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A few things

1st STOP sending the trinity away!!! after every crisis DC feels that they have to get rid fo the trinity to make room for some c team level heroes like black lighting mr terrific, geo force, or whoever! look theres a reason why some heroes are C level cause NO ONE CARES ABOUT THEM!!!  The trinity is what matters they are the DCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop getting rid of them just write good stories around them there is no reason why a good writter cant use them and some c level crap as well like the super young crap ol.

2nd fire Mcduffie from the JLA title his stories suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd I hope JSA keeps on the current roll!
4ht Batman will come back from the grave

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not superman vs batman

 I really dont think these two would be on different sides of this of THIS issue
a case could be made for both sides and while it would mirror marvel to have aginst eachother They wouldnt do it the deciding factor would be luthor.

Superman has always kown that he cant let the gov control him. Bruce is not going to give up his ID no way. Also batman is above all law even the gov. Now a case could be made that both superman and Batman have been in favor of controling superheros Batman for sure would. In KC superman didi the same thing. So i see them wanting to keep the metahuman community in line but not on this issue of ID's after identiy crisis I dont know of any dc heros who would go pro reg. also unlike the marvel guys DC heros could beat the gov anytime they wanted....I dont if the marvel guys could.
If it had to go down I would see it like this

Team Hal Jordan
John GL
JSA (all but power girl)
Cap Atom
Dr. Fate (maybe)
Captain Marvel

Team Superman
flash Wally
GL Kyle

Anything luthor does S&B will join aginst and luthor would be pro reg. this fight would hell on earth but no one beats superman and batman so they find a way to win....but not just that they changed the mind of the gov all together. something cap couldnt do and ironman didnt want to do.

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