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General Stats
Real Name:???
Aliases:Soran Cassius
Public Identity:Public
Species:Advanced Neanderthal
Eyes:Dark Brown
Family:Too many to count

An ongoing theory on both the dark web and mainstream forums is that we as a human species were the very thing that eradicated nearly all the dinosaurs, that the meteor that collided with the earth was in fact a pod that carried the very first in the line of homo sapiens. This theory has universally been panned and given the status as "hogwash"....by one single man. A man who could be considered the oldest living thing on the planet, a man who could conceivably be considered an alien, but his DNA was the very basis on what would become human...he calls himself Soran but his name was lost long ago to even himself. These are his own archives.


The Beginning
The Beginning

When Soran first landed on what would be known as earth, it was only himself and the lone slave woman who was meant for copulation and reproduction.


Longevity and Healing
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Soran has survived for millennia because of his own foreign genealogy, and the fact that he has rapid healing. His body is in a constant state of motion, deep within down to his molecules. Being the first "Human" on earth and the blueprint for the future of mankind, his body was created to withstand the chaos that comes with longevity. Able to heal from grievous wounds in hours, and what he would consider minor in mere seconds. His longevity has also given him a high intelligence as he had to learn how to simply survive from the moment he stepped out from the pod.

Instant Memory Recall
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Super Strength
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Heightened Reflexes
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Advanced Alien Technology
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Column Head
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Soran always wears a long black and brown jacket, it is something of his own creation. Beneath his jacket, he has created a rather large area of space to hold a not indefinite but quite a large amount of items and weapons. When his brute strength is not enough, he often has just the right weapon waiting to be plucked out of the "void" that he hides beneath.