My Favorite Comic Book Characters

Here is my top 15 comic book characters of all time.

List items

  • He is Batman. That is all I will and have to say.

  • Ever since I watched the 1994 "The Mask" on itunes, I was just stunned by the character. He is extremely overpowered yet not in a boring way. He is kind of creepy but cool, at least for me, and therefore is my second favourite comic book character.

  • He isn't very well known but have always considered him an awesome character. He is pretty much, from my point of view, a cooler version of what superboy used to be(Superboy used to get his powers from telekinesis just like captain comet).

  • I watch the TV show, and if I was to make a favourite tv show list this would be my top pick. He is an awesome character, super smart and because of this can get out of the most difficult of situations. The only reason he is this far down on my list is because I don't really read the Dr. Who comics.(My favourite doctor so far is Matt Smith's Doctor)

  • The Man-Thing is just awesome. He is just so cool, I had to put him on this list.

  • He is powerful enough to match and beat the Hulk as well as hold his own against Thanos.(Yes, he was being beaten up, but that was only because he did not us his most famous of powers. That power being his voice.) Enough said.

  • A very interesting character just like Man-Thing, and even though I find the Man-Thing much cooler Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing still came first.

  • A symbol of Feminism, my mom's most favourite character, and a bad(donkey). While she seems just like a female version of superman, her origin story and everything about her powers and more is just so much better. Also, her powers make so much more sense, kind of.

  • Owlman is basically batman, but an owl and evil. He has always been a favourite of mines.

  • Tim Drake is by far the best robin and possibly smarter than batman, and being one of the smartest is one of batman's greatest attributes.

  • His suit looks awesome in my opinion and the fact that he has been shown to be faster than the fastest man alive, that being the flash, on multiple occasions is super cool.

  • He is Deadpool, he is a combination of Wolverine's nearly immortality, Deadpool's ninja coolness, and more all in addition to being able to break the 4rth wall.

  • I never thought of Bizarro as a serious character with a story but more of always a clone of superman who is usually the heavy hitter of a group. Now, then why is he so high on my list. He, while not having a real story, is always fun and a very interesting idea that gets me hooked.

  • The comic vine page says enough, "The Spectre is a supernatural being of near-unlimited might whose mission is to unleash the Wrath of God upon evil men. He is always bound to the soul of a deceased human. Three humans have been bound to the Spectre during the modern age, with Jim Corrigan being its current host.".

  • He is rich like batman, smart like batman, and has a super awesome high tech suit like batman.