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InfoReal Name: Mike Lockhart.

Alias: Last Arrow, Sovereign Son.

Eye Color: Red pupils

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 17 Stone.

Training: Master Oma Courtes: Brazilian Boxing, Master Fol Amber: Mixed Marital Arts, Master Ross Munro: Krav Maga, Master Herio San: Thai ken do, Sir Ian Macintosh: Weapons Master. Trained in Tibet with Shaloin Monks, Japan with the Hand, etc

Service Record: Two years SAS. One Year Black Ops, Three years MI6, Two and a half years Navy Seal and four years classified.

known Associates: Nighthunter, Paragon. Cyro Wolf, Light, Andferne and Gambler.

Last known residence: Classified.

PowersSovereign Son Makes His StandSovereign Son started his career as Last Arrow, a name that still remains round the vine. Sovereign is one of the Living Legends of the older age of the vine and as such has seen almost everything and faced everything and is still walking. He has no powers and has still beaten the worst of the worst, Gambler, Final Arrow and Dark Child have all felt the pain of his bow at one point. What he lacks in powers he makes up for in knowledge and skill, Even the newer generation of the Vine have come to him for training. Three of his top pupils have become some of the greatest to walk the earth, Nighunter, Paragon and Gamblers Daughter have all been trained in some level by the hero.

Marksmanship : Even with one eye, Sovereign is a deadly marksman, he never misses and makes almost every shot count. No matter what the weapon if it can be thrown make sure your not in his way.

Leadership : As a trainer Mike has become a great leader and field commander, he is always the first on the battle field and last off, he never makes anyone do something he is not willing to do himself.

Tactical Genius: Mike has out thought the most dangerous of villains and this is perhaps his greatest assets, his mind is always ticking and he will use everything he knows against you, if he has to get in your mind he will and with MR giving him consent updates he is never short of knowledge on his enemies

Master of 80 percent of all Martial Arts: Mike has spent most of his life training, with the arm and out of it, he seeks knowledge where ever he can get it on all forms of fighting and has been trained by some of the world's greatest masters, he prides himself on his ability to fight if it is needed, but often prefers to out think his rival then use fighting skills.

weapons master : With his time in the army Mike has a love for weapons and one that he often plays with more then the others, understanding how to fight is half the battle, understanding the weapon in your hand is the other. There is more to a weapon then what it does if you know this you will be unstoppable. If it can be used as a weapon then Mike will use it.

Superior intellect : Mikes IQ is one of the highest in the world, he often make act a fool, but this is only a mask to hide what is really going on, do not be fooled.

Gadgets : along with everything else, mike has an array of gadgets at his disposal, often provided to him by MR. Watch his hands and everything else, he is a living weapon for more then just one reason.

Super speed: Mike is able to use Super Speed in short bursts, he has mastered this power and is able to use it in single body parts including his fingers.Short BioSovereign Son was once a great hero training the likes of Paragon and Nighthunter He had never stopped training while he was away, Heroes never do it is hard wired into his blood. Mike was born into the army life, his father was never around working with the Unit. The unit was a group of of the worlds top agents working into the same goal, On one mission Bruce sent out after the pair was unable to kill the child, while the mother lay bleeding the agent picked up the child and took her to the foot hills of Mount Taishan calling on an old favour from the monks that lived their Bruce Lockheart left the child to be cared for, heading back to the States he made sure to receive updates of the childs progress from the monks, he was to become her surrogate father and Patron, visiting her as often as he could, bringing his son Mike after he was old enough. It was the soldier that named her after his mother Surreal the surname SaDiablo from a famous book he much loved.

Last ArrowYoung Last ArrowMike Lockhart was born in Edinburgh Scotland, his mother Gwen and Steve where extremely proud of their little boy, Steve was a member of the British SAS. Mike grew up around the military at the age of four he watched his mother get gunned down in front of him. His father was a away on a mission in China. Upon his return he removed his son from the care of the British army and took him to a temple deep within far away mountains, here he met a girl that would become his sister, Surreal Sadiablo, Mike’s father had been sent to kill the girls mother but had brought her here instead. The two grow up training in martial arts, where Surreal adapt to using Chi, Mike focused his anger into his fists. His father often visited but at the age of twelve Mike left and began training all round the world. After his training Mike went on to join the forces but never gave up his training, much of his time in the armies of the world has remained classified and shall never see public light.

But Mike left and knowing he could use his skills to help the world in a better way, picking up a bow and a set of arrows mike dawned a costume and called himself Last Arrow. Joining the Nao he became started a rivalry between himself and Gambler the two set their careers against the other and the rest is history. Mike would later help lead the NAO and would one day help Cyro Wolf to take his place in the hero world. With his skill in battle and mind, Mike became a living legend with in the hero community and the scourge of the underworld. But he soon retired from the lime light and started a family, but that would soon end as his enemies found him, his son and daughter where killed in front of him by Final Arrow. Arrow began to taunt Mike even to go so far as to take his last name. But the worst was yet to come as returning home Mike’s house was set a balze his wife inside, he broke past the police and fire men but was stopped by Gambler and Paragon who arrived to late to save his wife but managed to save him. But while they all moved on Mike stayed stuck and even tried to kill himself, Cyro wolf found him hanging by a rope in the NAO hq an saved his life.

Each day was a day spent watching and remembering the life that was taken from him by one of the most powerful men he had ever come against. He remembers his days in the NAO with joy and how he then moved on to the LEV and more. Each time he never found a home until he met his wife they had two years of bliss and two great children. Until that murderous night and he never thought he would be able to come back from it. His life was left in ruins so he left the comfort of the NAO and sought out exile once again in a temple hidden from the world he sought to fix his soul; Little did he know it would be fixed by a young hero. Teaching the man brought back a hope he thought had left him, So he returned once again this time with his new partner Nighthunter and the two did great deeds and then he realized the world no longer needed him so he past his flame to the young hero and once again retired, hanging up his bow and arrows he no longer listened to the woes of man.

A year has past since then Thinking he could escape his past he faked his death and left the world with a chance at a new hero could be born under his old alias, But things did not go according to plan as they never do in this world, He was once again called back to his homeland to serve his country in its time of need. The New Hero had been discharged due to misconduct and sadly the queen had to force her hand and bring back the man who had earned the peace he was due. But action had forced his return and once again he found himself facing down impossible odds, No longer as Last Arrow the name had lost what it once meant to this world he would now be known as Sovereign Son.

Sovereign SonSovereign SonOLD SCHOOL ARROW AND ANDFOnce again he lifted a bow but he no longer cared what harm he did to his enemies, So the bow was replaced with two 9mm pistols and a small knife. The government watched as he excelled at everything they could throw at him and he loved it. Once again his blood boiled for action, He wanted to face old and new foes and most of all he wanted the odds to be against him. All he knew his whole life was fighting and death and he no longer feared either. It was time for a old breed of hero to shine the way and this time it would be different, This time they will know what it feels to lose family members to watch loved ones die, To many lines had been crossed for him to get to this moment. It was time for the villains to hide and cry in fear as Sovereign Son took his first steps out into a new world.

His return was almost shot lived, He returned to Ice and was welcomed by Andy his old friend. He had escaped death and killed two of the world’s most dangerous mutants. Trying to see revenge for being forced to watch his wife and children’s death over and over again. He confronted Sinister wounded and almost dead, As his fate looked sealed a Jet crashed into sinister’s castle and Andferne steps forward to safe his friend. Becoming a hero once more Sovereign son, wore a new costume provided by Andferne, a costume that showed his conutrys colours and the new hero was born one that would fight to keep the darkness from the world A darkness that once took him

SarahAnd MikeSoon after Sovereign was forced to take drastic action that ended in his death and yet another Ice Jet written off, He was found dead by Sector 13 a secret organization of the government who added more super serum to his system and replaced his genes with certain animals, He was reborn and his memory was left in pieces, He is incredibly fast and heals in almost an instant. Found by the mysterious Mistress Redhead who seems to hold some control over his animal side, he was brought back to Ice and now tries to rebuild what he once had.

After the events that lead to Sovereign Son regaining his memory, he hung up his mask and went public with his identity, Now a consultant working in ICE, He helps train new heroes and pushes them to be the best, His past speaks for itself and on occasion joins the Ice Team on missions, Sarah and Mike grow close on the mission to save Paragon, Now in the start of a relationship Sovereign Son tries to juggle normal life with his now public hero life.

After IceSovereign Son, Left ice to find Sarah. Upon his way he was captured by the American Government and forced fed drugs to prevent him from using his powers again, His mind slightly became warped as a side effect and started to see the world as a giant show tune, Believing that the pills where keeping him alive, he became a merch for higher along with Crazy 8 his now good friend and partner, Their missions took them all over the world and he was reunited with Surreal in Vegas, where the two promptly married. Shortly after this, Sarah removed the tablets seeing the ill effect they where having on her man. Now back to his normal self and with healing ablities from his sector 13 days , Sovereign stayed with his wife and now is one of the most dangerous merch out in the world today. His vast knowledge of the villains and heroes give the Section 8 a edge on the targets hiring themselves out to any and all that need them, there is no more a good or bad side just when the next pay day is.

Changing his costume to mimic his new ways, he now dawns a black battle suit with head gear and carries a large katanna on his back, His arsenal ranges for small knifes to anti tanks guns and always come prepared for who he is fighting may it be a crafty Cajun or a All American Hero.

Surreal helps Mike once again regain his former memory and the great man that was once Last Arrow returns and focuses on his training once again, Surreal and Mike made the choice to turn Section 8 into a intel gathering organisation rather then merchs for hire, they now work to gather everything and anything in the world and supply all governments with the information they need for the right price. They even worked with lAS in the past where Gambler gave Mike an adinmantium Katanna as a gift, Shortly after that Sarah told Mike she was pregnant, but before they could enjoy this news, they where told of the death of Nighthunter, Mikes closet student, a man he saw as a son, at his funeral mike placed a white arrow on the coffin of his greatest stutdent. .

They had a young daughter who they called Chevie Lockhart, because of Mikes genes after the experiments at the hands of Sector 13 Chevie has super speed and regen. Mike and Sarah have began training her and she was enrolled in the Vine Prodigies, she knows her dad will always look after her no matter what, even when she does not need to be protected.

The Daughter Of A legendSovereign Son spent a few months in the mountains at his step sister’s temple, after receiving a note from his long term rival Gambler who had died at the hands of his own daughter. Mike went to the temple and saved the young girl from freezing outside of the temple gates, as time went on Angelic trained with Surreal in the ways of chi but still had inner demons to fight. Her mind was clouded and confused after taking the life of both her father and Andferne one of Mikes friends. It all came to a head when she found the letter that Gambler had sent him, she attacked Mike and he did nothing to protect himself allowing her to beat him senseless, he only spoke words that he knew would drive deep into her core and force her pain out, Mike was beaten half to death during this battle and was given the Katanna of his oldest student Nighthunter. As he lay on the floor bleeding the girl left and Mike was treated at the temple, when he awoke he set out into the world now with one eye less, but he felt no anger towards the young girl her pain was now at its surface and she would be dealing with it rather then hiding behind it. Mike continues to look for his wife.

It was during this time that he first fought Acer and the two started a rivalry under the stary sky above, only time will tell if this is another enemy that the old dog will out live.

All HellAfter the world was almost destroyed Mike helped his old team of W.A.R get disassembled by the government and replaced with Gamblers Initiative. Making sure that MR found them all jobs in the private sector Mike went on to help with the clean up. He spent most of his time away from home, after blaming himself for not being their to save his wife from being crippled from the waist down. The pain was too much and he began to lose himself in his work and sought shelter at Vetrais tower, hoping to seek advice from his old friend Kurrent but what he found instead was something very different and a new costume.

Shadow Squad and The CopsMike is now a the Leader of the Shadow Squad a black ops team that works within the C.O.Ps team, Mike now dawns the the suit of Nighhunter in order to keep his memory alive.

Crazy 8Crazy and Mike met in a hail of bullets and poker chips, A hit was put out on James Anderson. James had managed to run up a bill of over ninety million dollars on a high state poker game, only problem for James was he had no money and was playing with a group of people who get there money in other ways. Mike arrived at James address and just as he pulled the trigger the building exploded. Crazy 8 had brought c4 to the party and along with nine other hit men the war started. At the end of the fire fight only two men stood, Mike and Crazy. The two had killed everyone else and stood toe to toe, but something strange happened and the two went for a drink after they collected the money and went 50/50 Mike asked him to join Section 8. Crazy downed his drink bought a taco and the rest is history.

The WifeMRSarah and mike have been with each other since he became a member of Ice and the two now work close as a team. Even when she can't be part of the action now that she is in a wheel chair, she works with many different teams providing them with up to date information and intel. she worries that her husband over works himself and knows he blames himself for her being in the wheel chair. Mike knows he has been growing distant, but he would never hurt her, he simply loves her to much.

ChevieTo Come

NighthunterTo Come

The CarMikes love for heavy music, guns and muscle cars often spill over into his hero life, Mike drives a 1967 Chevy impla. It has been modified to withstand heavy rockets and what Mike likes to call the end of the world as long as anything bad is happening if he is in that car with his family nothing can touch him, he has even made the upgrade so that MR can access it with ease. The car also comes with a change of costume and civilian clothes as well as a small arsenal of weapons