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Recent Drawings: My Art!

Chibi Lookheed approves
Chibi Lookheed approves

After thinking about it a bit, I decided that I will compile all of my art in one place. If you go to the comment section of this post you'll see I will regularly be posting new drawings there (Mostly Disney-related).

For the few of you who actually like my "Recent Drawings" blog posts, fear not! I will continue to post those but as I was updating my Deviantart page last night I realized that a lot of my sketches and art pieces aren't worth to have a blog post of their own (yes that is how low I think of some of my art).

So I thought of having it all compiled in one blog post to give those lesser sketches (judged by me) a chance.

Other Art-Related Posts:

  • My competition entry!!! - Comic Vine had a drawing contest back in 2008. Topic: Dress up a character! So I drew Spider-Man in an Iron Man suit and She Hulk in Spider-Woman's outfit.
  • My Art - The last time I attempted to keep my drawings in a controlled environment.
  • I entered a contest... Please vote for me! - Humberto Ramos (nicest guy in the comic book industry) held a contest that focused on his creator-own project called Fairy Quest. I entered and asked users here to vote for me but... I forgot to put in the link! FAIL
  • Witchblade Rebirth Contest - Massive Top Cow Giveaway - In honor of Top Cow's Rebirth Comic Vine did an official contest and I entered by recreating the Witchblade's look.

"Recent Drawings":

Contests I Have Participated in:

Like I said before I won't stop posting the "Recent Drawings" Blog Posts but I will start posting a lot of drawings/sketches here, which in my opinion don't deserve their own blog post but I want to share it with you. So below you'll see periodical drawings I make.

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