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My 3 Part Theodicy

My Biblical theodicy is basically this...

Part 1.

God is making a victorious hero (us).

Heroes are made through adversity (evil). Good character is forged through hardship (evil) there is no other way. Therefore God predestined evil to enter this universe.

As a result of evil, the world contains losers. Losers stay down, give up, become bitter and blame others.

But heroes, in the face of evil, get back up again and again, they keep faith, they take responsibility and they keep growing in good character. Heroes are overcomers. That is what God wants for us.

Anyone who has overcome adversity and hardship without becoming bitter has developed a level of good character.

Part 2

Humanity ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. As God planned….

….As a result humanity views good and evil through a distorted short sighted lens.

….As a result humanity has a perverse focus on evil. This is probably because we were not created for a world with this level of evil. Losers focus on this evil, become bitter and blame others.

If we still had a natural focus on God the way Adam n Eve did originally, then we would see good and evil through Gods eyes, we would see good and evil in the correct perspective.

Knowing that we dont see the world the way we were created to see it should give us some humility when we judge God for evil.

Part 3

For those who hope and expect to become a part of the next universe, the "Hero Universe". Suffering now is a price willingly paid.

For those who dont hope in this way. Suffering now makes no sense and God is not someone worthy of worship.