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Copying bits and pieces? 0

Ok, so this is a sci-fi outer space story. A ship floating through space, crew disoriented and oblivious to their mission, etc. Nice start I should say, especially when you want to deviate from the typical Star Wars style of story-telling.But is it really original? Because I've watched movies, I know what I'm talking about here.The scene opens up with a spaceship floating through space, life support failing, crew awakening from stasis pods with no memory, yet their learned skills remain active. ...

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Braniac is a moron? 0

Ok, Braniac has assimilated the knowledge of countless worlds from past, present and future.... and he doesn't plan against a simple time machine built by Batman and Luthor?That's telling in a roundabout way that Braniac is all brawn and no brain.Disastrous ending, I didn't play the game, only read the comics, so now I know that creators of this game/comics series didn't plan deep enough. The "Marvel The End" miniseries clearly wins with lesser action and titles.Since reviews should be 100 words...

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Attack to history 0

So, as is well known, the Star Wars universe is a level 3 progressed universe and a stagnated one. (Level 3 from internet resources means that the beings of a universe have the technology of interstellar travel and colonization). So we see Star Wars comic books heralding 5000 BBY, where people use hyperdrive capable ships and lightsabers, however crude and ancient they may be compared to the technology used at the time of the Battle of Yavin ( 0 BBY).So far, everything is ok, people have progres...

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Tower of Babel: Superb storyline... 0

The third installment in the JLA series,"Tower of Babel", this book really gives us much insight into the super teams plannings and motives.  On one side, Ra's al Ghul, sitting in peace, observing the outcome of the seeds of confusion he has sown upon the world. He takes delight in his actions.   On the other side, the JLA sits hopeless, paralysed by weapons thought up by an intellectual mind, Batman, and realized by another, Ra's al Ghul.  Batman tries to outrun Ra's guards on the cold mountain...

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Unworthy Ending 1

This book could have been developed better. It isn't a worthy ending to the explosive saga. No action, only talk, talk, talk. Blah, Blah, Blah. Adam Warlock serves no better purpose than engage Thanos in talk. If Thanos wants to be alone, why not let him be? Adam Warlock's pinching statements and interrogations irritate Thanos. He has absorbed the Universe, he is realizing his mistakes, then for God's sake, give him some time to right the wrong. Nothing such. Suddenly DEath appears and she kisse...

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