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The Sun is Setting 9

Talk about a “head-scratcher”. As a warning, I am going to try and be as ambiguous as possible while writing this review but there might be some very minor spoilers.For starters, I admit this is a very impressive, very ambitious film. There are two ways to look at this movie: As a comic book adaptation and as a sequel. As a comic book adaptation I’d say it’s on par. The movie was filled with fan-service that should be satisfactory for comic book fans. Still, I believe tha...

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“After Every Beginning there is an End” 0

The book that got me into reading comic books has reached its end. Was the experience everything that we hoped it would be?The GoodThe teamwork of Brian M. Bendis and Mark Bagley can easily be described as legendary. Their aptitude for storytelling is classic and it is a pleasure to see this series end with the creative team that started it over ten years ago.The events in this final issue are moving, emotive and exciting. For the lack of a better word this whole arc was close to perfection. The...

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Re-Thinking Cyclops' Character 0

Schism (skiz-siz-uhm) -noun division or disunion, especially into mutually opposed parties.We know that the next X-Universe event will be about division. The X-Men will have their own Civil War where Wolverine and Cyclops will draw the line between the mutant community. As a set up for this next event we are getting this Prelude yet the question is, how much is it really setting up?The GoodWhen I first started reading comic books, besides Spider-Man, Cyclops was one fo the characters I was the m...

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"Grounded" for our Needs 0

Two Brothers. Two Enemies“For Asgard!” Norse mythology has never looked better than it did in the most recent Marvel Studious movie: Thor. Thanks to Comic Vine’s 3-Minute Expert my Thor knowledge was elevated but when I watched this movie I could not really call myself a Thor aficionado. Then again, Marvel Studios has been doing an amazing job at introducing characters that non-comic book readers are unfamiliar with.Why was this a good movie? Besides that fact that the casting was amazing and th...

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Ultimately Amazing 1

The universe that got me into reading comics has gone back to it's roots in this amazing trilogy. Once again it is validated, to me, that Brian Michael Bendis is "good at what he does, and what he does is write great stories." The Good  The Ultimate Universe was originally made to be allowed to have creative freedom with characters and settings we are already familiar with. That is why they can get away with things like Jessica Drew being a female clone of Spider-Man, Rick Jones being Nova and R...

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Remember That Scene From Jungle Book? 1

Brian Bendis continues to amaze me. The man is able to put out 3+ titles a month and still be on his game. Can you tell I liked this issue?  The Good  Spider-Man's super hero classes are on hiatus while Black Cat and Mysterio fight for the Zodiac Key. After writing that last sentence I realized how weird comic books can get sometimes (and I haven't read Age of X yet). Reestablishing friendships and relationships are just some of the many things that happened in this issue. The Sara Pinchelli is ...

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"Speechless" 0

While I haven't been following Johnathan Hickman's run on Fantastic Four completely, the few issues of his I did read were simply amazing. With no doubt his place is writing the First Family.  The Good  I am unsure if this is a spoiler or not, but this is mostly a silent issue. I think I mentioned this once or twice before, but silent issues are always a hit/miss topic for me. Silent issues are, for the most part about expressing emotion without the need of words. Usually, this is something...

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Filler Issue or Something More? 1

 Is she the Gotham version of Lois Lane? I have been mentioning that I am fairly new to Batman, I am so new to reading Batman titles that my first Batman was Dick Grayson. I have never even read a Batman story involving Bruce Wayne except for Batman #700. So this issue was pretty confusing for someone who is so new to the Batman universe.  The Good  As always I always have to mention the amazing art that fill these comic books. Cliff Richards is an amazing artis...

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Scarlet; the Next Punisher? 0

Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev create a new hit! Scarlet is a red-head who kills those who deserve it...    A red-head who kills... She has her reasons! The Good  Scarlet is an interesting character who has a messed up past. Bendis creates a not so original idea (breaking the 4th wall) in an original matter. This is an origin book, where the story is told by the main character in a way breaking the 4th wall without the need of sounding like Deadpool!  Maleev is an awesome artist, an...

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Video Review: Heinberg and Cheung; an Amazing Creative Team! 2

It's been a long time since I've done a video review... I love this series and it's only 2 issues in, so I decided this deserved a Video Review...    Also (something I ommitted from the video) I think the colors by Justin Ponsor are the amazing which brings this book to a whole new level. By the way, for all of you that are wondering, I had just gotten out of the shower and usually my eyes get all red after, which is why my eyes were red throughout the whole video... I hope ...

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Wiccan's Mommy Issues 0

 The New 'Scarlet Witch'? We get into the mind of Wiccan, which is a dangerous place not only because of the identity issues he has but because apparently, according to the Avengers, will become the next Scarlet Witch.  The Good  Jim Cheung's art is breathtaking. Everything that he draws is awesome, and this book is no exception. While the art is great and tells amazing stories panel to panel, I have to say that Justi...

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Bloody! Yet not that interesting! 0

 Bloody! Yet not interesting! Marvel has released a new X-Men book as an obvious attempt in getting new readers with a new number one.    The Good The thing I would like to point out first of all is that Paco Medina's art is beautiful. It does remind me of Deodato's art somehow, but I like the deeper attention to all the color tones on the art provided by Marte Garcia. As far as the story goes, the fact that Jubilee has received ...

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Tears, Surprises and a Funeral 2

Second Coming was an emotional, action-filled story that became one of my favorite X-Men story arcs since House of M. This is the ending chapter and although there was no action per se in this issue, it was still an amazing way to close the curtains on this mutant fight for survival story. It was divided into four stories with four different creative teams, so it would make sense to divide my review into four parts… Note: Since this is somewhat an older story there will be some spoilers, so I...

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Reviewed as a Movie and a Comic Book Movie 3

In the US the long awaited Iron Man 2 movie is premiering tomorrow May 7th, but the International premiere for the movie was last week and since I don't live in the US (just close) I went to watch the movie. So for all of you who haven't seen it and are waiting to anxiously here's a review of what you'll get (I promise I won't spoil anything) SynopsisIn Iron Man Suitcase Suit "Iron Man 2," the world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark is ...

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First Time the Plot Summary is Right! (Video Review) 4

Long time since I've done one of these!This time I had to do Siege #3, watch the video and you'll see why. You know how the Plot Summary says "You're gonna want to be there for this one"? Well  I'm telling you you're gonna want to be there for this one...Be sure to comment and give me feedback, especially since I am trying out a new way to organize my reviews in the video!              ...

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I liked it and yet... 4

So this time around I am reviewing a comic book I've wanted to review since the start of the series... but I preferred to wait until the ending of the first story arc.    There were things I liked, things I didn't but there were more positive than negative so I rate it a 4 out of 5...

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Gwen's spotlight... Good or Bad? 7

So here's my first Video Review for 2010      There's something I edited out of this video (for time purposes) that I wanted to share with you... I never got the chance of explaining why Gwen Stacy was my favorite character:When I was 10 years old my family and I moved to a new house where I found this box of old stuff. In the box there were two comic books, a Batman one (Which I remember nothing of) and a Spider-Man comic. The Spider-Man comic was a tie-in to the Clone Saga storyline, and in th...

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A lot more complaints (2nd Video Review) 0

So here's my second attempt at a video review...This time around it's New Avengers Annual #3... This is longer basically because I had a lot of problems with this one!!So tell me what you think of my second attempt!  Something I edited out was that another complaint of mine was that it wasn't even an oversized issue... the last 12 pages  of the issue were the SIEGE preview.... so meh! ...

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My first Video Review! 9

Hope you guys like it!    ...

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Gwen is a "cutie"? 0

3 out of 5.... is preety much right....  -You would probably wanna read my review for issue 1 first- (  Ok on the first issue I mentioned that I didn't like the art.... still don't like it, but I wouldn't expect me to change my mind  just one issue later...  As far as the story goes... Bendis gave me some added questions to series..... Liek what happened to MJ and Kitty...

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They should have never rebooted this... 0

This issue is intresting and extraordinary (how do you like me now... using big words like that)  NO seriously... Bendis, my respects for the man because he knows how to write a good story. This issue is 6 months after Ultimatum (Yes it's finally over!!!!) and yet I feel that this could easily have been ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Issue No. 136.... I say 136 instead of 134 because the Requiems could have been 134 and 135.....   The story is great, I mean Peter is not dead so the world is right again. No...

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My first DC issue..... 0

Funny that a couple of months ago I would've never touched a DC Comics issue.... but this was too intreasting an oprtunity to pass. So maybe I'm the last person who should say anything about this issue since before this all I knew about Batman was what I saw in movies. I was actually surprised I understood it.Dick, the old old Robin and now Nightwing, has recieved the Cowl for his own now this whole issue was about how he feels insecure about taking over the mantle as Batman.....Superman and Won...

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Silent Issues 0

There's something abut silent issues I love.....There's a sense of depth and feeling to it... For example in TV shows there's a moment where the scene is an impact on an emotional level when the sountrack is on while the scene plays..... Well this is kind of like that.I remember other silent comic books where nothing extraordinary happened but it still was touching...USM #133 was not!SPOILERS: There was a scene where Kitty and Spider-Woman meet up and there was a dialogue between them... but you...

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Rated A for Awesome 3

Mostly everybody thinks that Rated A comic books are boring or dumb because there's no sex or blood and gore.... well to all of you who think that you are wrong!It has been a very long time since you can see a comic book that is purely fun and entretaining.The plot was good since it's about thing we all know: The Infinity Gems. What is weird is that this time pets will take over the hero bussines. I personally picked this up not for Lockjaw but for Lockheed who is one of my favorite X-Men. It ha...

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My First ASM Issue! 1

I will admit...... I was one of the many people who vetoed Amazing Spider-Man for what they did to MJ.Not until this issue I am once agin reading ASM.....I am not going to say I loved it because even a year after OMD I am still mad MJ is gone from the picture but this was a good issue to jump back in. The story starts with the Macroverse an even prior to One More Day and with Spider-Man's mask off. During this story the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man must return to the Macroverse where now they a...

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For a guy who didn't know Mockingbird 0

Here's the thing I never knew Mockingbird existed untli Secret Invasion.Automatically I loved her character and the relationship she shares with Clint.... but the problem with this issue is one single thing. Bobbi is in her stelth mode trying to save the world on her own, on the second page she is seen searching a locker with a mirror inside, her reflection is not her own, the question that it arrises is.... Is that a skrull (because on the reflection it is) or are they trying to show you that s...

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Cliffhangers 1

Brian Micheal Bendis has a knack for good storytelling. This story was about Spidey and his Amazing Friends. Now we see the three of them together and trying to convince her into admiting she is a mutant and what her futre holds for her. Ultimate Firrestar apparently doesn't like Spider-Man's motto since she doesn't care about responsibility. Something else that should be mentioned about Bendis is that he knows how to put in a good cliffhanger. Magneto arriving in the end was good perfect for th...

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OK but not Great.... 0

Although havin contardictions this story is OK not great. Why? Well first of Peter is seen in Amazing Fantasy to be a famous television character but not a wreseler. PLus Peters powers weren'y shown in school as in this comic book is shown. A nice touch was giving Peter a car, and were true to Peter's crush with Liz Allen but she seemed to be softer than the original. I wouldn't put this comic under the catagory of a "Must Read" but more of an enjoyable comic being able to see a fun side before ...

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Having Fun 1

After so many strict (Ultimate Knights)and sad (Death of a Goblin) we see spidy have some fun.Peter, Mary Jane, Kitty Pryde, Kenny, Jhonny Storm, and Liz Allen show their feelings of what's going on around them. Liz ends up showwing her powers around a fire with the Human Torch himself. Logan has some news for Kitty and Iceman came to apologyze. So now the story seems to have a fun twist. Oh yeah and Kenny knows Spider-Man's secret identity.Although the whole thing between Kenny and Kitty is goi...

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