Pass The Whiskey - Episode 7: The Pieces of Egg Edition!

Welcome to Episode 7 of Pass The Whiskey: The Pieces of Egg Edition! The format for this podcast this week is just a wee bit wonky considering we’ve had a shift in the members. Our new regular was given the spotlight as a guest since, well, structure has never been our thing. So enjoy, as we take questions from our beloved *cough* listeners and herp-derp our way all the way through to the end. And also laugh at the fact that Sparklykiss cried during a part of this episode. She just loves Roland that much. :D Also: Ducks.

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Special Guest: PsEG

We’re joined by Giant Bomb’s racing crazed and loyalty neutral moderator this time around. Some call him P-Seg, others Seg, Peace Egg, Quest Guy... But if you want to be right, his name is Pieces of Egg. I would know, I’m a speech expert. The proper way to pronounce that deceptively complicated name isn’t the only topic with this guy, promise! Because this dude went to PAX Prime 2011! (Are you jelly? Because I know I was totally jelly. (Of the strawberry variaty, btw.)) Oh, and he plugs some other stuff he’s done. But you wouldn’t want to listen to a rival podcast now, would you? ...Guys? (Strange to see its a rival, considering Slowbird is a regular over there... OH DEAR GOD, THEY’VE INFILTRATED. MOVING ON.)

Featured User: fesak

Comic Vine’s own fesak does one of the greatest things any person could have done this year at all. Something that was only brought to my attention because of a “Whiskey Media top editors of 2011” blog by another user we’ve talked about before. But that’s not important. What IS important is how absolutely quackers he is. And by quackers, I mean ducks. And by ducks, I mean Disney ducks specifically. This lovely drake has given the details to many a mallard and all you’d need to know on the flock. He’s also done a lot of coverage on Mickey and Goofy to keep me busy and entertained for a looong time. Go dive on in and be in awe over the gaggle of Wiki entries that I think *you* should know about. :D

Top-Shelf Community Content:

The Big Red Phone -- Poweruser manthrop, formerly known as Rufi91, started the thread to talk about the crazy phenomenon that is now the Whiskey Media red phone.

Hardcore Dave Says... -- The cooperative work of AlisterCat, Vager, and MisterChief is really a wonder to behold. Then again, Hardcore Dave/young snide sets himself up to be a rare art.

Portal Ninja -- GakAttack makes a video. With Portal. And ninjas. My face was like this ---> :D

The wrong choice is right around the corner. -- Bo17 talks about a really intriguing and under-loved web series called The Booth at the End.Does anyone use a binary clock in real life or on their PC?? Does anyone use binary clocks? Baskerville Manor wants to know all about it, so let’s talk about it! YEAH!

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