My Favorite Comic Series

While I have read many series, these are by far my favorites (in order from favorite to least). I also haven't fully read some of these series, such as Fantastic Four, but I'm still in love with them, and some of these series are still ongoing. I do mainly read newer comics (I buy over 30 titles a month), but there are a few older series I read. Remember this is all my opinion, but these are series I find quite difficult to put down.

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  • Such an amazing series... I can't suggest this series enough. Lin Lie (Sword Master) works to find his father, while demons are hunting him down for an orb that he found. He still doesn't understand how the sword works which makes this series hilarious at points, but still has great action.

  • I've loved Power Rangers since I was 3 years old. This feels just like the original tv show, yet still ties in with the main Mighty Morphin comic series. If you like the tv show, you will love this comic.

  • Marvel's First Family, the Fantastic Four... an amazing group of heroes and an amazing read from what I've seen out of it. Working on getting a full run of this series (down to about 120 issues left counting other volumes) and it truly is amazing and I realize why it's still around today.

  • While as I'm writing this only 2 issues have been released, I'm absolutely in love with it. Skottie Young does amazing work with this. There are many characters to learn the names of, but I can't wait to see what happens in the future with each one of them.

  • This was the perfect way to bring back the Fantastic Four. I loved this series start to finish and it's a great pick up before you read the current volume of Fantastic Four.

  • A funny yet amazing read with good, clean art and a pretty great story.

  • While it's only a one-shot graphic novel, it's still well worth the read. It's a new origin for Raven, but it's absolutely amazing. Any Teen Titans fan will love this book.

  • A series that helped get my start in comics. No longer the classic Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson rocks the symbiote and isn't afraid to use it for whatever he must.

  • A great read with each story arc. I highly suggest the Shattered Grid story arc most of all. It feels like the classic tv show, just spread among multiple episodes.

  • Best Spiderman series I've read. Focuses more on his local community rather than all of New York or the world, yet it still finds a way to come up with new villains and stories that will thrill. If you don't want to read this series, at least read issue 6, it's truly an amazing story and one of my all time favorite comics.

  • Each storyline this series takes is stunning. I love the art with this and love the classic SpiderMan humor.

  • Not as good as the original Fantastic Four series, but it's a great comeback from their 5-year break that they took.

  • This is the main series I love from Archie comics. I do like Sabrina and the main Archie title, but neither of those rank up to this series. It's funny and it's everything you would expect for the classic duo of Betty and Archie.

  • The current Stargirl tv show is what brought me to this series and I have loved it since page 1. It's very similar to the tv show, and when it is different, it's amazing. Can't recommend this series enough.

  • Simply a great read, I don't know what else to say besides that.

  • Simply a great read, I don't know what else to say besides that.

  • Serious and hilarious at the same time. The art in it fits the vibe of the duo amazingly and has a great storyline.

  • A series that helped bring me into comics. Has a good storyline, good art, and good action; everything you expect from a story about Venom vs. Carnage.

  • A great read for any Teen Titans fan, or any comic fan in general.

  • Simply a good read from start to end; focuses on the darker side of Spidey with the symbiote and Mysterio.

  • Besides being a key series currently in the DC universe, it also happens to be a great read with many twists.

  • Each comic focuses on a new hero (similar to Marvel Team-Up), but Hawkeye is an amazing hero you don't see as much as Spidey, so it's a good change and has a good story in each issue.

  • I began reading this series around issue 70. The art and story in this are absolutely amazing and it feels straight out of the Flash tv show almost.

  • This series truly brought me into comics. It's a great read no matter how much you know about comics.

  • A great 90's series, has a few slow issues here and there, but this is one of the series that got me into comics.