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Flash backs and Draw backs 0

 So the Green Lantern title takes a break from all the crazily coloured antics that are going on with Hal Jordan and the rest of the Rainbow Rodeo. Instead in this issue we get to see the reaction of John Stewart to the resurrection of Xansi, the planet he failed to save from destruction and the home world to his also deceased long lost love Katma Tui.  I generally have a problem when a title takes a break from the action to deal with one character and their goings on. Some may recall my revi...

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Flashing lights and Nothing More 0

  To me Blackest Night has become like a BigMac, its filling when you eat it but when you’re done you feel totally unfulfilled. In issue six we see the Blackest Night saga continue, note how I used the word continue and not progress, that will be important latter on. We see Ganthet attempt to spread a little more color over a predominately black Coast City by creating rings for all the different Corps'. As the rings always do they search for those capable of expressing and feeling the emotions t...

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Blackening Johns' Reputation. 0

Mera - " If I'm Wonder Woman and you're Superman, what's that make him? " Atom - " The Flash "  It was a fantasitc moment. One of my favourites in the whole comic, but then again I am a massive Flash fan. Barry Allen kicks major Black Lantern butt in this issue.  In issue three we saw resident ring slinger Hal Jordan whisked off world by Indigo-1. Now the rest of Earth's heroes are left to defend against the rising dead. Flash takes it upon himself to warn everyone by running around, literally, ...

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Blackening a Green reputation. 0

Holy Crapola!!! Lets just start with that! I mean this issue is intense. It balances action and emotional tension excellently both through its excellent writing and splendid illustration.  In the previous issue we saw several Lanterns deal with the ressurection of their teachers, loved ones and families and this issue deals with the climax of these individual miniture struggles and acculminates in a massive, off the scale, p!ss off brawl between Black and Green! So the Black lanterns have invade...

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Back in Black 1

Green Lantern #43 is said to be the prolougue to the Blackest Night. I disagree. This issue is basically an introduction, if you havnt met him already, to Black Hand. The main bulk of the issue is seen in flashback, through the eyes of Black Hand.  We see childhood memories, his first encounter with Green Lantern and his birth as a villian. The end of the issue is set in the present and we see Black Hand confront his family. The layout of this issue really annoyed me. I want to see progression o...

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For Crying Out Loud! 3

First off, I like miniseries. Unlike continued comic series, with miniseries you always feel there is going to be a definate conclusion at the end. So while this issue by itself may not have been fantastic, as an introduction to this miniseries i think it was superb. From what i can gather the series appears to be character driven, which i love! It reminds me very much of Identity Crisis where characters, their emotional journey and thought process all took center stage and this was something wh...

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Holy Reformation Batman 2

This issue takes place after the events of The Outsiders Specail. First and foremost its not an action issue. It deals with the new cast of the Outsiders, seen on the cover and weather or not they are willing to become part of the team. I suppose the issues base function is to introduce the cast, new format of the team, and basically all the newness.Its a good issue. Does what its supposed to and does it well. One thing i reallly liked was the close in on each character and what they did during ...

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