Happy 6th Vineversary to me!:

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Comic Vine is becoming so HUGE that their coverage is branching out to conventions all over the US! So now I've edited some of the conventions concept pages to include all the coverage that CV has put their time into...

List items

  • BatgirlsBabs' first convention with all the fun-filled videos and interviews she got!

  • G-Man and Red L.A.M.P. take the interviews and content search challenge at Wonder Con!

  • Covering all the madness from the convention. I'm even on the floor coverage video! My first appearance on a CV video!

  • The convention in which Babs got her Stan Lee interview and I met the CV staff for a second time!

  • My first trip to Wonder Con... and the time I got to meet Spider-Man; Christopher Daniel Barnes... Also CV (like always) got a lot of content!

  • The first convention I edit and the one I got to go to along with the CV's staff!

    You guys are awesome!

  • Although I didn't go to the convention Sara "Babs" Lima and Tom Pinchuk did. They came back with coverage which I have filled out!

  • Tony, Tom Joey and I get to go to an amazing Con which I loved allowing me to get a look into the business!

    Thank You for letting me go along again CV!