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New 52 Outsiders

Make it happen DC, with Teen Titans cancelled here's a great chance to showcase some of the younger/lesser used heroes of the DCU.

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  • THE leader in the DCU, how can you have the Outsider's without Nightwing? He's the draw to bring in readers.

  • He's been gone for too long and it'd be great to have him back.

  • About as much of an Outsider as you can be, she'd be a good foil to my next pick...

  • Rose tried to hunt and kill Terra (and her team) they have beef and that tension can be used to create an interesting dynamic

  • DC has announced his return; His power levels are currently unknown but it'd be great to have him working with Dick again. Their friendship was one of the highlights of The Post Crisis continuity.

  • She's been dead for far too long and it's about time DC brought her back. She'd play The team's heavy hitter.