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Something which has always bothered about the comic community if anyone, including fans and those working in the industry, refers to images used in a comic book they refer to them as art. What  constitutes these images as art? 

The debate to define " what is art?" has been going on for nearly as long as human kind has been creating imagery and so I don't intend to solve it here and now! This being said, I personally would not consider the illustration of a comic book as art! Even my favourate books which I think are excellently drawn and coloured I just don't consider art. I see it more as visual story telling, more about expressing character and conveying action through imagery than, well, art!
I see "comic bok artists" more as "comic book illustrators" and it has always bothered me the  that they, unchallenged, have always been called artists. It's a subjective issue I know in that some people obviously do consider these men and woman to be artists, I however am not one of them!


Vic Sage and Sue Dibney

The pages of 52. He died of lung cancer, really understated just like he was. It was amazingly done and ill allways remember it. Renee trying to drag his body through a blizzard to get him to Nanda Parbat and hen he gains lucidity again, it was really really beautiful.

After that Sue Dibney. Identity Crisis was just great and having never read about Sue before  it it really made her out as a great character making her murder all the worse!



Having read Rogues Revenge Id have to say The Flash. for people who look ridiculous and have names to match they are pretty bad ass.

Classic line when Mirror Master turns to the new Trickster and say "you dont tell Cold why you want to be here you tell why you have to be here" of when Cold says hes going to kill his own father...icy!

I recommend Rogues revenge to all!!!


Self endowed

those that get their powers from an acccident, are born aleins who in yellow sun have powers, or are just born with a mutation all just have to make the decision to say

"Okay, im specail, il go help poeple"

WHERE AS poeple who say "Hey the situation in bad out there, i dont like it, im going to change it" are really heroes


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Green Lantern

the corps in general is really spicing up the war of light and even blackest night and going to be great to read!!!!