and be amazed on his fight. As Marc fights on, he beats up his opponent mercilessly until he lost four of his teeth, broke his nose in three places and finally submits. Iron Fist congratulates Marc for his win but wasn't much impress of the fight. As Iron Fist and Marc fight their way to the fight club tournament, they have both caught Guan Yu's attention. A subordinate under Guan Yu tells him that Iron Fist was the one who destroyed their armory along with a "white-costumed superhero" and has been in contact  with his son. Another subordinate suggest that they take care of Iron Fist, but Guan Yu decided against this and said that he has a plan for all of them. As this was going on, Marc sees Shang-Chi and approaches him, and they talked about talked about the same discussion Shang-Chi had with Iron Fist. Shang-Chi still persisted that he will stop the triads on his own. Marc acknowledges this but he told Shang-Chi that unlike Iron Fist is willing to kill his father if he has to. Shang-Chi felt shaken when he heard what Marc said, so he simply walk away for his fight.
For the finals in the fight club tournament, that battle was between Marc Spector and Iron Fist and whoever wins that fight will face Shang-Chi. As more people bet on who will come out victorious, Marc prepares for his upcoming fight. Marc was then visited by half a dozen triads on orders by Guan Yu to eliminate him from the finals. Little did they knew that Marc has packed his Moon Knight costume with him. As the triads attack Marc, they all fall one by one to his superior fighting skills. As he defeats the last triad, Marc unloads the contents on his bag, suits up and goes above ground and set up explosives directly below where the fight club tournament is being held. Meanwhile, when Marc did not show up for his fight against Iron Fist, he was disqualified by forfeit. As this was going on, Guan Yu was visited by a subordinate, expecting the news of Marc's demise. But in contrast, the subordinate tells Guan Yu that the men he sent for Marc are all incapacitated and a crescent dart was found lodged in a wall. Iron Fist sees Guan Yu and the subordinate talking and also noticed the crescent dart he was holding. This made him realized that Marc is safe. Iron Fist waits for Shang-Chi, who has now arrived for the final battle. But before the battle could commence, Guan Yu suddenly announce that the final battle will be to the death. This surprised both competitors , but it only provoked the audience to make larger bets on who will win. The final fight begins with neither Iron Fist nor Shang-Chi gaining the advantage and as the battle rages on with none of them backing down. But when Guan Yu discreetly ordered a triad to kill Iron Fist, Moon Knight activated the explosives above ground and the roof of the fight club collapses and everything turn into chaos. As control over the the fight club deteriorates, Guan Yu angrily orders the death of Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, who Guan Yu thinks is involved with the attack. Moon Knight drops down the underground parking lot and saved both Iron Fist and Shang-Chi by covering them with his cape and they all take cover on a parking lot column. As the triads continue firing at the heroes, Moon Knight throws multiple crescent darts at their hands, disarming them of their weapons. It was then that Moon Knight, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi engage in a melee against the whole triad gang. When Guan Yu tries to escape, Shang-Chi goes after him and subdues him. Shang-Chi seems to be holding back conflicted on whether he should kill his father for trying to kill him. When Moon Knight and Iron Fist arrived where Shang-Chi is holding his father, Moon Knight asked him on what he values more, Vengeance or Justice. After much contemplation and with the police sirens getting louder, Shang-Chi released his father and tied him up himself along with the rest of the triads.
As Shang-Chi reflects on his past actions and asking himself if he did the right thing, Moon Knight tells him that from this time on, he will face more evil in the world than he can imagine and he must be ready for it, he must be ready to be a hero. Iron Fist agreed to this and that he will help Shang-Chi in his new path of being a hero. As they seal their friendship with each other, Moon Knight sees he ride, the mooncopter, and takes his leave. When Moon Knight goes inside the mooncopter, he is greeted by urgent news from Frenchie. He told Moon Knight that Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night, has contacted them and says that he needs his help badly, and it involves his niece, Nina Price.


Moon Knight: the TV series EP #12: Justice and Punishment

The series starts in a small town where Jack Monroe, (for who don’t know him, go see EP #6), starting his day in his job as a pizza cook and delivery guy. He seems to be loved by the people of the community, as he helps those who are in need and seems to be happy with his life as he is in a relationship. Little did he know that the Scourge of the Underworld has not forgotten him and observing him at a clear distance. A couple of weeks go by and Jack’s boss tells him that he has a phone call. Thinking it’s his girlfriend, who is always reminding about their first anniversary, he takes it, but all that he hears is a man’s deep breathing and a voice telling him that “Justice will be serve”. This left Jack visibly shaken and he began to sweat profusely and he is being noticed by coworkers and asked him if he is alright. As his coworkers are trying to comfort him, Jack sees a figure across the street a white clad suit wearing man with a skull mask pointing at him, before disappearing within the crowd. Jack storms off the pizza parlor going to his apartment. Meanwhile, Jack’s girlfriend is seen going to his apartment, where the Scourge is observing in a rooftop across the street. As Jack rushes to his apartment, he locks the door and is surprised to see that his girlfriend is inside, who is also surprise that he is out of work early as she is preparing their anniversary dinner. Trembling even more, Jack tells his girlfriend that they needed to leave, but his girlfriend is asking why, and also begins to be afraid. Suddenly there was a heavy knocking on the door that almost dislodges the lock from the wall and shots were fired into the door to pry it open. The scared couple then hides in the closet, where Jack to his girlfriend to lay silent. As the Scourge enters the room look for Jack and neighbors calls the police for a suspected breaking and entering, Jack then whispers to his girlfriend that if anything should happen to him, she should call the number in the paper he gave him and find Jake Lockley. His girlfriend begins to cry and tells him that she didn’t want to lose him. As this was going on, the Scourge’s fist burst through the door and grabs Jack by his shirt and forcefully pulls him out of the closet and throws him across the room. The Scourge then points his sub-machine gun to Jack’s girlfriend and says to that Justice must be serve. But he was tackled by Jack and tries to overpower him, but he was pin into submission and is knocked out. The Scourge then drags Jack’s body outside as his girlfriend breaks down in tears, helpless in her situation. As the Scourge loads up Jack’s body in a van at an alley, he notices that someone has been observing him, a tall man wearing a trench coat that he sweeps away to reveal a gun in a holster. The Scourge then tells the man his catchphrase, “Justice is…”, but he gets cut off by the man and tells the Scourge, “No, this is Punishment”. The man then opens up his trench coat to reveal a wide array of guns and a skull emblem in his shirt; it is none other than the Punisher. The Punisher draws his guns and starts firing at the Scourge, but he manages to get in the van and drive off in a hail of bullets and he gets away. Before the police arrive, the Punisher manage to get the plate number of the van and he also sees that it’s from New York, so the Punisher heads out on a new mission to punish the bad guys.

Meanwhile in at his business headquarters, SpectorCorp, Marc Spector as Steven Grant is having a talk with the Committee’s liaison in his firm, David Benson about the current status of their respective affiliated relations. David hands Steven a copy of a proposed merger between SpectorCorp and the Committee, but with the knowledge of their nefarious schemes, Steven turned him down. David has commented that he has turned down his offer numerous times; he even implied that it has been hard for businesses like to stay afloat for being independent without having help from other business firms. But Steven just told David that he wants his firm to be independent and clean, and that his business is booming. David asks Steven about what he meant about his company being clean, but Steven said that it was nothing. David then begins to doubt if he knew anything about the underground activities of the Committee or is he still holding a grudge against him because of what happened in the past (see EP #9). Steven’s phone rang and it’s his secretary, she told him that he has an important call from his friend, Frenchie. Steven said that he will take the call and excuses himself. As David leaves, he calls someone and tells the receiver of the call that they may have a problem. In his office, Steven change back to Marc and takes the call from Frenchie. Frenchie tells Marc that someone just called and she said that if anything happened to Jack, she should call Jake, which happens to be another personality of Marc. Marc was trying to remember which Jack was Frenchie was talking about and he reminded him that he was the guy they helped against the Scourge of the Underworld. Marc then has a flashback on what had happened that night when he fought the Scourge, and he told Frenchie that he will be right there in half hour. Frenchie asks for Marlene’s help as they both go down at the lair where Moon Knight’s arsenal is kept, he uses the computer to triangulate the location of where the call was made, where it shows an address in a small town in New Jersey. As this was going on, the Punisher has arrived in in search of the Scourge and his captive.

Marc has arrived in his mansion and asks Frenchie on what he had found out and he presented him with a paper with the record of the call made from a payphone in . They headed there and began to ask the locals on any information about anything that had happened. As the men goes around town, Marlene notices a woman in the back alley that looks traumatize from something. Curious, Marlene approached the woman and she was repeatedly describing the person that took away her love, a description that exactly identifies the Scourge. Marlene comforts the woman and tells the guys that she may have found Jack’s girlfriend. All of them head back to Marc’s mansion and inside Marc’s room where Khonshu’s statue is held, Marc tries to call upon the powers of his patron and for him to find out what really happened to Jack by having his personalities go to the woman’s mind with Marc as a vessel to go through. Frenchie ask Marc on where he learned this, which he replied that he hasn’t done it before but it was a process that the clergy of Khonshu’s followers use to find the truth in a crime. As the two personalities explore the woman’s mind, the find the memory where they see Jack and the Scourge. Marc sees these like a flashback and recognized that the Scourge that took Jack away is the same one that took out the Scourge he was fighting in the past. After the ritual, Marc asks Marlene to take care of Jack’s girlfriend and nurse her back to health. Frenchie asks him how did he recognize that Scourge to be the same, Marc says that he could never forget those apathetic eyes that mercilessly kills his own to protect their secrets. Now that they know who took Jack, the questions still lingers in all of them, where was Jack taken. Marc could only suspect that he could be killed since he was originally the only that survived from a crime that he had committed with 5 other robbers. But they deduce the only way to take out the Scourge is to draw him out. Since Moon Knight aided in Jack’s escape, he could be a potential target of the Scourge, thus the plan is formulated; Moon Knight will do what he does, until the Scourge will present itself. As this was going on, the Punisher has arrived in and begins to beat out simple lowlifes to villains for information regarding the Scourge, but his trail on the villain killer is still cold. Little did he know that what he is looking for is closer that he would realize.

In a mysterious darkened room, Jack is tied up into a chair, his eyes forcefully opened up and he is surrounded by many Scourge of the Underworld, all uttering the phrase, “Justice must be served, justice will be served”. He is shown a video of different clips of heroes fighting and defeating villains. The narrator of the video states that heroes shouldn’t call themselves heroes because they let the villains be handed over to the authorities just to escape again and again, while the villains run amok and goes on to do malicious acts that can only be returned through justice. It is shown that the Scourge is not just villain killer but is a fraternity of villain killers bent on eradicating all villains and all those who directly or indirectly aid any villain. The narrator then puts his attention to Jack and told him that he had survived an execution from the Scourge, and now he is worthy to become one of them. Jack then realized that he is being brainwashed into becoming a Scourge. Jack screams for help and tries to break free but it was no use, as he struggles, but no one can hear him and the bind just become tighter. It took more that a month until the brainwashing takes atoll to his mind and eventually, he gives in and shouts from his chair that Justice will be serve. He is now ready to take out his first villain and the other Scourge gives him a Scourge uniform and a sub-machine gun and skull mask and is given the first assignment of killing both Moon Knight for his intervention in the past and the Punisher for his brutal way of serving justice.

As Moon Knight was patrolling the city, he radioed Frenchie if he was seeing anything in the Mooncpoter’s tracking system for any signs of the Scourge, but he replied that nothing has come up. But he didn’t know that Moon Knight is already being track by the Scourge, who is in an empty high-rise building holding his sniper rifle, aiming for his head, ready to fire. Before he could pull the trigger though, the Punisher is already behind him pointing his own gun at the back of his head. But again, before the Punisher could kill the Scourge with the rifle, another Scourge barges in the room and open fire at him. The Punisher was able to evade as well as the sniper Scourge, but the bullets come flying to the glass window, shattering it and creating a commotion in the area. It was instantly noticed by Frenchie and he immediately calls Moon Knight and he called him back to pick him up and head for the said location. A firefight has already begun between the 2 Scourge and the Punisher. When the Scourges begin to surround the Punisher, he prepares for what he thinks will be his last stand. But Moon Knight crashes in the window and quickly throws his crescent dart towards the 2 Scourge. One gets wounded while the other escapes to the rooftop. As Moon Knight restrains the wounded Scourge before he could pick up his gun, he anticipated the bomb vest that begins to tick away. He rips it out of the Scourge’s suit and throws it outside. Meanwhile, the Punisher gives chase to the escaping Scourge. In the rooftop helipad and nowhere to go, the Scourge is shun by the Mooncopter and the Punisher then arrives, ready to kill him. The Scourge begins to walk towards the edge of the rooftop helipad and jumps out of the building, but not before the Punisher puts a bullet in his head. As the Scourge’s body drops to the ground, it explodes in the middle air, shattering the building windows. Moon Knight then tries to rip out the skull mask that he is wearing but the Scourge resist this. Frenchie lands the Mooncopter in the helipad while the Punisher goes back to Moon Knight. When he was able to take off the mask, he was surprised to see it was Jack, who is screaming that justice must be serve. The Punisher enters the room and locks up his gun and points it in towards Jack, but he was stop by Moon Knight. The Punisher scolded Moon Knight for what he was doing and that Jack is a Scourge, therefore he must die. Moon Knight argued that he is just a kid that was brainwashed and that being he is the Punisher, Moon Knight questions him the difference between himself and the Scourge. Punisher then lowers his gun and began to think hard about the question that Moon Knight has given him. Frenchie then arrives and was ask to help him with Jack and that they are leaving.

The Mooncopter arrived in the mansion, where Moon Knight and Frenchie brought Jack before the statue of Khonshu. Marlene sees this and asks what was going on; Moon Knight then said that he going to ask Khonshu to heal Jack’s mind by putting a year’s worth of psychological therapy inside his head, as he puts it. Marlene asks if she should inform Jack girlfriend about his arrival, but Frenchie replied that it would unwise to do so because Jack has to have a full recovery first since he was greatly influenced by the Scourge’s brainwashing. Marlene then leaves the room and Moon Knight begins to go through Jack’s mind and with the help of his other personalities, they begin to purge the Scourge’s brainwashing by fighting the Scourge as it manifested itself inside Jack’s mind. As the process takes time, it also wears down Moon Knight and his psyche begins to be affected, but he nevertheless prevails. The ritual is over and Moon Knight commented that what the Scourge did to him was extreme. Frenchie carried Jack to the guest room to give him some rest. Marlene told Jack’s girlfriend that her friends found Jack and that he is resting in the guest room. Hearing this, she quickly came to Jack’s side and never left him until he woke up. When the couple was about to leave, Jack again thank Marc and his friends for what he has done and that he is forever in debt to them. Later that night as Moon Knight is roaming the alleys; he was confronted by the Punisher and he told Moon Knight that was right about one thing; he and the Scourge are both killers, but he still knows the difference between right and wrong, while the Scourge only knows what they think is right in the most extreme way. Moon Knight acknowledges this and thinks that the Punisher can be a hero after all, but he told him that its already too late for him.


Moon Knight: the TV series EP#11: Symbiotic Relations

The series starts when a man is seen panicking and running away from what seems to be a squad of Sentry guards (note that this is not Robert Reynolds), soldiers wearing armors that are capable of flight and armed with weapons. They are also being lead by the one calling himself the Bailiff (blog-created character), who is monitoring the Sentry guards activities through a surveillance truck. The pursued man begins to talk to himself about not using his "powers" and how much trouble they were getting into because of his use of it. The Sentry guards begins to routed him towards a corner in an empty block and with no way out, he tries to defend himself by fighting his way back to escape. But he was easily overpowered by the majority of Sentry guards pinning him down. As one of the Sentry guards radioed in that they have captured the suspect, the Bailiff replies that he is on his way to escort the man himself. As this was happening, the man begins to speak to himself again that he even though his powers are not permitted by these people, he has a responsibility to use it for good, and so again tells himself that he can "come out" and defeat them but not kill them. The Bailiff then hears the Sentry guard he was talking to screams in pain while panic, gunfire and more screaming with a distinct alien-like wail is heard in the background. When the Bailiff arrived in the location where the suspect was captured, he sees all of the Sentry guards badly beaten, some of them half dead. He then sees the suspect in the rooftop and they have a stare down, as the Bailiff is about to draw his weapon, the suspect jumps out of his range and begins to "web swing" to safety. The surveillance team contacts the Bailiff on the status of the suspect and he replied that he will need a medical team for the wounded Sentry guards, a cleanup crew for the mess and also reported that the suspect is still at large.

Meanwhile in Spector Manor, Marc is in his room meditating and seeking counsel with his patron god, Khonshu. He tells Marc that he's sensing a tortured soul that is much like him is hiding an entity, although he cannot discern if it another avatar or a person holding a degree of power. With nothing much of a name to start to, Marc goes to become Jake Lockley and rides out to his cab. Before going, Frenchie asked on what he was going to do and Marc replied that he was looking for another one who is like him. Frenchie sarcastically ask if this guys is a lunatic and Marc replied that he doesn't know and even it was the case, they could turn the mansion into a nuthouse. Jake then drives into the diner where he gets information on what's going down on the streets like planned heist to low-level supervillain activities. He then asked around on anything that was happening in the neighborhood, the waitress tells him about what she saw 2 nights ago, when some guy that was being chased down by these "supercops" who really wants him to be captured. Next thing she saw was the guy became a monster and started to lash out to the supercops before escaping, by webswinging. She even wondered if Spider-Man is really a monster under his mask. Jake asks the waitress on where this "Spider-Man" swung to, and she said that he headed towards Yancy Street. Jake then drives through Yancy Street and surveys the block and sees a man who is talking to himself. He then ask the man as if for direction and the man replied that he doesn't know the place. Jake then told him that he was looking for a man who beaten up a lot of guys before webswinging to escape. The man then warned Jake to leave him alone, but Jake tells him that he was there to help him before running off. Jake then runs off to give chase and the man runs off to a wall and begin to wallcrawl towards the roof. Jake finds a scaffolding and begins to climb and swing upwards to get close but the man is very agile for his bum-like appearance. Jake is still hot on the man's heels and the man stops and thought he had enough of running and transforms himself into Toxin and begins to fight Jake. Out of costume and can't call on his patron's intervention through going Fist of Khonshu because of the broad daylight, Jake is at a receiving end of punches and slashes from the symbiote clad fighter. Jake wonders if this is what Khonshu is talking about, one things for sure is that he is not an avatar of any god, but he uses some kind of suit that is somehow alive. Toxin is about to win the fight, but Jake countered his punch and used his force to fall into the parked car below. When the car's alarm was activated, Toxin wails in agony as the noise is hurting him extremely and symbiote receded back into the man's body. Jake is also alright and lands a knockout punch to him, puts him in his cab and drives back home for some interrogation.

Meanwhile, the Bailiff reports back to his superior, appropriately named the Judge, where he evaluated the report done about the failed apprehension of the possessor of the alien symbiote. the Judge scolded the Bailiff on his inferior leadership and warned him that such failure cannot be tolerated if justice is to be enforce. Bailiff then ask for another chance and this time, he asked the Judge that he will fight the symbiote even if it means to the death. The Bailiff then begins to tell his purpose on why he joined the Jury. He was a simple man who is with a relationship with a woman and very much happy with each other and they just announced that they are getting married. One night after they had dinner, they were on there way home when they were suddenly attacked by Carnage. the Bailiff tried to defend his fiance, but is clearly no match against him. He was then wounded severely but not fatally, so that he could see Carnage overwhelm his fiance with the symbiote, not just suffocating her but also entering her body including her brain. Suddenly, Black Cat goes in and severed the link between the woman and Carnage and he begin to fight the superheroine. The Bailiff then crawls to his unconscious loved one and tries to revive her. Carnage then felt strange within himself and voices out his disdain about it (indicating his "pregnancy" of Toxin) and quickly left the scene. Black Cat then helps the unfortunate couple to the hospital and as soon as she help them, she disappeared. A couple of weeks later, the Bailiff makes into recovery, but his fiance has succumb into a coma because of the small traces of Carnage's symbiote residue found on her brain. The doctors tell him that it is far too risky to operate and get rid of the symbiote because it might kill her. Guilt-ridden about what happen to his love one, he vowed to hunt down and kill all symbiotes in the world. He then devoted himself into trying to find out who possess a symbiote and eliminating them, which was notice by a member of the Jury and recruited him into the group, that was organize for the same purpose as the Bailiff's conviction. The Bailiff joined on the condition that the Jury will help him find a way to revive his future wife. The Judge was more or less impress about his speech that he gave the Bailiff another chance and even gave him a new batch of properly armed Sentry guards that carries a set of sonic based weapons so that he is ready for the final fight against his sworn enemies.

In the mansion, the man who fought Jake Lockley in Yancy Street just woke up bound in chains and in front is Marc, Frenchie and Marlene. Marc first asked the man what is his name, but the man is getting angry and demanded to be released at once. Marc told he is not going anywhere until they find answers. The man then begins to change to Toxin and breaks off the chain and lunges to Marc. Marlene was squinting in fear, but Marc let Frenchie press a button that activates a high frequency sound that is unheard by the human ear. The sound made Toxin collapse in pain and beg them to stop as it feels like nails in a chalkboard. Frenchie stops it and Marc asked Toxin if he is now willing to cooperate. Toxin receded back to the man's body and he tells them that his name is Patrick Mulligan, a former cop that now possess the alien symbiote they just saw, and that it's name is Toxin. Inside Patrick's head, Toxin is complaining about how it was introduce to his new friends, and Patrick told it that they are not his friends and besides that, how does he know if the symbiote is a female or male. Marlene asked Frenchie on why is Patrick is talking to himself and he replied that maybev that's a side effect of having that kind of powers. Patrick then apologize to them for looking like a schizophrenic and explains to them that his costume is actually a living alien that needs a human host to survive. Marc then ask why don't he get rid of the alien, Patrick told him that he was given this power as both a gift and a curse; a gift in a form that he could now help people much like any other superhero flying around the city.and a curse that he had to he had to walk out from his wife and young son to be a hero and not risk getting them involved. Marlene was touched by Patrick's story that she almost seems emphatic about it, given the fact his story is almost the same as Marc's. Frenchie then asked how he got the alien costume and Patrick told them that he was about to arrest Carnage, seeing him after the assault of a couple and fleeing the scene after a skirmish with Black Cat (implying that he witness the Bailiff and his fiance being attacked).Patrick followed Carnage and saw him in agonizing pain and giving birth to another symbiote and that same symbiote crawl towards Patrick and entered inside him. Carnage then saw Patrick and tried to kill him but cannot do so because he was too weak from giving birth. Patrick runs away from Carnage, thinking that he is safe he goes back to his family, little did he knew that symbiotes can track their kin anywhere. Two weeks later, Carnage was able to track down Patrick's home and begins to attack the family looking for his offspring. Patrick tries to defend his family but even bullets can't kill him, but Carnage wounded him the same he did to the Bailiff and is about to do the same thing he did to his fiance as he will to Patrick's wife. In that instance, Patrick was able to trigger a transformation that changed him into Toxin and attacks Carnage. Amazed that his offspring matured faster than he anticipated, Carnage is defeated by Toxin but was able to get away. Toxin may have save his wife, but when she saw him, she is horrified and screams in fear. Trying to comfort her, Toxin tries to approach her, but his wife distance away. Toxin sees himself in the mirror and realized that he has become a monster and runs away. Feeling depressed about what his wife's expression when she saw him, Patrick contemplated about suicide almost did it by getting run over by a train, but at the last moment, Toxin intervened and saved Patrick and for the first time, it spoke to Patrick. It tells him that he maybe new in this world but he wants to live and that he is being selfish about the issue of a sudden change in his life. Patrick saw the error of his ways and thought that the symbiote is just like an accidental baby, it didn't want to be born but that doesn't change that fact that it has the right to live. So Patrick committed himself to a life of a superhero in order to protect the city and most especially his family he left behind. Marlene was ever so moved by Patrick's origins that it made her cry, while Marc resumes the interrogation and asked him who was chasing him down many nights ago. Patrick told him that he doesn't know much about them except they call themselves the Jury and are dedicated to eliminate any alien they think is a threat to the planet, which is subtly saying all aliens in the planet should be killed. Marc begins to think about a resolution about the situation, within his subconscious his other personalities are having a debate on what to do with Patrick/Toxin. Steven Grant propose that they should give him up to the Jury and done with it while Jake Lockley oppose to these saying that he is hero just like they are, but Khonshu silenced them and said that they should let Marc decide. And with that Marc told Patrick that he has a plan for him.

In the next couple of nights, the Sentry guards begins to patrol the city for the hunt for Toxin, but all trails ends with nothing. As the Bailiff was leading the Sentry guards he was contacted by Toxin personally and challenges him in single combat to the death in a warehouse along the pier where he will wait for him for the next hour. The Bailiff's second-in-command tried to shoot Toxin but he is stop by the Bailiff who accepts the challenge. Toxin takes his leave and headed straight to the docks and the symbiote asked him why he didn't killed the Bailiff on the spot and Patrick replied that he asked him not just as an enemy but as a gentleman and the fact that the symbiote will ultimately be killed because of the Sentry guards behind the Bailiff are armed with sonic-based weapons, Toxin noted his observation and thanked him for it. Patrick also thanked the symbiote for giving him the opportunity to be more than a servant to the public, and the symbiote voiced out its "feelings" for its host for providing himself as his own as it thinks that it cannot survived without him. The Sentry guards questions the Bailiff's actions on his acceptance on Toxin's challenge and that they should report this back to the Judge to which the Bailiff stops him and told him that this goes off the record. the Bailiff then called all his troops and had them assembled to tell them that the plan is if anything goes wrong and he is defeated, they are to engaged the alien without quarter and orders them to move out. All the while this is happening, Moon Knight is listening on a long range acoustic device installed on the stealth Mooncopter and tells Frenchie that his suspicions were right and had him piloted to head to the warehouse. As the Jury's vehicles drove towards, Toxin is waiting inside and tells his Patrick that they have arrived, and in the shadows, Moon Knight stands vigilantly to interfere with the impending deathmatch that is about to begin. The Bailiff enters the warehouse and walks inside to confront Toxin and they both have a long silent stare down at each other, with the Bailiff looking at the windows seeing his Sentry guards moving into position for the contingency plan. In a flash of a second, the Bailiff draws his sonic gun readily aimed at Toxin but he was able to evade it completely and was able to shoot his webbing to the gun and quickly disarmed him. The fight rages on until Toxin lunges in to attack but the Bailiff has a secret weapon, a sonic knife that he used to slash him in the abdomen. It was this time that Toxin begins to change and becomes large and his symbiote teeth begins to break away from his mouth. With the size and additional strength advantage that Toxin gained, the Bailiff is clearly lossing the fight and mabe his life, so he radioed his secon-in-command and told him to attack now. As they got their orders, the Sentry guards burst out from the outside and quickly surrounded Toxin. As his subordinates are helping him on his feet, the Bailiff tells Toxin that he can be honorable, but when he is out for revenge for his fiance, he is out for blood. The Bailiff then orders for the execution and the Sentry guards begin to fire at Toxin with weapons that fire concentrated forms of sound that is too high for the human ear to hear which tremendously weakens Toxin, reverting his monstrous form into his humanoid form and risk revealing his identity as a human. It is this time that Moon Knight throws multiple crescent darts to the Sentry guard's weapons which blew up in thier hands and as Moon Knight lands from the ceiling, he takes out some of the guards and takes a stand beside Toxin. As Patrick begins to recuperate from the sonic blast he also felt when possessed by Toxin, Moon Knight begins to engage the Sentry guards and begins to take them down one by one.

When the Bailiff realized that they are at the losing end of the battle, he ordered the retreat but thier exit was blocked by Toxin. He tells the Bailiff that his fight with him is not over, and he accepts this and added that it doesn't matter if he die tonight, just as long as he fought and killed the one responsible for his fiance condition and that they will eventually meet in the otherside. Toxin then realized that his "father" is the one responsible for the Bailiff's fiance's predicament since he remember that he was about to come out of his father, he sees Carnage smothering a woman. He tells this to Patrick and in turn tells this to the Bailiff, but he doesn't believe him. Seeing no other choice, Patrick told the symbiote to let him out of the costume to prove that he is telling the truth. Having pure trust with his host and telling him that he will come back and take him down if the Bailiff ever hurt him, the symbiote oblige and Toxin returns to human form. The Bailiff is suprise to see this and Patrick tells him that he can help bring back his fiance with the use of his costume. The second-in-command tries to plead with the Bailiff that this is only a trick orchestrated by the enemy and that he should kill him. Seemingly in conflict within himself, the Bailiff then make a choice and said that he joined the Jury to find a way to revive his fiance and did so, ironically from the one he thought to be enemy, and with that he accepted Patrick's help. Feeling that the Bailiff has been influence by the enemy and have given up thier cause, the secon-in-command took over leadership and ordered that must kill the Bailiff. Just as the Sentry guards were about to kill Toxin and the Bailiff, Moon Knight jumps in and saved them, then calls Frenchie for a pick up in the Mooncopter. Moon Knight, Toxin and the Bailiff are on board safely and he had Frenchie directed the Mooncopter to the hospital where the Bailiff's fiance is still in a coma. When the three of them snuck inside the intensive care unit where the Bailiff's fiance is confined, Patrick had the symbiote enter his fiance's body to cleanse the Carnage symbiote from her body, with the Bailiff's weapon in his back, so Patrick won't do anything funny. Inside her body, the Toxin symbiote is fighting the Carnage symbiote and easily absorb the parent symbiote. Toxin came back to Patrick's body, and minutes later, the Bailiff's fiance finally wakes up from her slumber that almost took forever. The Bailiff cried in his knees and kissed his fiance out of pure love and thanked Moon Knight and Toxin for their help. Toxin commented to Moon Knight that they make a pretty good team and that they should do this more, but Moon Knight tells him that he's already have a team, but doesn't mind giving a helping hand if ever he needs it. As Moon Knight jumps out to the Mooncopter and Toxin webswing outside, they didn't know that the Bailiff's fiance just began to manifest her own mutated symbiote from her body that is colored yellow..


Moon Knight: the TV series EP#10: Demoonized

The series starts when 6 thugs were coming from a recent mugging and they were being chased by cops in the area. They go on and hide on a closed section of the subway. One of the thugs, Jason, was visibly nervous of the dark and damp underground, and he a reason for his fear of the place. He told the story of the abandoned subway section before it was closed, the section was a secret meeting place of satanic occultist who wants to take over the city by calling on to demons and giving them power. They would gather animals that may have been bought or stray animals, even stealing pets from people strolling in Central Park. When their sacrifice was done and no demon comes out from their ritual circle, they hypothesized that the demons demanded more sacrifice, these occultist were desperate and started to kidnap people, from homeless bums to local children from playgrounds and schools. When the investigation of the police lead them to the section of the subway the group of thugs was currently staying, the police launched a raid to the occultist's ongoing ritual. A massive shoot out then occur where many of the occultist were killed. But they were too late as the police were not able to save a little girl from being stabbed in the heart by the black priest. As the police were starting to round up the occultist, the blade that is still sticking out from the little girl's chest jumped out from the body and the girl's heart began to levitate and started to activate as if restarting itself to a normal heartbeat. As the police see in disbelief and the occultist scream and shout for rejoice, the stab wound from the heart began to glow and a demonic hand began to force its way from the small opening. The police were frozen from fear as the demon slowly comes out of the heart where it releases a wail compared to a thousand people screaming in agony as they are being tortured for an eternity. As it steps down in the mortal plane, the police tried to kill the demon by shooting it, but the demon waved its hand and the guns exploded in the cops' hand. The black priest then kneels down exalting the demon and graciously asks to grant him and his followers power to successfully bring the city into the occultist's control. But the demon was not in a generous mood and its satisfaction was only death and destruction, so used his power to destroy the whole section of the subway which included a train passing through, killing all the passengers. When time passed, the police wanted to cover up the incident without telling the public that satanistic ritual sacrifice were being done in the subway, so they ruled out that a gas explosion destroyed the section and no one survive it. One of the thugs rebuffed and said that its just an urban legend and that it was closed down because the city was making a new subway above the old one they were standing on. As they were walking through the subway, the overhead lights suddenly went dead and anxiety begins to build up within the group. When they hear what they think is a girl crying, they tried to look for her and when they did, (the girl is the same girl that was sacrificed, not that the thugs know about it) she attacked them and savagely killed 3 of them. The two escaped and took the high road but they didn't know of the coming train and were hit, instantly killing them. The only survivor was Jason who has become frozen in fear,  peeing his pants off and shitting himself. The killer girl came to him and said that she has been waiting for another body to come in the subway and was growing bored of the city. She then remarked what the black priest said and that he should invade the city and turned into his own hell. With the grin on her face the little girl attacked Jason, but rather she possessed him and the demon left his old body to start his plan of a demonic utopia. He then lets own the same wail that he released from the time he set foot in the mortal plane, which was heard by Khonshu and feels as if thousands of hands scratching a chalkboard. This prompted Khonshu to telepathically alert his avatar, Marc of an impending danger.

Marc suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head and he sees a vision of Khonshu. The god warned him of a dangerous enemies that is about to surface. When Marc asked why was he so afraid that it couldn't be as worst as Seth, to which Khonshu replied that he has not felt that kind of presence in his whole existence and admitted that he is very much anxious. Believing the impending threat that it holds, Khonshu ordered Marc as Moon Knight to discover the danger and deal with it, through extermination. Marc asked Khonshu to give him any lead to start him up as a basis, and Khonshu just gave a sort of "telepathic recording" of the demonic wail and a vision of where the wail came from. Marc's experience from the vision given to him by Khonshu left him screaming in pain, which prompted Marlene and Frenchie to come to his aid. Marlene asked Marc on what was happening to him but he was in so much excruciating pain that he collapsed. Frenchie was holding him down to prevent him to lash out but he could barely pin him down. When it was over, Marc was out cold and is in a comatose-like state. Frenchie called for a doctor but even he could decipher on what was wrong with Marc, all the while this was happening, Marlene was standing in front of the statue of Khonshu and started to cry and demanded to bring Marc back. Frenchie approached her and said that Marc would let her be this way if he was here and they should just hope and pray that Marc will wake up.

Meanwhile, a figure rises up from the abandoned subway and he walk around a corner in the street where a thief is currently trying to threaten a woman into giving up her money. As the figure walked towards the thief, he saw him and tried to warn him to back off, the figure then revealed himself as Jason, possessed by the subway demon, who only smiled and grabbed the thief's hand and it suddenly exploded and his whole body was set ablaze while the woman screamed in horror and tried to run away but the Jason molded a strange energy from his hand and threw a fireball from his hands to the escaping woman and she exploded and turned into ashes blown up by the polluted winds of the city. As he was looking on to the nightly sky and the moon beginning to be covered by the clouds, Jason saw a newspaper Daily Bugle and took notice of a picture of Spider-Man fighting the Hobgoblin in the city skyline. Jason commented that the Hobgoblin was a great look and wanted to adapt it as his own. Jason begins to morph his body into the design of the Hobgoblin's, with some demonic-themed paraphernalia with his costume and summoned a demon glider from thin air. He then rode of and with a painful wail, he declared himself as the Demogoblin and he will turn New York as his own hell on earth.

In the mansion, it has been 2 weeks since being put into a vegetative state but Marc is still not awake. Marlene is looking after him ever so diligently but also worries if Marc is ever gonna wake up. Frenchie on the other hand, is watching the news about a mysterious arson of all religious establishments within Manhattan and is soon distributing itself throughout the other parts of the city. What was weird about is that it is not just any ordinary fire that is burning down the establishments as it is not extinguished by water, foam or any material that can smother the fire. One of the witness being interviewed spoke that he saw the arsonist which looked like the Hobgoblin but he was more mean looking almost demonic in nature. But the reporter said that he was already incarcerated in the Raft, which prompted a bystander to say that it could another goblin wanting to make a name for himself. Then a survivor of one of the arson spoke out that she saw the arsonist and it was no goblin but the devil itself riding a fiery bat and hurling balls of hellfire to all the churches, mosque and other places where worship of god is being done. Frenchie turns off the tv and goes to Marc's room where Marlene is sitting beside him, already her eyes feels heavy from staying up waiting for Marc to wake up from his seemingly eternal slumber.

While these events are running their course, inside in Marc's mind we see a dark void where the three personalities of Moon Knight is meeting. Marc Spector spoke first and talk about the threat of the demon terrorizing the city, but he was cut off by Jake Lockley and said that why should they care about it and that he is sick and tired of living inside him and wanted out, while Steven Grant said that he just want to follow the one who should be the dominant personality. Marc argued that if they don't do something, everyone will die and he has more than enough experience of people dying because of his irresponsibility in his blood-stained hands. Jake countered him with a rebuttal by saying that he could do everything as Moon Knight because they all act in unison in his mind and that without anyone of them, Moon Knight is as useless as the statue of Khonshu in his room. Steven whispered to Jake that he shouldn't have said that and before he could finish what he was saying, Jake was knocked out by a punch given by Marc wearing Moon Knight's spiked knuckles. Jake stood up and with two staves held by ancient pharaoh combined into a battle staff, he was ready to retaliate, but Steven stopped them both by hitting them with an ankh. Steven has had enough and gave a pep talk to both Marc and Jake. Steven talked to Jake that Marc was right that they wouldn't be in his mind if it weren't for him and that together they are all serve Khonshu as his avatar, Moon Knight. And Steven finally spoke to Marc that he created them with a purpose, and in a way, they matured enough to feel human. Both of them represents a piece of Marc's subconscious but is still apart of him, they both care for Frenchie and love Marlene, but with that demon on the loose, all those he cared for will die, so they need to sucked it up and do what must be done. With the pep talk, Steven reached out his hand, followed by Jake then Marc, all three personalities simultaneously stating now that inner conflict is over, they can now do their job. And with that a light shunned them and blind the scene and Marc opened his eyes and saw Marlene and Frenchie gathered around him. Marlene hugged Marc so much and started to cry out of disbelief and joy. Frenchie ask what had happened to him and Marc replied to him that he had an epiphany and he sees clearly now what his true mission is and must be done, to protect all that he holds dear in the name of Khonshu. To which Khonshu appeared before Marc and told that he has passed the trial and that this was a reminder of what he has forgotten, that he is not just fighting to serve Khonshu, nor seeking redemption, but for what matters most for him and that is his own family. Marc then called Frenchie to prepare the Mooncopter and added that he has a date with the devil and he wouldn't want the bastard waiting.

As Demogoblin goes to a killing and burning spree, calling out anyone who could challenge or even put up a fight against before he burns the whole city turning into his own hell. But something goes wrong when Demogoblin begin to holds his head as being in pain of some sort. It is revealed that Jason is fighting Demogoblin in his mind in order to take control. While in the real world, police are shooting him down, but their bullets quickly melt within inches of Demogoblin because of the fiery aura he is releasing. Demogoblin regains control of his body by burying Jason deep into his subconscious, and as soon he saw the cops shooting at him he was going to throw a fireball at them, but this was stopped by Moon Knight riding the Mooncopter who throws a crescent dart at his opponent. Demogoblin retaliated by throwing a fireball at the Mooncopter, which prompted Moon Knight to jump off and Frenchie to evade the incoming projectile. As Moon Knight was falling down, he quickly change to the Fist of Khonshu and started to engage Demogoblin. First, Moon Knight had to force Demogoblin to fight on the ground since he's riding his fiery glider, which he manage to do thanks to the battle staff. But it is still not a fair game since he has "fire power", so he tries to hold him off until he shows a weakness. Demogoblin accidentally shows an opening when Jason's subconscious begins to resurface from Demogoblin's mind. Moon Knight understood this and with intense concentration, he establish a psychic link to Demogoblin, where he makes contact with Jason. Together with his other personalities, they overwhelm Demogoblin and manage to get rid of him from Jason's body and what was left of Demogoblin was his retained physical form which he was able to manifest after spending so much time within Jason's body. Demogoblin wanted to attacked Moon Knight, but wasn't able to because of his multiple personalities pushed him away and Khonshu repelled him even more. Before leaving, Demogoblin swore revenge against Moon Knight and he soon flew off.

The next day, Marc and his family is enjoying their stay at the beach. Marlene ask Marc will continue on this, to which Marc replied that as long as evil will threaten the city and all those he loves, he will continue on the mantle of Moon Knight. Frenchie then barged in and invited the couple for a dip in the beach. Marlene goes with Frenchie but Marc declined as he is enjoying his drink. Marc sees through the far beyond and his personalities are seen enjoying the beach in his imagination. As this going on Marc hears Demogoblin's wail too behind him, which made Marc looks at his back and whispered to just bring it..


Moon Knight: the TV series EP#9: Fearless Knight

The series starts inside SpectorCorp, the business firm owned by Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, where David Benson was called into a meeting by his secretary that was unannounced. Not knowing what was going on, he ask what was the meeting all about and she said that it was about a routine check on the business activities between SpectorCorp and the Committee, and also a certain "entrepreneur" has taken interest on SpectorCorp. David ask his secretary why wasn't Marc the one called for this meeting and she said that the entrepreneur specifically asked him to be the one to talk to. As he enters his office to confront this entrepreneur, a large built man who wear vintage clothes and his ruby encrusted cane helping him up from his seat, he was more that shock to see who it was, it was Wilson Fisk, the rumored Kingpin, leader of organized crime in all of New York who is currently expanding his criminal empire throughout out the east coast. Along with him are his bodyguards with stone-clad posture within them and a cold empty stare that can be fooled as nothing more that hypnotic leer. David was in awe of the Kingpin's presence and is seen very nervous about what he was called for. Wilson spoke to him and said that they need to talk, where David ask on what topic should they be talking about, at that time Wilson replied, "just business".

In the mean time, Marc has been fighting crime as Moon Knight for several nights and Frenchie suggested that he should at least show up at his own company to check up on things. Moon Knight thought that Frenchie was right and that the strain of being a vigilante has been taking its toll in his body and he should rest for a while. The next morning, While Marc was sleeping, he was rudely awoken by Marlene and told him to turn on the tv. When he did, they saw David Benson having a press conference telling to reporters that he was suing Marc Spector for embezzlement and laundering the money he embezzled from his investors, particularly from his employer's firm, the Committee. Marc was opened his eyes in disbelief, asking himself why would he do this. It was at this time that all of his different personalities come back to his head and started to stone him with his carelessness and being trustful of other people. Marc was about to snap until he took notice of the tv again and saw Wilson Fisk behind David Benson. Marc knew Wilson Fisk from an informant that he got as cabdriver Jake Lockley. His information about his was that he is a big time crook, a modern day mafia boss that even though he shows himself as a legitimate businessman, he was rumored to hire superhuman assassins to get rid of competition in business and those who openly defies his power. Marc has to do something before his company fails and become another casualty in Kingpin's dominion. Marlene suggested that should he fight him, he should fight him in a legal manner. Marc ask her how he is going to do that and she replied that she knows a certain defense lawyer who specializes in cases that has something to do with the Kingpin. Marc trust her on this and had her call this lawyer. Later in the afternoon, a knock in the door was answered and Marlene welcomed the lawyer and introduced him to Marc. It is no other that Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer of Hell's Kitchen. Somewhat disappointed about who will represent him, Marc voiced out his concern about winning the case, but Matt reassured him that he knows how Wilson works like a well-oiled machine and jokingly stating that they will win his case, even with his eyes close.

As Matt was reviewing the files that contains SpectorCorp's finances and Marc's bank account in braille. Marc told Marlene that he's not convince on winning his case in the hands of a blind man, but she defended the lawyer by telling him on the accounts of how many times he has proven so many times that Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin of crime, but he always gets away because of his army of lawyers and judges on a payroll. Marc was still not having doubt about and said to Marlene that while the lawyer is finding ways to get him out legally in the case, Moon Knight will be looking out in the streets for answers on why he was set up. But before he does, he goes on to call David on a private meeting on his own. Just as Marc leave, Matt was already finishing up and said to Marlene that he will have to review the files agin in his office to get so related literature to help him in the case. The next day, Marc met up David at a cafe in Manhattan and as much as he wanted to hit him, as does his multiple personalities and Khonshu, he resist himself from the temptation. David was visibly disturbed and cannot even make eye contact to the one he once called a friend. Marc didn't have to ask a question that David knew he was going to asked to so he told him as much as he knew without telling everything because he is being spied on by the Kingpin's henchmen. The Kingpin talk to him and said that if he doesn't help him in having SpectorCorp in a buyout, he will instead have the Committee (who are into illegal activities as well) into a buyout. He already made deals with the Maggia and they are willing on a partnership with the Kingpin. The Committee is too proud of themselves and also presents a powerful influence, but they would be made of an ally rather that an enemy. A war between the Committee and the Kingpin would by expensive. So he sought out other legitimate business to finance his growing empire. Marc asked why he doesn't go to the Committee for help and he said that the Committee itself is being held hostage by the Kingpin as well, The Kingpin knows that he could gamble and fight the Committee but ultimately decides against it. Help from the police is not a wise idea either because of the Kingpin's influence all over the east coast and some of those cops are also on a payroll. Finally, David told Marc about an incriminating evidence about his conversation with Wilson, a video tape that has recorded the talk. As David leave the cafe, he told Marc that he was still his friend and that if he in the same position as he was, he would do the same thing, to which Marc replied that he not in his position, and even if he was he wouldn't do that for his friend. All the while this was happening, a masked vigilante is listening from the rooftop and Marc gets a glimpse of him for a second.

Returning back home in his mansion, Marc calls out Frenchie to prepare the Mooncopter and that they will head out to SpectorCorp. Marlene was asking Marc what is in SpectorCorp that could important that he was going in as Moon Knight. Marc told her what David told him and the tape will surely win his case. Marlene wondered if he can't just go in and get the tape himself as Steven Grant, and Marc replied that would have been easy if it weren't for the controversy he will has right now and what he will have if news broke out that the owner of SpectorCorp is sneaking in his own building, and the fact that Kingpin might have known that they're conversation is being recorded. Ever the intelligent businessman that he is, Wilson had his bodyguards go to the SpectorCorp and find anything that David could use against him. So Marc suited up as Moon Knight and headed out to his business headquarters, but he didn't know that another person has broken inside and also looking for the tape, and a half dozen of Wilson's bodyguards are on their way to do the same thing. Moon Knight jumped out of the Mooncopter and radioed Frenchie that he will be back in fifteen minutes or so. Since it was his building, Moon Knight had an easy access going inside the building, including David Benson' office. Searching for the hidden camera, Moon Knight was sensing that he was not alone. When he got the tape, Moon Knight was about to walk out of the room when the tape was knock out of his hand by a red billy club. Moon Knight was looking for the assailant and it was Daredevil, the man without fear. Daredevil ask Moon Knight on what was he doing in David Benson's office and why does he have the tape and Moon Knight replied that it was non of his business. Daredevil said that Moon Knight maybe working for the Kingpin and instructed him to go after the tape to prevent the evidence from going out. Moon Knight asked Daredevil how did he know about the tape and what's in it to which he replied it was not of his business. As Moon Knight and Daredevil were about to fight, Kingpin's bodyguards crashes in and draw out their guns and fired on the two vigilantes, prompting the alarms to off and signals security personnel to go upstairs. Moon Knight was able to pick up the tape and hide behind a toppled desk with Daredevil beside him. Moon Knight, a very foul mood, ask why was Daredevil going after the tape, Daredevil finally said that he will help a certain lawyer's client on decisely taking down the Kingpin for good. Daredevil then asked Moon Knight the question he asked to him and he said the same thing, to which Daredevil said that he believes him. Moon Knight asked on why should he trust anything that he say, and Daredevil replied that know someone who is lying and he's not. Sensing within themselves that they could trust each other with their lives, Moon Knight and Daredevil goes on and fought Wilson's bodyguards and defeated them.

As the security guards goes up David Benson's office who calls the police and have the bodyguards arrested, Moon Knight and Daredevil are standing outside of SpectorCorp watching over the events taking place. Moon Knight then handed over the tape to Daredevil but he declined and said to him that he should return it to David and have him choose the right thing to do wsith the tape. Moon Knight contemplated on this and kept the tape before hitching a ride at the Mooncopter, leaving Daredevil in the rooftop. Frenchie was about to head home, but Moon Knight asked him if they could swing by in David' place, which made Frenchie confused. David was in his bed when he heard the Mooncopter flew by and his door shut closed. David look in his living room and saw the surveillance tape and with a note with it. The note says that he will forgive him for what he did to him but he will never forget on what he had done and he better do the right thing, it was signed by Marc as Steven Grant. David had a long stare on the tape which lasted for the whole night. The next morning, Marc turned on his tv and saw another press conference held by David and he said to the media that he has dropped the charges on his friend Marc and told them that he was setup by the Kingpin, which he named as Wilson Fisk and presented the surveillance tape as proof. As Marc change to another channel, a news coverage is showing Wilson Fisk is being apprehended by the police and taken to a police car. A knock on the door interrupted Marc's watching and Marlene opened the door and was suprised to see their lawyer, Matt Murdock. He said that he wasn't going to stay very long and that he will by at the prosecutor's office to help them build up a case against Wilson. He was there to return back all the files that he had used for Marc and his company. He also left his calling card and that if needed help in a legal matter, they should call him. As this events were taking place, Wilson Fisk called his assassin and told him instructions about stalking a certain vigilante, while he was holding a still picture in a surveillance camera of Daredevil and Moon Knight. The assassin was talking to Wilson about raising his current payroll and he agreed. As the assassin put down the phone, he draw out a playing card labeled as the ace of spades and threw it in the dart board and shouts out, "Bullseye!!"


Moon Knight: the TV series EP#8: Moon Knight Rider

The series starts with a man entering a biker bar (somewhere in Texas) and started shooting all the people inside. The man's eye is burning red and is seems to be possessed and is just lashing out all over the place. The man was then confronted by a biker in a leather jacket and he said that he better stop what he is doing or someone's gonna get burned. The possessed lets out a demonic scream and points out a pistol at the biker and shot him. But when the bullet was almost at the biker's face, it stop and melted like a soldering lead. The man is now really pissed off and pulled a shotgun in the biker's face at point blank range. As he pulls the trigger, the chamber exploded, destroying the hand of the possessed. Then he backs out and begins to shapeshift into his true form, a demonic entity which spoke to him that he was sent by Blackheart to kill him. The biker disagreed on what he said and he transform into the Ghost Rider, who manage to kick the demon's ass all over the bar which ended with them fighting outside. It turns out like a western duel between cowboys where the demon goes for an attack by charging Ghost Rider, but Ghost Rider pulled out his own shotgun and transformed it into a hellfire shotgun and shot the demon on in the face, disintegrating it into ash and blowing in the wind. Ghost Rider then reverts back to his human form and looks to the horizon and said that Blackheart's presence is moving north and that he has to be there to stop whatever he it is will be doing there. one survivor of the bar shooting wanted to thank the biker for saving him and wanted to know his name. The biker said it was nothing and that his name is Johnny Blaze and he rode off in to the sunrise.

Back in New York, Marc and Marlene are having a dinner date. They are enjoying the night and each other's company until Marlene brought Marc's multiple personality issues. She said that ever since he became Moon Knight and fought crime every night, his mental status is deteriorating with every enemy he face. She commented that he has saved her before, but what will happened if he's the one who gets into trouble. Marc reassured her that he can handle it and that he is protected by Khonshu. She added that everybody needs to be saved sometime, even a superhero (slight nod to Spider-Man 3). When the couple got home, they were greeted by Frenchie and he told Marlene that she has a guess. Bewildered, all of them came to the living room and Marlene was surprised at what she saw, it was her friend from college, Johnny Blaze. Marlene was very much overjoyed in seeing her friend, as did Johnny. Marlene introduced Johnny to her friend Frenchie and "boyfriend" Marc, who felt some animosity in him. As Johnny extended his hand to shake Marc's hand, Marc saw a vision of a flaming skull charging him for half a second and Johnny also a vision that a crescent cart is thrown in his face. Marc commented that Johnny has a "very warm" hand  and he joked that he has been into cooking without a frying pan. Marlene asked Johnny on what brings him to Long Island and replied that he just want to see the sights in New York and also wanted to see her, which bugged Marc a little. Marlene ask him if he would stay with him and Johnny said that he's renting a place in the Bronx, which prompted Marlene into persuasion to let Johnny stay in the mansion. Johnny agreed to Marlene's request and Marlene escorted him to his room. When they are away, Frenchie said to Marc that he notices that he is becoming jealous of Marlene's infatuation on her friend she hasn't seen for a long time, which Marc replied that it was nothing for him although he was bothered on what he felt when he shook his hand. The feeling was like shaking hands with the devil, Frenchie shrugged the feeling of Marc and said that he was just playing. Marc said that he wouldn't worry about Marlene if what he felt was nothing. Marc asked Frenchie if he could do a background check on Marlene's friend just to be sure. Outside the mansion, Blackheart looks on and said that everything is going as planned.

As Blackheart (in human form, with a blood-red glow in his eyes) walked off from the Marc's mansion, he was greeted by another man with a white death's hand printed in his face and asked Blackheart on what he was doing in the avatar's home. Blackheart replied that he has plan on destroying his enemy, Ghost Rider. Blackheart notices that he is no ordinary human, as he could speak to a demon with such "authority". The man then presented himself that he is the god of death, Seth, and that he has the authority to speak in such manner, Blackheart is not impressed, but commented that he wouldn't be here talking to him if it wasn't important and asked him on what he wants. Seth said to Blackheart that he wants to destroy his nemesis, and that they're enemy is in the in the same place at the same time, so it would be in they're favor if they work together and destroy them. Blackheart spoke boastfully about how Seth cannot defeat a simple man, Seth then defiantly replied than unlike Ghost Rider that has the power to burn evil souls and banish back to hell, Moon Knight has the power of a god himself in the form of the Fist of Khonshu. Blackheart concur about this and said that he still have an ace in his hand that he will use it when the time is perfect.

The next day, Marc was looking for Marlene and he asked Frenchie where she had gone to. Frenchie told Marc that She had gone out with Johnny in the Big Apple. Marc was a little irritated of the thought of Marlene "going out with another guy", but nevertheless he asked Frenchie on what he had found about Marlene's friend. Frenchie show Marc on what he had dig up, he enumerated that he did attended the same college as Marlene, but after a year, he dropped out to be with his father, who works in the circus as a motorcycle stuntman. One day an incident happened, his father died on a stunt and Johnny rode off. Recently, there was an incident in a bar in Texas where eyewitness accounts say that Johnny turned into some kind of demon, where he fought another demon to protect the people inside the bar. Hearing about this, Marc wondered what was Johnny really doing in New York, other that stealing away Marlene. Unable to come up with an answer and feeling that Marlene might be in danger, Marc rushed to New York to find Marlene. Meanwhile, Marlene and Johnny was on a date, but she noticed  that he was bothered by something, as if he looking for someone who is watching them. She could not take it anymore and simply what was up with him, but Johnny was being evasive. Marlene confronted him and that whatever it is, he has dragged her into it and so he might as well tell her. Seeing no other choice, Johnny showed her his power and confess that he is the Ghost Rider, and that he is looking for a demon named Blackheart, who has taken his lover, Roxanne, hostage. The one minion of Blackheart said that he will him in New York, so he headed here. Marlene clearly understood what he was saying, which Johnny found strange. She said since being with Marc, she has her fair share with the mystical and the extraordinary. In the middle of their conversation, a man with a white death's hand printed on his face jumped in and took Marlene from Johnny, the man said that if he wished to get her back and his own woman, he should meet them in Central Park at three o'clock in the morning and he should not be late. Two blocks away, Marc sensed the presence of Seth like a needle in a compass, he rushed to the location quickly where he meet up with Johnny and said that the man took Marlene. Marc said that he knows and that man is the god of death. Johnny asked on what will they do, Marc thought about it and that they should come back to his mansion to be prepared.

Black in the mansion, Marc consulted the statue of Khonshu on advice on how to fight not only the God of Death, but also a demon. Khonshu corrected Marc that he will be face not just any other demon, he will be facing against the son of the Devil and that his chances of saving his dame is slim and none. But the Lunar God reassured Marc that he has a very powerful ally that will ultimately serve their cause. Marc then prepares himself and suits up and calls Frenchie to prep the Mooncopter and asks where was Johnny. Johnny is in the bathroom, mentally preparing himself by talking in front of the mirror telling himself that he cannot live in fear (not to the Ghost Rider movie). As Johnny comes out of the bathroom, he saw Marc fully dressed up as Moon Knight and he asked Johnny if he is ready. To which Johnny replied that he can't wait to get his hand to Blackheart and save his Roxanne. With his eyes visibly burning, he dramatically by immolating himself with hellfire, thus transform into the Ghost Rider. Moon Knight offered to let Ghost Rider hitch a ride to the Mooncopter, but he declined and said that he doesn't like flying. He summons his motorcycle and transform it into his "Hellcycle" and rode off first. Frenchie commented that he ride is classy, but nothing beats the Mooncopter. Moon Knight looks out to the full moon and tells the time is quarter before 3 (2:45 AM). He told Frenchie that they should be there early because demons are at their peak of power at three o'clock.

The Ghosr Rider arrive first in their meeting place with Moon Knight jumping out and landing beside him, five minutes before three. Ghost Rider screams out a wail, calling Blackheart to show his demonic ass. Moon Knight does the same in calling out Seth. The two beings teleported in the vicinity and commented that their pretty early and ask them if they eager to die already. Ghost Rider ask Blackheart angrily where are their love ones, and Blackheart teleported them, binding in what looks like a grotesque tree shaped like an inverted ankh. Feeling his rage flowing all over his body, Moon Knight changes into the Fist of Khonshu and Ghost Rider lets out his chain and draws his shotgun. Moon Knight looks on to the moon and tells the time is almost three o'clock, and he spoke to Ghost Rider that they're gonna get their hands full on this one. As the clock hand slowly rings to three, all four combatants stares down on their respective rivals. As the clock bell rings to three, the heroes and villains charge into battle with Ghost Rider shooting Blackheart with his hellfire shotgun, but Blackheart summons a wall of demons in front of him to act as a sacrificial defense. While Moon Knight, throws a crescent dart at the avatar of Seth, while the avatar, clearly possessed by Seth, shoots out a ball of energy at Moon Knight, which he dodges. The fight goes so fast that time seems to slow down with every hit they make on each other. As the battle rages on, Blackheart get hurt pretty bad and contemplated that even though he is at his most powerful, it is taking alot of his power just to keep up with Ghost Rider, seeing no other option to save himself, Blackheart bids farewell to the fighters abandons the skirmish. Seth is really pissed at this and in a pith of rage, he left his avatar's body and withered him into dust. As the clock bell rang its last tune to signify that it is three o'clock, the tree that bind the two hostages disappears and the two heroes goes to the aid of their love ones. Roxanne tearfully looked at Ghost Rider as he slowly transform back to Johnny Blaze and spoke to him that she never doubt him on one saving her life. They both kiss and as Marlene looked on, she cannot help but feel a little jealous to Roxanne, but he took a look at her savior, Moon Knight and smile at him, saying to herself that he might be a little crazy but he needs more that he knows it.


Moon Knight: the TV series EP #7: Contingency T

The series starts with a meeting being convened by leaders of the Committee. They are discussing about the attacks by the worst enemy, Moon Knight, who had just busted another huge operation in the upper west side. They formulate a plan of somehow taking him out indefinitely. So they plan on hiring a supervillain for the job, but they had to choose on who would be perfect. They enumerate some like the Shocker, King Cobra, Constrictor, or the Wrecking Crew. It wasn't until David Benson suggested that they don't have to do anything and let the public fight Moon Knight and let the Committee finish him off. The 3rd leader asked on who was on his mind where David presented them with a file sealed with the insignia of SHIELD which is code named Contingency T, which pleased the 7 leaders. The next day, David goes to a warehouse and took an elevator down in a cellar which reveals a secret room. It is field with thugs and other bad guys, all looking at David very much they what to kill him. David walks pass them and headed to a training room were a shadowy figure is exercising. David called him and said that he has a job for him.

A week later, Frenchie called out Marc and pointed out in the TV to watch it. Marc was having his own problems as his mind is being bombarded by his different personalities and the influence of Khonshu is taking its toll on him. Frenchie then goes to Marc's room and said that what he wants to show is very important. Marc shouted to Frenchie to leave him alone, which prompted Frenchie leave angrily. Maybe out of curiosity, Marc turned the TV on and what he saw shocked him, it was Moon Knight robbing a bank and fighting the police. He doesn't understand what was going on, he hypothesizes that maybe one of his personalities is taking over him and is going on a crime spree. He concludes that this maybe the reason and so he locked himself into isolation to protect himself and the others. Later that night, the shadowy figure is again robbing a bank but the police came just in time to confront him. It turns out to be Moon Knight, but it seems that it is a different person because one of the cops said to his partner that he is carrying weapons that is not associated with Moon Knight. As the cops ready themselves to shoot, Moon Knight draws his sword and shield and charges to the cops. The police opens fire, but Moon Knight's shield easily protected him from the bullets. Moon Knight then goes on and kill the police, even using different replicas of objects used by certain superheroes at his disposal such as Spider-Man's webshooters, Captain America's shield, Swordsman's sword, Hawkeye's bow and arrow, a special glove that has three retractable blades just like Wolverine, and Moon Knight's crescent darts. The cops calls for reinforcements and a swat team but Moon Knight escaped by using his Mooncopter. All the events are being watched by David Benson and says that everything is doing well and the only thing missing is for the real Moon Knight to show up and take the fall.

In his mansion, Marc is still locked inside in his own room refusing to come out. Infuriated by this, Frenchie bust down the door and with Marlene, talked him out of his self-imposed exile. Marc refuse to go out because "one of them (his personalities)" will take over Moon Knight and will hurt people. Frenchie told Marc that Moon Knight is not controlling him and it is actually the other way around, and the Moon Knight he saw in the news is not him. Frenchie says that it was impossible that it was him because he recorded the news coverage and studies the moves of the impostor Moon Knight and that he use alot of items to fight which is not in the arsenal of Moon Knight. Marc again locked himself inside his room, but Marlene manage to talk some reason out of him, she says that he needs to be out there saving lives and not be afraid of something that he is, he needs to step up and take control. Marc took Marlene's words in him and meditated in front of Khonshu's statue. Inside Marc's head, he takes control of his personalities and told them that are to work together or he swears that he will kill himself the moment this happens again. With Khonshu looking on to him, Marc goes back to reality, opened the door and thank Marlene for her encouraging words and told Frenchie to get the Mooncopter ready because it's the hunter's moon tonight and Marc feels the need to hunt.

An armored car is traveling downtown carrying gold from the federal reserve, but was stopped by Moon Knight. the guard and the driver draw their guns, but they were subdued by Moon Knight's webshooters. He then goes to the side and using his sword, he cut open the armored car and was about to take the gold when a crescent dart shoot down and hit his sword, disarming him. Moon Knight look from where the projectile come from and saw the REAL Moon Knight descending from the Mooncopter. The real Moon Knight confronted the imposter and told him that he already know who he is and he can get rid of the costume. Moon Knight explained that those moves was not made by him because it wasn't his style and that he would rather that a punch that to evade it. He also stated that Moon Knight's weapons are more in his theme and not a walking novelty shop. Moon Knight then shout out to the imposter that he is not Moon Knight and that he is Taskmaster. The impostor rips out his costume and revealed that he is the villain of the Avengers, Taskmaster and told Moon Knight that he was hired by the Committee to stain him in front of the public into thinking that he has gone being a villain. He even boasted that he is the better fighter because he has photographic reflexes and he has seen Moon Knight's moves and with the combined moves of all the superheroes and villains he has seen, he will surely win. He also has been in the "business" for so long that he knows everything about a typical hero and how to take him down. While this was going on, David Benson is listening in a secluded area and he even scolded Taskmaster for revealing thier plans. Moon Knight has heard enough and throws another cresent dart at Taskmaster, with him countering by throwing a crescent dart and hitting what Moon Knight just threw. Moon Knight and Taskmaster then engage in the fight, but it seems that Taskmaster has the advantage because of his experience. Moon Knight sees no other choice but to use his true power: the Fist of Khonshu. In the gloomy night, the Moon suddenly showed up and shun Moon Knight with light and transform him into the Avatar. David was in awe when he saw this and contemplated that this is an interesting turn of event, while Taskmaster was not amused with the pretty lights and the costume change. They continue to fight, but now it is in Moon Knight's advantage  thanks to his mystical enpowerment. Taskmaster then tried to use his webshooters, but Moon Knight threw a crescent dart and hits the webshooter's chamber, exploding the web fluid into Taskmaster trapping him. When the police arrive, Moon Knight took exit and left Taskmaster for th police. Moon Knight thens tells Frenchie that the voice in his head no more, at least for now.

The last scene shows David Benson showing a video of the fight between Moon Knight and Taskmaster and the transformation of Moon Knight into the fist of Khonshu. One of the leaders shows great concern about dealing with the mytics. But David reassures the leader that it will be taken care off..

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Moon Knight: the TV series EP #6: Justice is Served..

The series starts when 6 armed robbers wearing halloween costumes successfully robbed a bank and was firing at the police that just arrived. As they were driving at their getaway car, a sniper took out the driver and the car goes out of control and crashed in the street corner. The survivors left the wreckage and took off with their money. When one of them tried left the group in a panic to get away fast and could not wait for the others to escape, he was gunned down by an unknown shooter. The robbers quickly ran through an alley an into an abandoned apartment, where they nervously hide within different rooms. Their plan is to not be all in the same room and just divide and conquer the person killing them. When footsteps are heard in the corridor, one of the robbers was waiting for the unknown person to get closer so he could shoot him by surprise. When he sprang out and shoot the person, but he didn't know that person walking in the corridor was his fellow robber. Just as the dying robber falls to the floor, his trigger-happy friend saw a man wearing a white suit just as he was about to be killed by that person. When the two remaining robbers realized that they can't kill the person methodically taking them out, they decided to run for it. As they were running, one of the get shot in the leg. As the wounded robber shouted help for his friend, the other robber saw the shooter and ran off as he was too scared to be killed. As the wounded robber crawled his way to escape, the shooter stomp down his wounded leg and in the robber's eyes, we get to see the reflection of shooter, saying the phrase, "Justice is served", Before killing the robber. The surviving robber runs off in the street, not knowing that he was being observed by the shooter, the Scourge of the Underworld, uttering the phrase "Justice will be serve", before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Marc is in his room having brief hallucinations and seen talking with his other personas. They are having an argument on who was the dominant ego and who created who, all the while being observed by Khonshu. In the real world, these hallucinations are manifested as Marc speaking to his imaginary friends. When Marlene heard the commotion going on at Marc's room, she knocks on the door and ask if Marc is ok and what was going on. When Marc open the door, he assured Marlene that he was ok and what she was hearing was the TV. Later, Marc, as Steven Grant, goes to his business firm and meets up the Committee's liaison to SpectorCorp, David Benson. As they were conversing about thier latest joint project between the two corporation, David notices that Steven seems to be bothered by something, not knowing that Steven's other personas are again having a fight on who is to be the dominant personality. Steven is showing signs of agitation, profuse sweating, anxiety and sudden burst of anger. David ask Steven if he is ok and Marc reasoned that he has been experiencing stress these few days and can't seem to concentrate. Steven then left to get some rest as it has been a long day. He gets inside his limo and admitted to Frenchie, the driver, that his pretentions of personalities are getting harder to separate from what is reality and imagination. Frenchie reassures him that he and Marlene are there for him but Marc questions him if that will be enough.

Marc then goes as Jake Lockley and tries to snoop around if anything was going on. He meets up with a visibly shaken guy named Jack Monroe. He was asked by Jake on what happened to him and he was replied shatteringly that his buddies was killed by the Scourge, a renowned killer of villains. Jack explains that this was like that guy he heard who wears a black suit with a skull print (a slight nod to the Punisher) only more brutal. Jack is scared that he might be next and the Scourge is waiting for him. Seeing this as another villain and with the persuasion of Khonshu, Jake offered him help by getting him to hide on a safe house (that he owned as Steven Grant) and that he knows somebody that can help him about his problem with the Scourge. As Jake and Jack was leaving together, they were being observe by the Scourge in an apartment window and uttering the word "Justice." Back at his mansion, Marc goes to research about anything about the Scourge. He hacks into the CIA mainframe and what he saw is a long list of villains, both confirmed and unconfirmed, to be killed by the Scourge. He also see allegedly used names of the Scourge goes into. He concludes that the only way to get the Scourge out is to draw it out in the open and he will use Monroe as bait. In an old apartment, the Scourge is preparing to kill Jack by suiting up, loading and locking his trademark Sub-Machine Gun, and wearing the skull mask (it is never revealed what he looks like) and saying the phrase "Justice must be serve."

Later that night, Frenchie goes to the safe house where Jack was hiding. There, Frenchie told him that he was a friend of Jake and that they need to get into a more safer place. As they were walking, Marc calls Frenchie and ask where are they and he answered that they are just a couple of blocks away and that they're gonna take the subway to get there faster. As the two are going to the ticket booth, they met up with the Scourge, who says the word, "Justice" before firing his gun to Jack. As the people are at a panic to get away from the Scourge, Frenchie and Jack make a run for it. As they at top side, a sniper shot Jack in the shoulders wounding him but not fatally. Frenchie tries to look for the sniper but there are too many windows in the city block, so he decides to get Jack to a safe hiding place. But before they could hide, the Scourge catch up to them and is about to kill the two of them. Just then, the Mooncopter shuns a spotlight to blind the Scourge. The Scourge tried to shoot down the Mooncopter, but got disarmed when his hand was hit by a crescent dart, thrown by Moon Knight while falling from the Mooncopter. Moon Knight and the Scourge have a long stare down, sizing up each other waiting to react on who will make the first move. the Scourge whispers, "Justice must be serve" before pulling out two pistols and shots down Moon Knight, but he easily evades them. The fighting takes them to the rooftop where Moon Knight finally gets the upperhand and subdues the Scourge. Moon Knight then angrily ask who he was and why does he want to kill Jack but the Scourge only told him "Justice must be serve". He tried to remove the Scourge's mask but a sniper shot the Scourge in the face, destorying it completely. Moon Knight searched for the sniper and saw another Scourge holding a rifle. Before he could react, Moon Knight hears a ticking sound in the Scourge's corpes and quickly jumps out of the rooftop before a bomb inside the Scourge's suit blew up.

A couple of days after, Marc as Jake Lockley is accompanying Jack to the train station to go somewhere he could start anew without worrying about somebody trying to kill him. Jack waves goodbye to Jake, Frenchie then buys a newspaper (The Daily Bugle) and smiles. He shows it to Marc and sees in the front page "Crescent Crusader saves the night", with a picture of Moon Knight and the Scourge fighting in the streets. Frenchie commented that this photographer must be real brave to get the pictures an he was impressed on the angles that he got. Marc saw below the photo that it was taken by Peter Parker. At the train Jack is relaxing, feeling relief. Little did he knew that just a couple of seats behind him is someone reading the same newspaper and revealing another Scourge whispering, "Justice is served"..

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