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Okay people and other humanoid life forms that read!!!!

I am outta here to the land of OZ, not the ones with small orange people and an annoying scarecrow as it's king. There will be no ruby red slippers where I am going. Just lots of Kangaroos, beer and barbeques. BRING ON THE CHICKEN SALT....... The main reason im going is to see the one and only MR or as I call her My Girl. So I may pop on time to time, there may even be a random video thrown up of our mighty trip to see Watchmen. But more importantly I will not really be on for about 5 weeks. Heres the whole vine breathe a sigh, enjoy it guys and don't let DC or Drift get yo outta control while I am gone, I know Nova will be running the vine by the time I offical come back. Love you all, well not really maybe a strong like might be better, I like you all. Well not all of you but about 97.5 percent of you. But yeah bye.

Peace Arrow, Sov, Nano, Rifter, PI Dark, (we could be here all day so :p)