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"New" Batman villains and anti-heroes

Batman has so many villains and rivals in the comics it's hard to keep track. Even harder to easily find a list of who are his current and newest baddies. This list is basically all the major villains and anti-heroes who have premiered since Dark Nights: Metal

List items

  • One of many James Tynion IV's additions to Batmans rogues gallery, and possibly the best character Tynion created on his recent run. Basically an anti-Harley Quinn, far more self-aware than Harley ever was and extremely manipulative

  • Robotic 'failsafe' Batman designed years ago to take him out if he went rogue.

  • A punisher-themed version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who worked for the Batman Who Laughs during the latter's solo title, held a grudge against Commissioner Gordon

  • Ditto

  • Works for Arzen

  • Prince of the Orgham family

  • Mysterious new villain who works for the Orgham royal family

  • A sadistic hitman

  • Patriotic hitman who could make a gun out of anything

  • I think there are two villains named Mirror--a Batgirl villain from 2010s is one. The other one on this list is more recent and led an 'anti-mask' movement

  • Aide to Mayor Nakano who was also host of a parasite that fed on violence

  • Millionaire who holds a grudge against Bruce Wayne

  • Con-man who operated Arkham Tower

  • Stab-happy patient of Arkham Tower

  • Violent patient at Arkham Tower

  • Oracle's rival

  • More a Justice League/DC wide villain than just Batman, but his self-titled series sees him specifically torment Batman

  • Just your typical big brother type police state. Figured heavily in Future State before almost rising to power in Fear State

  • Runs the Magistrate, if Steve Jobs had been a supervillain

  • Dirty Arkham guard turned into the Magistrate's poster boy, goes crazy

  • Originally Batman's rival growing up, challenged him for Gotham, now a Bat Family member (one of several 'reformed' villains/anti-heroes)

  • Violent young vigilante who started killing criminals in Joker War, now sorta reformed

  • Poison Ivy's ex who helped Harley bring her back to normal, can create and control plant creatures

  • Tech expert for the Unsanity Collective, seeks to erase the memories of all of Gotham to erase their trauma, uses her technology to enhance others

  • Miracle Molly's group, used as scapegoat by the Magistrate during Fear State

  • Accountant for Gotham's criminal, played major role in Joker War

  • Mysterious villain who could concoct the greatest criminal plans, important figure leading up to Gotham War

  • Basically the anti-Scarecrow, instilled delirium in victims, had a cool storyline in Urban Legends

  • Could control darkness

  • minor villain who thought he was destined to rule Gotham, patient at Arkham Tower

  • Assassin who fought against Deathstroke and his Society as part of The Demon's Shadow during Shadow Wars

  • Okay, so he isn't a new villain per se, but do yourself a favor and check out Arkham: Order of the World. His character is reinvented into an absolutely terrifying nightmare. Very cool and hopefully we see more of this version of the character soon