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DC on CW: Flashpoint Speculation

You can argue the quality of CW's DC shows all you want, this is the internet after all, but the fact is that The Flash is going to be attempting something huge for it's third season (Some Spoilers Ahead):

As a fan of the show(s) I'm really excited for the potential that comes with this ambitious feat. Which is why I'm riding the speculation wagon today and will try to find a way to make sense of what we could potentially see starting The Flash Season 3 (and maybe Arrow S5, Legends of Tomorrow S2, and Supergirl S2). Here's what we know:

Stephen Amell also told that they are keeping to Star City in Season 5, but that's not important at the moment.

Source Material

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In the comics (and the animated film) Flashpoint finds Barry Allen powerless in an alternate reality where his mother is alive, Atlanteans and the Amazons are at war after a failed attempted alliance, Thomas Wayne is Batman, Superman doesn't exist, Captain Cold is Central City's greatest hero, and there's no Justice League.

That's the basic premise of this new reality. This is all caused by Flash going back in time to save his mother from being murdered, which happened in the final episode of season 2.

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One of the major plot points that happened in the story is Barry and Batman trying to recreate the accident that gave him his powers in the first place. This is also something we've seen before. In the final episodes of Season 2 the particle accelerator accident is repeated to give Barry his speed powers back. That particular plot point seems unlikely to be repeated for this next season.

Necessary Changes

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The DCCW universe doesn't have Aquaman or Wonder Woman to pit against each other in war. There's also no Superman or Batman to alter origins of. How to make it work with what they do have?

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For starters, I feel like the Atlantean vs Amazons war is necessary for Barry to extrapolate how bad things got because he changed the timeline. Now that Supergirl is part of the CW family, altering dimensions could be what brings that hoard of characters into the fold. What if the war is between Kryptonians and Martians?

The battlefield can be Earth so, like in the comics, the world is under siege by larger-than-life beings. Take a page from Supergirl's first season and have Kara lead the Kryptonians instead of Astra. Have Alex Danvers take on the role of Lois Lane or Steve Trevor in this iteration of the resistance and now you have the gravitas of war in this alternate reality.

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In the original story, Thomas Wayne's Batman is a huge part. In a world where Batman doesn't exist, you get the next best brooding, powerless hero you can find: Green Arrow. Of course, to follow the same premise, it would be Robert Queen instead of the Ollie we love to hate. Something we got a hint of during a newscast on Earth-2. This would give Jamey Sheridan a chance to reprise his role with the addition of a green hoodie.

(Almost) Sure Things

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After the death of Snart in Legends of Tomorrow there was an announcement that really didn't make sense. Wentworth Miller would reprise his Captain Cold role in the rest of the shows. Everybody thought that time-travel would be involved, but I think that was the first Flashpoint clue we got. In the comics, Captain Cold was the greatest hero Central City could have. Miller is most likely cast as a different version of Captain Cold where he's a good guy. In season 1 of The Flash he got his cold gun from Star Labs. This means that maybe even Cisco and Snow could be his entourage in this new reality.

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Like I mentioned before, I doubt that we'll get the trying to recreate the accident plot point again. We do know that in this new season we are getting the introduction to Kid Flash. What if Wally West is this new reality's Flash (sans the "Kid")? The de-powered Barry would have to play mentor to this Flash and Wally would get a chance to work in the front lines.

Another big repercussion from Barry saving his mom is the rewriting of Eobard and Eddie Thawne's deaths. What's Rick Cosnett doing now? In the comics, Iris West is married to someone else, so Eddie seems the likely choice. Tom Cavanagh might have to go back to playing the two-faced Harrison Wells in order to bring back the pivotal role in Flash-verse: Zoom.

What about Legends? Well, Flash is taking it upon himself to change history, I'm sure Gideon in the Waverider will be aware of this. The people in that ship are out of time so their roles to this new reality are nullity. Yet, they can help restructure the timeline back to normal with Barry's help. After all, the first episode's title is "Out of Time":

While it is all one universe, the reality of it is that most of these shows and characters are their own separate entities, so if any of my speculation proves to be true it's most likely that this world-building will only be seen for an episode or two in The Flash.

The Flash is back Oct 4, Arrow is back Oct 5, Supergirl is back Oct 10, and Legends of Tomorrow is back Oct 13. Can't wait!

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