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True. 6

 As a teenager in this world where the media is so prevalent in every aspect of our life, I can't tell you how many times I've seen the media tell me what being a teenager is. All the high school sitcoms, young adult novels, and young adult movies where they try to communicate to an older audience that "yes, this is how teenagers of today act" often times have amazed me at how wrong the general perception of being a young adult in this crazy world is. By the media, and thus, many adult's ...

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3 for 3 2

Three good issues of Conan in a row.....a great start for the series.The art, just like the previous issues, is still mindblowing-it has a awesome fantasy aspect to it that separates the book from others on the market. It's almost like there's no outlines, which kind of lends it a sort of painting aspect. The art makes everything look stunning-the action scenes look action packed and clear, and other scenes look to show you the landscape or emotion in the character's faces.I suppose the only com...

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By CROM! 1

From the very beginning of this first issue, you really do get a sense of "man, that was awesome". The first thing you see Conan doing is decapitating some raider, and not only do you think "man, that was awesome", but it looks awesome too, because the art is phenomenal. I don't know what the art team had to do to get this just right, but they did it (probably prayed to Crom). I can see absolutely no better way for this series to look. Whether Conan is chopping some fool's head off or resting b...

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Every legend has a beginning... 0

I've never read much of Conan before, and all of my previous experience with the character was with the (admittedly, pretty fun) 1970s flick (starring none other than the Govenator himself!). So, I approached a little wary.Thankfully, from page one, this comic caught me and wouldn't let go. First off, the art is incredible. The team did a amazing job, and they have a very unique style that I haven't seen in any other comics-the only thing I can think of to compare it to would be Gunslinger Born ...

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