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Raychel Howlett is the only child of Logan and Jean Howlett (Wolverine and Phoenix). She was raised at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. There she grew up very athletic. She became fast friends with the daughter of Scott and Emma Summers, Madelyn (or Madee), at the age of about five. The two discovered that they both had the gift of telepathy and began using it as a form of communication so that others could not hear what they said. The two were always doing something together. When Sparrow was a child, she constantly got in trouble. She wasn’t caught often, but when she was, she could almost always weasel out of it. She became known for her “skills” with swiping things, thanks to Gambit, whom she hung out with when she wasn’t with Madee.

As she grew, she excelled at defensive, as well as offensive field training. Academically, she was superior in sociology, physiology, and history. She also mastered the French language for fun.

After dealing with Madee leaving and cutting their mind connection, she went on and graduated with honors and a major in history and sociology, and a minor in physiology. She slipped into deep depression while Madee was away after realizing that she was in love with her and that they would never be able to see each other again. But Madee came back and they were once again joined.

Since they rejoined, they have been almost inseperable, and they feel it is each other’s duty and job to look out for and take care of the other.

While on a mission for Professor Xavier, Madee asked Raychel to marry her while in Sparrow’s father’s cabin in Canada. Sparrow accepted, and they went to Vegas for a license. The plan was to go back to the mansion to have the wedding, but everything didn’t quite go as planned.

While in Vegas, Madee goes to visit the place she used to do business in, and while there, she is wounded. Sparrow brutally murders the man responsible for what Ray thinks is Madee’s death.

They are returned back to the mansion where things are looking glum for Raychel and Madee.

But Sparrow is intent on saving her Midnight from anything...including death.