Superman Origin - Done by Me (A synopsis/Blog Post)

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Something that I've been thinking about between temporarily hanging up my writing banner and trying to relax/not turn into a Zombie is how many times Superman has been rebooted. We know that Comics get rebooted all the time but, Superman in particular. There's Earth-Two, Earth-One, New Earth (80s origin), Superman Origin 2004, Superman: Birthright, Superman Earth-1 and of course,The DCnU Superman. Of course this isn't a shock, he is the face of Superheroes, one of the first and treated as one of the most popular. I've not ever been a big Superman fan except for Jimmy Olsen, who is one of my favourite characters. But as a character, people don't see the appeal of Superman because he's a god. So while sitting here ploughing through Super Mario 64 DS, I've ended up thinking of something to write: a Superman origin written by me if I got to reboot the character.

To give a brief description of it all: It's a blend of the 1940-70s Superman meets the Modern World. You can definitely sense the New 52 feel, if you're reading this as a major current Comic fan.

Now, to begin Part 1 – From Kal to Clark to Superboy:

Jor-El, member of the Science High Council of the Planet Krypton, tells his fellow councillors that their Planet is near its end. They then turn to the great SuperComputer known as Brainiac who tells them this prediction is false. Jor-El knows the truth and believes that Brainiac has malfunctioned. With his new born baby, Kal-El, he agrees with his wife it would be sensible to build an escape rocket from Krypton and set it to a Planet where they may have peace. Jor-El then begins building a Rocket for him and his family. Deciding it would be best to also keep the SuperComputer alive, a fraction of Brainiac is installed into the Rocket. As well as the Kryptoninan fountain of knowledge, two holograms are programmed for emergencies: Nightwing and Flamebird, two Kryptonians from Legends. They carry the culture and history of Krypton so if anyone should find the rocket and the Els were dead, the memory of Krypton would live on.

On the day of the end of Krypton, just as Kal-El was put into the Rocket, his Parents could not enter due to the destruction around them. Wanting their child to live, they then sent him off alone into space where he travelled the Galaxy for an extremely short time and landed on a habitable planet for Kryptonians also: Earth. He is found by a fair elderly couple in the middle of their field in Kansas. Ready to attack this strange looking Rocket, they find a human looking baby inside. The Rocket then shuts and camouflages itself into a “broken shed” only to be opened by the touch of someone with El family DNA. The two unsure with what to do with the child, they claim that the child was dropped on their doorstep by an unknown teen who passed by their home. They then adopt the child and name him Clark Kent. He then grows up with his Ma and Pa in Smallville, Kansas.

Now, unlike most origins where he discovers he's got Superpowers from a young age (which comes out with stuff like Supertoddler, ergh), I thought it'd be appropriate to follow something that the comics have put in: if Superman is not aware of his powers mentally, then he will not have them physically. Clark grows up to quite a normal child working partly on the Farm but also from a young age having an itch to be a writer. One thing he is constantly is to never go inside the broken Shed next to the house. At one stage, around 13-14, a young Clark decides to be adventurous and break the rules by entering this Shed. The second he touches the lock, the Rocket suddenly shapeshifts back into its original form and hears “Welcome Kal-El”. A hologram of Jor-El appears with Nightwing & Flamebird behind him. He then explains who he truly is and where he is from.

Clark in astonishment runs away and back to his room but is still filled with curiosity. One day after a horrible day at school with the girl he likes, Lana, realising in front of everyone he retreats to this mysterious Shed. There, he once again meets the Holograms and they explain who they are. Jor-El then begins to explain that he is his father and a late Scientist from the Planet Krypton which is now demolished. The program has been made to pass on Kryptonian Culture and memory and Clark begins to learn of his true origins in secret. One day during one of his “Lessons” he learns of the Yellow Sun. The thing about the whole Yellow Sun complex is that scientifically, it doesn't make sense in other comics. If I were to get this opportunity, I would give a much more logical reason behind the Yellow Sun complex.

It's a younger Sun then the one on Krypton. If Nightwing and Flamebird are such Legends of Old then they would have lived under a very different climate. Back then, Krypton's Sun gave them more much energy which they then applied into increasing their strength, speed and other features of their body. However, if a Kryptonian is fooled mentally into thinking that they're not superpowered, they will not have any super power at all. This was why Clark's powers did not develop until he found out through the two Holograms. And so, Clark then develops powers and uses them to help out on the farm. Originally hiding from his Adoptive Parents about the matter, they soon discover and discuss how they found Clark and accept but tell him his powers are not “toys” and aren't to be used only in extreme emergency and away from the public.

So, he learns about his powers and he's Clark Kent. He's living a normal teenage life as a co-farmer after school and part-time member of the School Paper. He starts to try his hand with American Football and considers going into Sports Writing. Lana, the girl who he once adored begins to adore him in highschool, his feelings become strange for her. And through all of this, a young Rich City Boy joins the Kansas High School; Lex Luthor. Clark and Lex quickly become friends, with a fiery rivalry. However, the thing that leaves them a drift is the fact that Luthor Industries wishes to illegally build upon Smallville. As construction works begins, Clark then uses his powers to attack the site and stop the work on his town. The next day, Lionel Luthor announces he is adding security against these 'vandals'. Lex ignores Clark believing he was part of a group who attacked the site as well as Lana.

The next night, Lana wishes to record and report what is happening on the site to prove it is illegal conduct to help her get an internship at Strong Ciy Weekly. Clark sees her and stop her from getting and it is revealed to her that he has Superpowers. After a brief conversation upon his powers, she promises then not to tell anyone and on that night also, the two begin to date. The next day after this, Luthor is fuming with rage as he has to move again and his friend is dating someone who had his eye on for a very long time. Luthor then shuns Clark and Lana, never speaking to them every again. This is all intertwined when a Football Game goes on in the school and Clark goes to stop Lionel Industries Construction – once and for all. Lex is on the site with his father arguing and then a figure who moves at Superspeed is seen.

Suddenly, Clark sees Lana reporting and saves her life when he sees Guards trying to shoot her. Lex then destroys the construction and Clark then saves everyone. He is known as a “boy” with “Superpower” which the Paper spins to be “Superboy”, which Lana ends up reporting. Clark’s known as Superboy and defends parts of Kansas unfortunately, he isn’t prepared for fighting. Though I’m a supporter of “invulnerability” I’d definitely do it differently. Luke Cage is the best kind of invulnerability, this “metal skin” idea is what I’d do to Superman to make him more humane than usual but still keeping his raw element of being this strong Neo-Hercules. Anyway; after one nasty fight, he ends up back in the Rocket and a guy skinned Alien appears from nowhere and takes him to the 31st Century.

He discovers his destiny and before he can run away, he’s handed a Legion of Superheroes fly ring and has to fight a strange mutated giant alien from a distant galaxy. I find LoSH have always been a big part of Superboy but not Superman. I think keeping it this way is better then trying to make sure it’s fitted in. It also annoys me then they remove Superman’s memory of his time training in the future as I see it as a necessary step. Plus, as I’m keeping strictly to the rules I’ve laid down, Superboy would have to remember to remember what he’s learnt in the future. There’d then be implication that he’d been training for a few months before his final Legion Adventure and then he would forever stay in the 21st Century. At this point, Clark decides after school to travel the world and attempts to write a travel writing book.

This is another modernisation. We originally get the sense that Superman comes from the Farmland to Metropolis (thus explaining the infamous “Farm Boy” joke). If I had superpowers of superspeed, I’d definitely go travelling. So, Clark drops the Superboy dredds and goes off to “find himself.” While doing this, Clark sees a very bitter world. They’ve always hinted that Superman’s an ol’ fashion Boy Scout and the way to get around this is not make him “brooding” and “edgy” but more, “in-shock” as to how the world is. So when Clark Kent finds himself in Metropolis pinning after a job in the Daily Planet, we definitely get to the end of “Superboy”. Clark’s grown to his early-mid 20s and wants to get a job as a Sports Writer in the Planet. However, this next part changes everything...

Part 2 - The Coming of Superman:

You’re given access to reboot Superman. Instead of gradually building that process you decide it would be better to jump into the deep end. Here’s where Superman goes wrong for me. There is zero character development. I’ve shown a former farm boy who’s got powers beyond the Normal human and would love to change the world. Yet, he settles on Journalism after travel writing and has a bit of a passion for sports. Frankly, if you’re going to wear Superman’s costume (the top alone) you’re going to like the old American football costumes. So Clark used something similar to an American football shirt with a big “S” back when he was Superboy. The important thing is, it’s reminiscent to the usual costume.

He ends up working with the Planet, getting respect for already having a bit of work out there. He’s enthusiastic enough that the Senior Editor, Perry White, has a lot of respect for him. Then we get a personal favourite character of mine: Jimmy Olsen. An underpaid intern with skills in Photography, journalism and web skills. We’ve touched this in the recent New 52 but I would love to push it more. The idea that Jimmy’s a bit of a brain box in later origins. He use to skip classes to go to University lectures. This is the sort of set up I want for Olsen. He’s underpaid because he’s not got the same qualifications that others have so White takes advantage of that. Another thing that annoys me is: Perry White randomly being owner of the Planet too with no business credentials?? STUPID, DC, STUPID.

Anyway; I have an idea of making him a Senior Journalist who also has several business skills. He’s attempting to buy the Planet as its owner, George Taylor. Clark joins the Paper during this hectic time, unassuming and mild mannered. Clark befriends Jimmy Olsen quite early on, for their relationship as Clark and Jimmy I think should be stressed. The Planet offer a good group of people Clark Kent can be friends with, not just “Superman’s Pal.” So anyway - Clark begins to be a Sports Writer at the Planet. Also trying to buy the Planet is Lex Luthor. Clark doesn’t know who “LexCorp” is owned by as, he called Lex Luthor “Alex” when they were younger. He is surprised to find out that Luthor is the owner of LexCorp, having built his company from nothing. Lois Lane is about to enter my origin. An aspiring Journalist, she started out working on mostly Military stories and Foreign Affairs. The thing that brings the two to investigative journalism? Superman.

Metropolis isn’t a perfect City. I would give it a feel that on the surface; it was great. But the deeper you go, the deadlier it is. The Mayor takes bribes from Gangs and Corporations don’t necessarily follow the law. The Planet is one of the few that maintains a good moral fibre, though this isn’t even true of all its workers. Clark begins being Superman when he hears of several crimes that are committed and believes that he could once again use his powers to fight them off. He had helped foreign countries during his time travelling. One night, he sees a group of Intergang members making a trade off with members of Lex Luthor’s business team who (as revealed and forgotten to be mentioned by me) are trying to buy the Planet for Luthor. Dressed in a traditional costume with a “K” symbol and a blue mask, he attacks them violently, not understanding his strength.

A story is released: masked vigilante similar to Gotham Legend (yeah, I have a Batman origin too...) reported. The Planet of course goes nuts and every reporter is assigned to the Vigilante case. One report says he wore a K on his chest and this suggested as some flashy reference to the fact he’s a Killer. Lane, an incredibly skilled Investigative reporter isn’t convinced. Clark, who of course knows the truth, is neutral about the matter and begins to investigate. Jimmy, wanting to get the first picture, stalks the streets looking for him. Suddenly, there is another report of the mysterious “K” Man. This time, he is enraged with the actions of an Intergang member after attacking a young girl who is missing that he lifts him up while he’s in his car. Clark’s mask falls off and, Jimmy, gets a picture of the “K” man.

Meanwhile, Lois investigates any similar reports. She comes across Clark’s old reports during his time working his local paper and on a Kansas paper as an intern. They talk of a young boy with a K and also of a report against Luthor Industries construction sites. Lois begins to suspect a connection between the new K man and Clark. She questions him but gets no answers and waits for him to strike against Intergang. Lex Luthor watches from his home and knows that this is definitely the same person who attacked his Father’s company. Luthor, being insane, believes that this man is obsessed with trying to ruin his life. When he hears the Government wants information, he begins to assist them.

Clark and Lois end up with the lead story of this new K Man but, one carries one half of information while the other carries the other half. Jimmy has a picture ready to print. Lois is forced to work with Clark, which she hates and leaves him behind mostly to go and find more on this K Man. Clark then jumps into action when he notices that Intergang set up a bomb to destroy a Government building where Luthor, General Lane and other stand. The General is a very high-up General and works with Luthor only because he has to but mostly believes his daughter about the idea that he is scum of the Earth. As they discuss plans to capture the new killer and discuss theories, Intergang plan a bomb. Clark comes in and saves everyone’s life with his superspeed.

He then notices Lois has snuck into the building to get information on the Meeting and Luthor involvement. With not enough time to get through, even with superspeed, Clark then jumps so high he is practically flying. He then picks up Lois Lane and saves her as the building erupts. The Mysterious K man is recognised as a hero by the Planet and by Militants but Luthor is skeptical as are several others. Lois is put down on the top of the Planet building and begins to object however the Mysterious K man then goes “The K stand for Krypton.” This starts the conversation as to who he is and a part of his story. Lois then says “You look familiar...” To which Clark covers up by saying it is part of his anatomy to look familiar for comfort.

Spellbound by the K Man she then asks what he is doing in Metropolis away from Kansas. He replies by saying: “To fight for Truth and Justice. Your sun gives me extraordinary powers that I can do amazing things with...That I can do Super things with. I think a better name for myself would be...Superman.” And thus, Superman is born. He then leaves and heads back to the farm, telling his parents of his new goal. They tell him he must devise a new identity, to which Clark agrees. Struggling with ideas, Pa suggests he uses his glasses but takes a piece from the old Ship, which hid into things. Clark shapes up his own glasses and then decides that it was time to move the RocketShip to somewhere more secure. He notices how it is much more interactive as he has gotten older and he can even expand it and Clark treats it as a “Second Home.” He takes the Rocket to the North Pole and the Fortress of Solitude is born.

The next day, Clark goes on Television with a similar costume but an S on his chest saying he is Superman and, if the Mayor agrees, he will defend the streets of Metropolis. Superman becomes the new defender of Metropolis, much to the objection to several civilians. The President then asks to meet Superman who then comes out and says that he is in support of Superman, however in this meeting it was agreed Superman would primarily stay in America, particularly within the City of Metropolis and that he was against the Vigilante that existed within Gotham. The Political relationship of Superman is in important as he’s constantly treated as the symbol for Superheroes. The Man of Steel then becomes Metropolis’ golden defender despite many people being against him.


But yes, I hope people enjoy. I may actually write the story of it out but for now, it's just a synopsis.



How I think equality amongst the genders/diversity should work

The actual title of this blog post is:

Why I'm for and against the feminism movement and how diversity in comicbooks should be handled

I have a feeling that many of the people who read this post may miss my point. That's not because people are stupid or haven't explained clearly enough but with these two big issues, people always seem to. A year ago, I use to write very angry blog posts on a Tumblr about how I hated the feminism community that was surrounding comicbooks. How they were never satisfied and I felt they tended to be very angry instead doing the simple solution of just not buying the comic. But this isn't what I'm arguing about today. I was walking around in my small kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and I thought to myself: female characters aren't written correctly because most writers grew up with the old fashioned comics, I say old fashioned because of lot the writers from the previous generation didn't really write female superheroes. Look at Wonder Woman, yes she's iconic but not in the same way Batman and Superman are. Why? I think it's because girls of the '40s were reading girl comics and superhero didn't fit into that. And I think writers take inspiration from what they grew up with as children and because of this, they've ended up with the same formula. And many will argue they're grown up “super-fanboys” and just like the look of 'perfect' women.

Starfire is a prime example of this. Her new body and they way she flaunts herself is treated like that. I agree with people getting angry. What I don't think was logical was that people were doing this like: my six year old daughter's reaction to Starfire. It's not the target audience, that's not the correct way of doing it. Comicbooks are aimed from 15-34 year olds. And that means boys and girls. They're not going to win any girl fans if they objectify women in certain ways, even in the most subtle way possible. Most believe that they should just “hire more female workers” I don't think it's that simple. There are a lot more male comicbook writers and artists out there. But before I digress from my point and really start up debates over feminism in comic books, I return. There is a huge unfair treatment and many fans express this constantly but, writers seem to ignore it. Why? Because writers think they're the overlords of stories and to a sense that's true. I'm a writer, I've written a book and happen to be starting on the second soon. People ask me: why don't you write this and this? Because I write whatever I feel like writing. I think that's true in their case but the problem is, they've got a variety of people to please.

Another thing (and also the other side to this post) is diversity. Currently, there are a lot of things in this matter that are changing. I've noticed more and more heroes being of different origin and culture. But DC and Marvel have a habit of flaunting this around. This isn't something we should adopt. I was talking about the story of me in my kitchen making tea, this also occurred to me: diversity is something a writer should chose to do. Not because a fan tells him to do or he feels obligated but because he/she is trying to create a world that is similar to ours with superheroes and villains and power. Yes, there is a sense of pure fiction but realism in comicbooks works phenomenally to an extent. In our world, we have different religions and cultures and races etc. I think it's important we all realise this and it'll strengthen story telling. So what is the point: We should have equality among everyone and a way of dealing with it should be by not buying something. There's a lot more I can say but I'm rather nervous due to this being my first article about comics in a while now. I hope you all enjoy reading and if you don't like my view, just say but please don't insult me.