New World, New life

As Bredry was dropped into the bustling city of Detroit by his new master, he made sure to look at his surroundings. And what he saw, he didn't like. Robberies, defilement, and disrespect. No wonder Jah had wanted him to clean up the land a bit. But Bredry had a different want. All he knew about his planet was that it had been destroyed. He didn't know how the war ended, what happened to his family, and how it was destroyed. And for once, He actually had a want for that knowledge, and whether it take him centuries, or it take him minutes, he would have that information. That would come first, what Jah wanted came second. Hmph, the Lion humanoid smirked, Jah wanted me to be his warrior of Light, but i think i'll do what i want for once. I have been commanded for to long, i will instead be a Soul Rebel.

(Just a short paragraph introducing my new character, could be a lot better, but oh well)