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Geo Peña

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Real Life Origins

My dad used to collect comic books (He was a proud owner of Amazing Fantasy #15 and Fantastic Four #1) so the world of super hero comics was not something I didn't know about.

First Comic I Ever Read
First Comic I Ever Read

As a kid I watched the 90s X-Men and Spider-Man TV shows and I always thought it would be cool to collect the comics...

My Family and I moved to this new house where the previous resident left a box of junk. In that box there were two comic books a Batman comic (which I totally forget the name, issue number etc..) and Amazing Spider-Man #399. That was the first appearance of a Gwen Stacy Clone ... and it had Jackal fighting Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider.

I knew who Spider-Man was so I paid no attention to the man in tights. I was more interested in the blond woman and Spider-Man look-a-like.

I did my research and went to the library to find stories of who Gwen Stacy and the Scarlet Spider were. (There was no internet yet). Of course I found the tragedy that was the story of Gwen Stacy's death and fell in love with that story.

First Comic I Ever Owned
First Comic I Ever Owned

Many years later (2006) I decided I wanted to start reading comic books (Yes, just like that) so I went to a Borders book store and saw Ultimate Spider-Man #99. The issue contained the story of the first appearance of the Ultimate version of Gwen's clone. I bought it because on the cover there was this blond girl who for some reason I recognized as Gwen. I bought the comic book and got hooked on this "new" take of the stories I researched long ago in the library.

After that comic books became my addiction, I first started collecting just Ultimate Spider-Man, then I started reading Ultimate Fantastic Four and after reading almost every Ultimate title until Civil War and other 616 storylines called out to me. It wasn't until 2010 when I started reading other titles that were not Marvel comics. Now Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate (Comics) Spider-Man, Teen Titans and more are on my permanent pull list!

Hanging Out w/ Comic Vine


Comic Vine is my internet home. I have had the privilege of being part of this amazing site and community for three years (and counting) now. Thank you CV for being so awesome: