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The combination of many diffrent energies,an entity with amazing powers.Born from the many energies in the Phantom zone.

An epic battle was placed into the hands of Darkchild.The man was known as Joseph fell in battle to Darkchild after a amazing battle,the Valkyries came from the sky and blessed him with entrance into Valhalla,were he would stay for eternity.

Darkchild,i will return

"There is no return from Valhalla"

Little did the Valkyrie know how wrong she was,Joseph became tainted by Loki's influenece after payimg a visit to Asgard.Loki and Joseph fought against the Asgardian warriors and eventually deafeted Odin.Loki gained the powers of Odin and ruled over Asgard,he gave Joseph amazing powers to rule over the frost kingdom.

Extraordinary ability in the martial arts that have been developed and perfected over thousands of years by the Priests of Pama. These fighting methods place particular emphasis on the manipulation of pressure points and nerve endings on the bodies of one's opponents. Thus, by knowing the right areas of the body to strike, The Phantom could stun even a being as powerful as Thor.possessed the ability to generate and control a great quantity of mystical abilities for a variety of purposes. He could project powerful beams of concussive force, create highly durable magical force fields, temporarily increase his own physical strength and stamina, grant superhuman abilities to living beings or inanimate objects, fly at great speeds, and teleport interdimensionally. Apparently, Loki possessed some extrasensory abilities that resembled psionic powers. For instance, he could project his thoughts across great distances, even across dimensional barriers. However, he could not read the minds of other beings, though he could control their actions.

The Phantom is extremley resistant to Physical damage,and has super strength that rivals that of the Asgardians.His most offensive,besides his magic is his Sword of Frey which he can control mentally and surround in Dark energy.